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Winter Hues: 8 Dark Hair Color Ideas to Try This Season

Dark hues for short days. 

When the days start getting shorter and the weather turns gloomy, our bright summer hair colors can seem out of place. During this transitional season, a dark hair color is a great way to try something a little more low maintenance as you experiment with darker tones. Plus, we’ve seen some of the trendiest dark hair colors this season from chocolate mauve hair to black hair and everything in-between! Ready to go dark this season? Read on to check out some of our favorite dark hair color ideas that you’ve just got to try!

Dark Hair Color Ideas For Winter: Different Shades to Try

dark hair color chocolate hair
An all-over chocolate hue looks stunning in the winter.

1. Chocolate Brown

A subtle way to test out dark hair is to opt for a chic chocolate brown shade. We love how warm and vibrant this color is as well as how it’s perfect for pretty much all skin tones. Just tone it to be a little bit warmer or a little bit cooler, depending on your preference. Chocolate brown is great as a dark hair option because it’s just shy of being a medium tone. This makes it a great change if you’re starting from a light summer shade.

dark hair color ponytail
A midnight brown shade looks gorgeous in a sleek ponytail.

2. Midnight Brown

A shade that’s in-between chocolate brown and jet black is the ever-awesome midnight brown. It’s so dark it will look black in some lights. But go out into the sun and your warm brown tones will shine through.

dark hair color red hair
A bold shade of red looks stunning in the winter.

3. Dark Red

Dark shades don’t apply just to brown hair. We love seeing dark red tones during the winter months as well. If you are dying to a red, be warned. Red shades (including a dark red) tend to wash out very quickly. Make sure to use a color protection shampoo and conditioner like the Clear Color & Heat Conqueror Shampoo and Clear Color & Heat Conqueror ConditionerThis duo works to restore any moisture that may have been lost to your scalp as it helps to ensure that your hair color stays luminous.

dark hair color green hair
Rock a dark colored shade this winter. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Dark Emerald Green

Green hair is surprisingly chic for the winter. We especially love how emerald green hair looks on naturally dark hair tones. Try out this look by opting for a temporary dark green dye or take the plunge where you bleach your hair and then go for green dye!

dark hair color dark ombre hair
Try out a subtle tone on your dark hair this winter. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Dark Ombré

To update your ombré hair for winter, try toning it down a few shades. You can go for a wash of a medium brown over your ombré ends to darken up the look. This style works really well if your signature hair includes ombré but you want to switch it up for winter.

dark hair color chocolate mauve
Try out the hottest trend of the season with chocolate mauve hair. Photo credit: Hannah Edelman

6. Chocolate Mauve Hair

Chocolate mauve hair has been the runaway hair hit of fall that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This new everyday hairstyle seamlessly blends a dark brown with a pinky mauve shade. Seriously, what’s not to love!

dark hair color for winter
Rock a shade of bold shade of blue this winter.

7. Blue Hair

Say goodbye to your aqua blue mermaid hair of the summer and say hello to navy blue for the winter. This shade is so stunning and particularly trendy right now. Try it out as highlights that frame your frame or for an all-over look throughout your hair. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

dark hair color black hair
Rock a full-on dark color for your winter look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

8. Jet Black

There’s no better way than to own dark hair than by rocking jet black tones. This could be a particularly interesting shade to try out if you have light hair as you go to the darker side for winter. Opt to wear your black hair silky straight (and frizz-free) all winter long by using some of the S Factor By TIGI Silky Smooth Serum.

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