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Move Over, Rose Gold—This Summer’s All About Pink Champagne Hair

So millennial pink and frozen rosé walk into a bar...

Naysayers and haters will say that it’s the same thing, just rebranded—as millennials are wont to do. But most of them don’t work in the hair industry, and what we obsessively keep an eye on (aside from online flash sales) is nuance. Just as a satin and matte lip are nowhere near alike, or that half a level lighter means that stark difference between baby blonde and platinum, same rings true for the pink hair family. Last year’s over-trended rose gold has now inspired a perkier, sparklier update: pink champagne hair color.

Pink Champagne Hair: The Millennial Pink of Hair Color

Maybe we’ve had too much frosé as we’re writing this, but instinct dictates that pink champagne hair color is nothing but 100 percent fun. Everything about the light peachy pink shade hints at a playful, lighthearted charm—much like the celebratory drink its named after. And as the name implies, its gold-undertoned hue looks most on point when glossy and fresh from the (dye) bottle, and free of any brassy tones.

True to millennial form, pink champagne hair is also open to various levels of commitment: for low-key experimentation (via a bronde-to-peach ombré) to a cute summer fling (in manner of some wash-out streaks) to a full on, all out, Facebook-official peach. We’re kind of hard pressed to figure out which one were in the mood for this summer, so we’re just gonna say it: all of it, at different times, because life is too short to ignore the bubbly.

Can you blame us though? Scroll down for the juiciest, most palate-cleansing iterations of this seasonal fave. Don’t forget to keep a color-safe system in rotation (we love Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo and Dumb Blonde Reconstructor) so your pink locks stay in tip-top shape.


pink champagne hair bob
The subtle gradient peach tones are seamlessly blended for a cohesive look. Photo credit:
pink champagne hair pixie
Shell pink bangs amidst a sunny blonde base? Too cute. Photo credit:
pink champagne hair sharp bob
A blunt pink bob with a burst of peek-a-boo orange bangs is giving us major creamsicle cravings. Photo courtesy of TIGI’s Brian Adelman
pink champagne hair peach bangs
What’s more charming, her single-process peach, the blunt bangs or that baby sailor hat? Photo credit:
pink champagne hair color headband
A vinyl headband (plus cute mod micro-bangs!) brings a retro touch. Photo credit:
pink champagne hair ombre
Ease into things with a pretty pink ombré. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont
pink champagne hair balayage
Golden pink champagne hair: Another way to toe the line, but statement-making nonetheless.

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