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On Our Radar: The Platinum Pixie Cut

The ultimate pick-me-upper? You decide.

If you’re one for celebrity gossip, you’ve probably read that more and more actresses have been shearing their hair off in the wake of a bad breakup. What used to be a well-tended mane of dark, lush, luxurious hair is now completely transformed into a short, head-turning platinum pixie cut.

This isn’t the first time we’ve tried to deconstruct the inherent power that a pixie has. We’re definitely glad though that, regardless of its latest connotations as the perfect middle finger of “revenge hair,” it’s a look that’s standing the test of time. It’s cool and sharply confident, and somehow, like the foremothers that wore this look loud and proud back in the day, becomes a symbol of sexual independence for the wearer—s/he is now free from all that encumbering length and any color restraints, by virtue of just taking the platinum pixie cut plunge.

Read on for more on this truly transformative look:

On Our Radar: The Platinum Pixie Cut

platinum pixie cut on street style stars
Not for shy violets: A platinum pixie is certainly attention-grabbing. Photo credit:

Before you say anything else, for a lot of women, cutting their hair short is a rather big deal. Now, cutting and bleaching? Well, that pretty much underlines the “I need a change, stat” battle cry without saying a word. To wit, a platinum pixie cut basically becomes the poster look for those that want to tap into a newfound well of confidence that instantly zips you up and puts you front and center—a hair corset of sorts. A platinum pixie cut can also be the look of choice for those who have, at one point or another, figured out they don’t need much standing in the way of their facial features. Even more just like the way it looks, feels and wears—which is, as far as most short hairstyles go, kind of high up there in the wash-and-wear category.

platinum pixie cut as an undercut
Want to take things further? Try an even-more-controversial undercut. Photo credit:

1. One color to rule them all?

Some stylists say that changing your hair color also necessitates a shift in your makeup colors, or even your clothes. Platinum blonde is a high-contrast shade that flatters some skin tones more than others; lots of women with cool undertones find that a white-blonde shade like this complements and brightens up their complexion, while others say it washes them out. Fans of this color however usually attest to the boost in sex appeal, whether real or imagined, a true white bombshell blonde offers.

platinum pixie cut as a buzzcut
There’s a certain refreshing freedom in not trying to fit into anyone’s mold but your own. Photo credit:

2. There will be damage… but you already know this.

Bleaching hair to this highest level of blonde can be quite damaging, which is why a lot of fans of the look go for a platinum pixie cut. Longer hair is older, more damaged and more vulnerable hair, which most of the time can’t withstand repeated bleaching sessions. Also a bit more daring and modern, short hair that’s dyed in a strong, unapologetic shade stands out in a crowd of long, basic styles and is evocative of change and a fresh start, which is perhaps why it’s the go-to length for some newly-single gals. You know there will be damage—in fact, you expect it—and as such, as the mature, wound-licking, newly-shorn woman you are, you know how not just to avoid it, but make it work in your favor in the future.

platinum pixie cut blown out
It’s super-short and somewhat weather-vulnerable… and you’re able to werq it to the hilt. Photo credit:

3. High-maintenance = high quality

As far as hair styling goes, the platinum pixie cut doesn’t need much to get noticed. It’s stunning enough to get by with very little styling, which is a testament to the wearer itself—cool and self-possessed, with a certain confidence that doesn’t need much frou-frou save for a dedication to a bit of upkeep. All in all, a unique cut and color shows that we are unique, that we are not like “any other girl” with safe, vanilla tastes. It shows that you are different; it shows that hey, maybe you were The One, and that the offending party has definitely missed out. A platinum pixie proves that hair is the ultimate pick-me-up accessory, one with the power to change outdated points of view or tie our whole look together, serve as a punctuation mark or uplift our sense of self, broken-hearted or otherwise.

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