22 Ways to Style Purple Ombre Hair This Fall

Be rock royalty in these sexy color iterations.

Purple ombre hair is a fun, futuristic-leaning color trend that can range in hue from pale, silvery lilac to violet purple to almost neon purple. However, rest assured that no matter what shade your base is, there is a purple ombre look for you.

You can opt for the traditional “dip dye” ombre where color is placed at the ends. Other options include reverse ombre, where the dye is placed at the root and then the color is smudged out or fades towards the ends of your hair. Additionally, you can also have the ombre start at mid-shaft or close to the crown. Lastly, you can dye your hair platinum, blonde, pastel or a metallic shade, and then finish off your style with ombre purple hair. Don’t you love all of these options?

22 Ways to Style Purple Ombre Hair

If you need even more help with picking out cool purple ombre ideas, check out our fave looks below to inspire:

1. Pale Orchid Ombre

purple ombre hair: light orchid

Have ash blonde, dirty blonde, pale brown, or cool blonde hair? Match your locks with a pale purple hue like a soft, pastel orchid. These hues blend together seamlessly for a lightweight yet impactful finished look.

2. Purple Bouquet Ombre

purple ombre hair purple bouquet ombre
Festivals, here we come! Photo courtesy of @msnataliejean

The colors of this purple ombre hairstyle do look a bit like a bouquet; there are strands of silvery lilac, pastel, and darker purple hues. This blend of different shades of blonde and purple will give your hair a truly unique look.

3. Lilac Ombre and Braids

purple ombre hair lilac ombre and braids
Upside down Dutch braids show off your ombre.

This is a pretty cool combo; lilac-gray ombre and an upside-down braid. Follow our tutorial on how to re-create the upside-down Dutch braid at home.

4. Purple Ombre on Medium Brown Hair

purple ombre hair purple ombre on medium brown hair
Purple’s the new neutral.

Brunette or darker hair? Create purple ombre hair with a mix of pastel and metallic purple shades. The metallic hues in this look will perfectly complement your darker roots.

5. Black to Purple Ombre

purple ombre hair black to purple ombre
From dark to wow.

Create a fresh new style with almost midnight black hair at the roots, then fade into silvery gray and finish it all off with ombre purple hair. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that makes a statement, this is the look for you.

6. Reverse Silver Purple Ombre

purple ombre hair reverse silver purple ombre
You own personal spotlight.

Yaass! Silvery and purple tones blend beautifully in a lob with a reverse ombre. Whenever you put your hair through an intensive color change, we’ve learned that after coloring, it’s in your best intention to baby your hair. Color-treated hair can quickly go from shiny to dry and damaged-looking. Use shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair and before styling, use a few drops of Love Beauty and Planet Rose & Almond Natural Oils Infusion in your hair and work it through to the ends. It makes hair feel soft, gives it shine, and helps prevent frizzy hair.

7. Metallic Ombre Melt

purple ombre hair ombre melt
Two trends together.

Play with pastels in this ombre/melt mix. The purple ombre hair starts by the ear and then fades down to pink. It also includes some blue hair color up at the top for even more impact.

8. Balayage and Ombre

purple ombre hair ombre and balayage
Color highlights your personality. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Dark hair rocks an ombre that’s paired with balayage. Here, the strands are painted with metallic-hued colors and finished off with a purple ombre.

9. Ombre Bob

purple ombre hair ombre bob
Just a flick here and there.

The base of this style is a bob dyed a sexy, silvery brown. Then, the ombre is applied. The effect is like a peacock tail; applied only at bangs and front layers, the teal and purple ombre create a gorgeous face-framing style.

10. Dip Dye Ombre

purple ombre hair dip dye ombre
playin’ with hues.

Okay, so ombre was originally called “dip dye” as the color was placed towards the ends of hair. This pink-purple ombre has a painterly effect that does make it look as if sections were dipped in paint.

11. Pastel Purple Ombre on Platinum

purple ombre hair platinum hair pale purple ombre
Out of this world.

Platinum on its own is stellar; adding pastel purple ombre hues is like creating your own galaxy. Shift from white blonde to purple and pink for a super cool galaxy-inspired look.

12. Teal and Purple Ombre

purple ombre hair teal and purple ombre
Colors that aren’t supposed to work together, always look awesome together.

There’s something inherently cool when you match non-complementary colors together, like ombre purple hair on the ends, and dark teal on top.

13. Pale Blue and Pale Purple Ombre

purple ombre hair pale blue and pale purple ombre
Pastels grow up.

Icy blue and lavender shades were applied to dark hair; the resulting purple ombre is street style wattage. Speaking of wattage, before styling hair with a flat iron or blow-dry, spray-on Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat-Protection Spray to your hair, let dry, and then style away. The spray acts as a shield, protecting hair from heat damage while adding shine.

14.  Dark Purple and Candy Pink Ombre

purple ombre hair dark purple and candy pink ombre
Bold. Photo Credit hello@jett

Pink and purple, when you choose deeper tones, are more punk rock than sweet. Dark brown to black hair looks total rockstar when using dark, deep shades.

15.  Red and Purple Reverse Ombre

purple ombre hair red purple ombre
Do it upside down.

Here’s another reverse ombre that uses non-complementary shades: red and purple. The color is applied from the roots to just the eyebrows, then blending it in with the rest of the hair.

16. Violet, Iris, and Lavender Ombre

purple ombre hair violet purple lavender ombre
So many shades of awesome. Photo courtesy of @Dajana

Purple ombre hair goes wild with shades that range from violet to lavender. It doesn’t get more vibrant or impactful than this purple style.

17. Metallic Purple Ombre

purple ombre hair metallic purple ombre
Cool hues. Photo courtesy of @MsNatalieJean

Go high voltage with ombré purple hair that uses royal purple, blue-purple, amethyst and red-violet shades. Keep colored hair feeling soft, healthy, and happy with a weekly protein mask.

18. Directed Multi-Hued Ombre

purple ombre hair directed ombre
Just the back, please.

Create a rearview worth watching with an ombre that’s placed only at the back of your hair. Go with only purple tones or mix it up with cotton candy pink and teal blue shades.

19. Partial Ombre

Purple ombre hair partial ombre
Toss in a shot of color into your style. Photo courtesy of TIGI

Select a few strands for a pop of color. We love the peek-a-boo effect of this style! It’s just a touch of purple to add a pop of color to your look!

20. Heather Ombre

purple ombre hair heather ombre
Space buns and ombres go together like cookies and milk.

Heather is a soft, grayish lilac that works with any shade of hair. Show off your ombre purple hair with space buns. This style really draws attention to your fresh color.

21. Unicorn Ombre

purple ombre hair unicorn ombre
Unicorn ombres get even more magical with purple strands. Photo courtesy of Renée Valerie

Who doesn’t want to be a magical unicorn? The shag gets a fairytale twist with a pale, almost minty green applied all over with a light orchid ombre at the front.

22. Berry Purple Ombre

purple ombre hair berry purple ombre
Shockingly cool.

Dark purple hues are blended with violet, deep orchid, raspberry, and deep red plum tones to create this ombre purple hair look. Use Nexxus Color Assure Long Lasting Vibrancy Deep Moisture Masque to keep your color vibrant!


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