Cinnamon Hair Color: The Spicy Trend Almost Anyone Can Pull Off

Scoot over, basic red: Spicy cinammon is the new 'it' color.

With all the bold and colorful hair trends going viral at the moment, it may seem that the hottest hair shades to be sporting right now are those that echo the vibrance of the season. However, not all of us can (or want!) to rock rose gold hair, champagne blonde or rainbow roots. Some of us would rather try something a bit more understated that’s still fun and trendy. Lately, we’ve been noticing that a lot of women sporting a cool new blend called cinnamon hair color. This hue may be a bit more subdued and understated, compared to the other millennial color trends out at the moment, but it definitely packs quite a punch.

Read on for our current favorite cinnamon hair color ideas:

15 Sultry Cinnamon Hair Color Ideas: The Spicy Hue for You

Why we love cinnamon hair color

Cinnamon hair color is great if you’re looking for something that will transition into the forthcoming seasons without losing its appeal. A classic in its own right, this medium, neutral red shade is surprisingly flattering on a lot of complexions and undertones.

The best part: You technically don’t need to visit a colorist to get this color, as box dye versions are available for most of its single-process versions. If you want to spice it up even more with highlights, a balayage or more complex color processes such as an ombré however, go to a professional.

accent braid cinnamon hair color
Keeping it schoolgirl-chic. Photo credit:

1. Accent Braid

A skinny braid is a charming accent to your regular down-do, especially now that we’ve hit beanie season.

air-dried cinnamon hair color
Lazy bends are an easy, day-to-day look to recreate. Photo credit:

2. Air-Dried

Second-day waves, or “rich girl bends,” as they’ve been called, showcase a bright, even cinnamon hair color beautifully.

highlights cocoa cinnamon hair color
Leave some lighter streaks near the face. Photo credit:

3. Highlighted

If you’re more into cocoa cinnamon hair color, opt for subtle reddish highlights that can easily transition well into upcoming seasons.

blown out cinnamon hair color
A slightly diffused part is a bit more casual. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Blown Out

Use a paddle brush for a modern, not-too-curly finish.

micro bangs cinnamon hair color
Define your curls with some mousse. Photo credit:

5. Micro Bangs

A tiny fringe is a quirky, on-trend addition to this textured look, which can be achieved with some curl-friendly mousse such as Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse.

asymmetrical bob cinnamon hair color
Blow-dry with a round brush for a more pronounced undercurl.

6. Asymmetrical Bob

Alternatively, a sleek, concave, asymmetrical bob provides some high-powered polish.

brushed out curls cinnamon hair color
Bobby pins tucked above the ear give a bit of a vintage feel. Photo credit:

7. Brushed-Out Curls

The brushed-out trend gets even more mileage on a spicy red shade. Keep frizz at bay with a serum applied at the top of your hairline, such as TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum.

angel curls cinnamon hair color
One of the coziest, heartiest autumn hair shades, next to auburn!

8. Angel Curls

Thick, full and angst-free, and perfect to give any regular bob some oomph.

curtain bangs cinnamon hair color
Air-dried curls give a bit of a vintage vibe as well.

9. Curtain Bangs

Make like a groovy 1970s rockstar/entourage member and split that fringe dead center.

extra long curls cinnamon hair color
Use a 1 1/4″ barrel curling iron for tighter, more long-lasting ringlets.

10. Extra-Long Curls

Break up all that intense length with some well-barreled curls.

open braid cinnamon hair color
Leave the ends of your simple braid untied. Photo credit:

11. Open Braid

Growing out your fringe? No problem: Affix a chubby braid right at the hairline to give it some visual interest.

natural curls cinnamon hair color
A few ringlets on the forehead give a sweet touch.

12. Natural Curls

Natural-textured women can give dark hair more dimension with cinnamon hair color.

cinnamon hair color middle part
Try a deep cinnamon tone Photo credit:

13. Middle Part

A center part is very much on-trend, yet as low-key as it gets. Win!

tight curls cinnamon hair color
Use a softening cream to help define your spirals.

14. Tight Curls

Tight ringlets get even more personality when rendered in a bright, fall-friendly hue. Make sure they’re defined and tangle-free with a recall cream, like Bed Head by TIGI On the Rebound.

cinnamon hair color wet-look braid
Edgy yet straightforward. Photo credit:

15. Wet-Look Braid

Nail three (!) trends in one go with this gelled Dutch unicorn braid—all on a cocoa cinnamon hair color too.

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