How to Give Light Hair More Dimension with Blonde Lowlights

Allison | 08 November 2016

The lowdown on lowlights.

We love all kinds of blonde hair. From bleached platinum blondes to natural sandy tones. One thing that can fall flat in blonde hair is add dimension. That is where blonde lowlights comes into play. Instead of trying to get your blonde hair blonder with highlights, try toning things down with lowlights. These work in the same exact way as highlights but they go darker instead. Read on to learn more about adding dimension to your hair with blonde lowlights.

Getting Blonde Lowlights? What You’ve Got to Ask Yourself

Lowlights enrich a regular blonde with much more personality. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Color: Light or Dark?

When getting lowlights, choosing how light or dark they are will dramatically change the look. Think about those teen stars of yesteryear. They probably had blond hair with very dark lowlights. To keep things more modern, choose a lighter color that’s just a few shades darker than your hair. The lighter (two or so shades darker) will add lots of dimension without giving a super dyed look. Darker lowlights (four or five shades darker) will give a dramatic effect.

2. Color: Warm or Cold?

Natural blondie or not, you already know about your hair warmth or coolness. Warm blondes are honey shades with a yellow or orange tone. Cool blonds are ashier, they can read as white blond hair or even push into the silver hair trend. You should keep your lowlights in the same tone as the rest of your hair. If you have a light honey hue try a darker caramel shade. If you have a light ashy blond, opt for a taupe shade.

3. Placement in Your Hair

The placement of your lowlights will totally change up your look. Going for all over, blended lowlights using just two shades darker than your hair will give you a realistic, dimensional effect. The less blended (think foiled highlights instead of balayage), the higher the contrast between your lowlights and the rest of your hair. You can also get lowlights in just one area, like with peekaboo highlights.

4. Taking Care of Lowlights

Lowlights that are dyed on top of hair that was bleached blonde will contribute more damage than lowlights dyed on virgin hair. With all dyed hair, you’ll need a color-safe shampoo, and followed up with color-safe conditioner. The Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Shampoo and Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Conditioner will leave your dyed hair clean, shiny and soft. You’ll also need a conditioning hair mask, at once a week to add some moisture to your hair, like the Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask .

5. Show Off Your Lowlights

We know half the fun of getting a fresh dye is showing it off! Half up hairstyles will show off your blonde lowlights the best. We love this half up triple dutch braid look, for something casual and this trendy half updo. You could always go for something more basic like your standard half up ponytail or bun as well.

Want more info on blonde lowlights? Learn how to choose the best shade for your color

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