Dove Extra Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray

Is It Right For Me?

There's no reason why our styling products can't help nourish our hair as well as making it look great. Containing Nutri-Style Complex, Dove Extra Hold Hairspray cares for your hair so it feels as good as it looks. Fly-away, frizzy hair? This fast-drying hairspray provides long-lasting hold and shine even when the weather is damp and humid. A non-aerosol, it enhances your hair’s natural shine, but without the stiffness, residue or stickiness that you can get with regular hairsprays. Holding your style and smoothing and nourishing each strand – with this Dove hairspray you get hair that looks as good as it feels.

Top Tip

This fast-drying hairspray can be used on dry and damp hair!

How To Use

Spray on hair for maximum hold that nourishes your strands while it works to control them.