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Quiz: Which Dark Hair Colors Fit Your Personality?

Welcome to the dark side, we have chocolate!

Dark hair colors will always be a go-to shade for a lot of women during the colder months. The right one for your skintone does a remarkable job of warming up a pale, washed-out complexion. Depending on your base, it can also requires less color maintenance—the last thing anyone wants to do, by the way, during the dead of winter.

Below, we list a few dark hair colors to go with our fave personality archetypes. Sweet, sassy or somewhere in between, we all need a bit of lighthearted inspiration in the midst of all of this weather. Read on:

Dark Hair Colors for Your Personality

dark hair colors burgundy bob
Burgundy is especially striking on abbreviated styles, like the bob. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Sexy
Shade to Try: Dark Burgundy

A dark reddish-brown shade is not only an unexpected choice, it’s also quite evocative. Deep and full-bodied—very much like, yes, a hearty red wine—burgundy is sultry without being too out there. The red tones provide a mysterious, femme fatale touch, while the brown pigments keep the color versatile and highly personalizable to your particular skintone. And just like how that glass of Bordeaux can be enjoyed on its own, this color is most potent as a single-process shade—it will help enliven a sallow complexion and mirror some color back onto your cheeks.

dark hair colors auburn long straight
The reddish-brown tones in auburn make it flattering on a wide range of skintones. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Sophisticated
Shade to Try: Auburn

A warmer version of burgundy, auburn also belongs to the reddish-brown color family but with more copper sewn in. This lends it an earthier appeal, and also a certain elegance and crispness that stems from its rich, solid tone. It’s a great shade to act as a foil for creamy complexions with a peach or warm undertone, and usually works its full expression as a single-process shade. Some people refer to auburn as a quieter red, which makes it an ideal gateway hue for those wanting to flirt with reddish color—but still keep it lower-maintenance—in the colder months.

dark hair colors curly chocolate
A rich, “true” brown, chocolate works equally well on cool and warm undertones. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Sweet
Shade to Try: Chocolate

Dark hair color like mocha and chocolate—apart from being scrumptiously sweet—are wildly flattering on a lot of complexions due to their neutral pigments. Chocolate brown is usually best worn as a single-process shade with some subtle highlights ribboned in for dimension via a balayage, as the deep shade can overwhelm light complexions. However, when done correctly, chocolate brown a luxurious-looking shade that’s straightforward, angst-free and easygoing, not to mention prone to a dainty, bright sheen.

dark hair colors wavy espresso
Espresso hair color is a couple notches lighter than jet black. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Sassy
Shade to Try: Espresso

Not quite jet black but way darker than brown, espresso is a more forgiving shade for women confident enough to pull off jet black, but can appreciate more wiggle room (or, maybe have a tan they want to highlight). Vampy and self-assured, this shade doesn’t hide behind many other tones and is usually strongest as a single-process shade. The bright side? Like chocolate, it’s exceptionally striking when glossy, and is pretty unique in a sea of medium browns and blondes. It’s also offers an edgy contrast against snowy neutrals and pale winter pastels.

Still caught in a bind? Take our quiz below and see which dark hair colors suits you best.

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