The 40 Best Spring Hair Color Ideas Worth Trying This Season

Your one-stop-shop for all the spring hair color ideas you need to inspire your new look.

When the spring season hits, we’re all itching to try out the latest fashion and beauty trends. Right now we’re in love with all of the fun, flirty and pretty spring hair colors that women all over the world are experimenting with. Need help looking for the right hair color for you? Read on to check out our round-up of all of the spring hair color trends we’re currently obsessed with.

Spring Hair Colors: 40 Looks to Love This Season

spring hair colors: blonde balayage
Want to try balayage? Spring is the perfect season.

1. Blonde Balayage

If you’re getting a new hair color for the first time, opt for spring hair colors that are very subtle like this blonde balayage look.

spring hair colors copper highlights
Copper highlights to brighten up a dark base.

2. Copper Highlights

Lighten up a dark brown hair color with lighter colors that complement it. This buttery copper tone is a great option for the spring season and beyond!

spring hair colors reverse ombre
Reverse ombré spring hair color idea.

3. Reverse Ombré

If your hair is already a light color and you want to add a dark color to the mix, give this reverse ombré look a shot. It’s totally different from every other spring color idea.

spring hair colors sea foam green
Get inspired by colors of the ocean. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

4. Sea Foam Green

We’re all dreaming about the ocean during the spring and summer seasons. Turn the colors of the ocean into hair inspiration and give this sea foam green style a shot.

spring hair colors pastel rainbow
Muted take on the rainbow hair trend. Photo credit: Dvora

5. Pastel Rainbow

Rainbow hair remains a spring hair color trend. You don’t have to stick to dark colors if you want to try the look. Go for on-trend spring hair colors like pastel hues.

an afro woman playing her smartphone wearing yellow t-shirt in a city
Go jet black for the spring season. Black is never out of style.

6. Jet Black

Ladies, jet black hair never goes out of style. Go for this hair color if you want to keep it simple this season.

spring hair colors blonde
Nice color idea for giving your curls a pop of color.

7. Platinum Curls

Want a fun and striking look on your curls for the spring season? Try platinum all over your hair, or just stick to the very ends of your hair.

spring hair colors: platinum blonde and purple braids
Mix two colors if you can’t decide on one.

8. Platinum and Purple

Get the best of many worlds with this look. We love box braids updo styles on everyone! Give it a go and have fun with hot spring hair color trends like platinum and purple.

spring hair colors: blonde
Blonde is always a hit for spring or summer.

9. Blonde

Want golden spring hair colors? You can’t go wrong with a nice buttery blonde.

spring hair colors: blue streak
Add blue streaks to jet black hair for a pop of color.

10. Blue Streak

If you’re looking to brighten up a super dark hair color but don’t want to go too bright either, a pop of blue is a safe choice. Add one streak or a few.

spring hair colors: bright red afro
A pop of red is a great way to brighten up your style. Photo credit: Dvora

11. Bold Red

Spring is the time to try fashionable looks that help you stand out from the crowd. After all, this is the season that you’ll be outdoors quite often. Want something bold? Go for this bright red look.

spring hair colors: older woman with scarlet hair
A cross between orange and red perfect for any age.

12. Scarlet Hue

Spring hair color trends are great for anyone to try. We love this scarlet hue for women of all ages.

spring hair colors pink ombre
Go ombré with different shades of the same color.

13. Ombre Pink

Want to try ombré but not a fan of having a totally different hue in your hair altogether? Stick to one color family for the spring season.

spring hair colors: fox color
Who said a fall-inspired hair color isn’t good for the spring season? Photo credit: Dvora

14. Wildlife Inspired

Hair color inspiration comes from everywhere! If you’re not one for bright and colorful spring hair trends, try your hand at this fun fox-inspired hair color instead.

spring hair colors: fuchsia hair
Make a statement this season with fuschia hair.

15. Fuschia Hair

You can’t ever go wrong with a bright pink hue! We love how this color stands out against curly hair textures.

spring hair colors: blue green
Mix colors that work well together like blue and green. Photo credit:

16. Backside Dye Job

Not your everyday look, but it’s worth giving it a shot. Opt for coloring just the back of your hair to leave onlookers with a bit of a surprise.

spring hair colors: green and purple
Get the best of both worlds with two popular hair color trends.

17. Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair is a popular spring hair color trend. Try it out and play around with grungy styles if that’s your thing.

spring hair color: hot pink
Hot and pretty pink hue for the warmer season. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

18. Wavy Hot Pink

Style your hot pink hair with a wavy look for the spring and summer season.

spring hair colors: dip dye pink
Try a temporary hair color with the dip-dye technique.

19. Temporary Color

Try out a temporary hair color using the dip-dye technique or hair chalk.


spring hair colors: jewel tones
Spring isn’t just about pretty pastels. Try your hand at jewel tones too.

20. Jewel Tones

Not into bright spring colors? That’s cool! Try out these cool jewel tones instead.

spring hair colors: lavender
Get inspired by some of spring’s popular blooms like lavender.

21. Lavender Hues

Blues and purples go hand-in-hand. Mix it up to create a fun lavender hue and mix with pops of icy tones to break it up.

spring hair colors: light brown
Go for honey blonde and use a pretty flower to add a pop of color.

22. Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is perfect for any season. Give this hair color a shot for the springtime and add pops of color to your look with the help of hair accessories.

spring hair colors: light brown curls
Spring is the best time to add a pop of color to your curlicues.

23. Pop of Brown

Want to change up the look of your curly hair style? Go for pops of brown hues to brighten up your look.

spring hair colors: light green
Not into dark green tones? Go for a lighter version instead.

24. Light Green

Dark green tones are perfect for the fall season. For spring it’s all about the lighter green hues.

Spring Hair Colors: Light Pink
So good, you can pull it off at the office.

25. Subtle Pink

A subtle pink is a fun hue for spring that works everywhere from contemporary offices to cocktails.

spring hair colors: lilac
All kinds of purples are popular spring hair color trends. Why not give it a shot?

26. Purple Rinse

Update a white hair color with a temporary purple rinse that will give your hair the right amount of ‘pop’ that it needs.

Spring hair colors: neon
Bright and sunny vibes in your hair.

27. Neon Hair

In the mood for a super sunny and bright look? Go for fun neon spring hair colors.

spring hair colors: hot pink
Rose gold pink was so last year. This year it’s all about hot pink.

28. Hair Chalk

Hair chalk was the big trend last year, why not bring it back for temporary springtime hue? Have fun with different spring hair colors all season long.

spring hair color: pink and orange
Super pretty ombré idea for the spring season.

29. Bright Hues

Want to brighten up your ombré job? Go for fun colors like pink and orange for the warmer months.

spring hair colors: reddish orange hair
Lighten up deep reds with pops of orangey tones.

30. Touch of Orange

Brighten up your dark red or burgundy hair color with pops of orange hues.

spring hair color: orange
Orange you thinking of a change this season? Go for this hue!

31. Full Orange

Add a splash of orange to your entire head if you’re feeling like having a bold hair color for the spring season.


spring hair colors: pale pink
Want just a hint of color? Add a pale pink touch. Photo credit: Dvora

32. Pale Pink

Want to add just a hint of color to your blonde hair? Go subtle with a light shade of pink.

spring hair colors: pastel blue
Take hair color inspiration from the blue sky. Photo credit: Dvora

33. Sky Blue

Take inspiration from the outdoors this season. Try this pretty sky blue hue for your next spring hair color idea.


spring hair colors: strawberry pink
Love the colors from the inside of a strawberry? Use that as inspiration for your hair. Photo credit:

34. Strawberry Pink

You know that peachy-pink hue of the inside of a strawberry? How good does it look as a hair color? Try this fun color for spring!

spring hair colors platinum blonde
Go bold or go home! Platinum blonde is always a great option. Photo credit: Dvora

35. Platinum Blonde

If you just simply want a hair color trends that would last you into the fall season, platinum blonde hair color is ideal.

spring hair colors purple blonde
Don’t want a full-on purple look? Leave hints of blonde within.

36. Brownish Purple

The purple hair trend is one of the hottest spring hair color trends to try. Go for something a little different from everyone else. Mix purples with hints of browns to warm up the look for the spring and summer seasons.

spring hair colors: reddish pink
Lighten up your red ombré from the fall season and create this springy look.

37. Pinkish Red Ombré

Did a red ombré for the fall season and want to lighten up for the warmer months? You totally can! Ask your stylist to lighten up your color just a bit.

spring hair colors pop of brown
Add subtle pops of brown to a dark hair color to lighten up just a bit. Photo credit: Dvora

38. Pops of Brown

You don’t have to commit to a complete hair color change for the spring? And you don’t have to try bold spring hair colors either. Subtle hints of color are all you need to create a fresh look for the season.

spring hair colors white hair
Why not? White hair is a hot hair color trend at the moment. Photo credit:

39. White Hair

We don’t see this hair color trend going anywhere for a while? Try it out for the spring season but be sure to protect your hair color to keep it looking vibrant.

spring hair colors yellow streak
A fun and striking statement for the spring and summer season.

40. Yellow Streak

Give unexpected takes on spring hair colors a try! Add a fun pop of color to a blonde dye job to add a fun element into the mix for the spring season.


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