How to Wear the Box Braids Updo in 25 Ways

Alyssa François | 30 May 2017

Your ultimate gallery of box braids updo hairstyles. 

Women all over the world that favor box braids styles have proven there’s nothing that you can’t do with the look. Whether you’re looking to try box braids to celebrate the culture, need a new protective hairstyle or simply looking for box braids updo ideas, we have a gallery full of 25 hairstyles for you. Scroll through, get inspired and try your favorite box braid updo styles out on your own hair.

25 Box Braids Updo Ideas

Gym Updos for Box Braids

box braids updo loose ponytail
Pull your box braids up into a loose ponytail for workouts.

1. Box Braid Ponytail on XL Extensions

Hitting the gym? Pull your braids up into a ponytail to keep them out of the way.

box braids updo: workout ponytail on purple braids
Protect your hairline with a headband while you work out.

2. Workout Ponytail

Pull your braids up into a loose ponytail style while working out! Use a headband to protect and prevent your edges from frizzing up.

box braids updo: yoga bun
Get your om on without having your braids getting in the way

3. Yoga Pony

Yoga is all about centering the mind, and relaxation. Gather your box braids into this loose and relaxed updo while you chant your mantras.

Half-Up Box Braids Updo Hairstyles

box braids updo coiled bun
This coiled bun is perfect for casual or formal events.

4. Coiled Bun Half Up Style

This pretty coiled bun idea can be dressed up or down. For formal events, opt for styling it with fancy hair accessories.

box braids updo: half up bun
Cute way to pull your braids out of your face.

5. Simple Half-Up Bun

If you’re just looking for a simple bun style idea for the summer or during your vacation, this hairstyle is ideal.

box braids updo mid half up bun
Pull your hair back into this mid half up bun style while you’re out and about.

6. Mid Half-Up Bun

You know those times in the day when you just want to pull your hair up and out of your face? This is the style to go for when you’re feeling like that with your box braids.

box braids updo: mid half up bun
Try your hand at the mid half up trend. Photo credit: Allyson Allapoint

7. Mid Half-Up

If you still want the majority of your braids to frame your face, consider tying just the mid-section of your hair up into a neat top knot.

box braids updo: short braids updo
Proof that short box braids can be styled into an updo.

8. Half-Updo for Short Box Braids

Want an updo idea for short box braids? Here’s a simple idea. Be sure to use a hair tie that ensures your braids won’t slip out due to the length.

Double the fun with two buns.

9. Space Bun Box Braids Updo

Want a style that’s trendy and fun? Go for this space bun style. Read our tutorial to learn how you can create the look on box braids.

High Pony Box Braids Updo

box braids updo: high ponytail
Allow your braids to cascade along your face with a cute high ponytail.

10. Front-Facing Ponytail

The ponytail hairstyle always comes to the rescue! If you’re all about styles that cascade along your face, try your hand at this funky box braid ponytail hairstyle.

box braids updo: side ponytail
High side ponytail style to channel the ’90s.

11. Side Ponytail Box Braid Updo

Turn a blast from the past style into a modern day style. Back then, it was all about the bright and chunky scrunchies. Today, use your own hair (or braid extensions in this case) as your hair tie.

Box Braid Updo Buns

box braids updo loose bun
Pull braids up into a loose top knot to prevent tension at the roots.

12. Loose Bun

After getting your box braids installed, this will probably be the only box braid updo hairstyle you will be able to do for a while. If your braids are tight and you really want to wear it up, a loose bun is the way to go.

box braids updo: low bun
Huge bun idea for chunky box braid styles

13. Chunky Low Bun

Sometimes, when it comes to buns, the bigger the better! Wrap your jumbo box braids into a low and chunky bun hairstyle.

box braids updo: messy bun
Undone buns are having a moment and it looks pretty good on any hair type or style.

14. Undone Box Braid Updo

No, this look isn’t just for the lazy gals out there. It’s actually a trend at the moment and we are all for it. Loosely wind your braids into a bun and don’t worry about it being neat.

box braids updo: wavy loose bun
Create this look using crimp textured extensions.

15. Crimped Updo

Want the messy look on a curly or crimpy style? The only difference here is the extensions used to create the look. Opt for wet and wavy extensions to get this effect.

box braids updo: thick bun style
Thick bun updo.

16. Jumbo Bun Updo

To recreate this look, it’s all about the size of your braids. If you’re after full buns, ask your stylist for medium to jumbo box braids.

box braids updo curly hair extensions
Use curly textured hair extensions to create this pretty updo.

17. Curly Bun Updo

Create this curly bun updo by either using extensions that can be curled with a curling iron, or opt for hair that’s sold in a curly state.

box braids updo side bun style
Super hip side bun style.

18. Side High Bun

Your bun doesn’t have to be at the center of your head. Gather your hair to the side to create this funky style.

Low Ponytail Box Braids Updos

box braids updo low ponytail
Simple and easy low ponytail style.

19. Loose Low Ponytail

Whatever your reason, you can’t ever go wrong with a loose low ponytail on box braided hair.

box braids updo: low side ponytail
The perfect hairstyle for allowing your statement earrings to stand out.

20. Pulled-Back Pony

When wearing bold accessories that often become hidden due to your hairstyle, opt for box braid updo styles that allow jewelry like statement earrings to stand out.

box braid updo low braided ponytail
Need a quick hairstyle change mid-day? Opt for this braided ponytail

21. Braided Ponytail

This versatile hairstyle is ideal for any occasion but we especially love it for the office no matter your occupation.

box braids updo: micro braids low ponytail
Micro braids are extremely fragile. Loose and low is the way to go.

22. Micro Braids Ponytail

If you have or plan on getting micro braids, style with caution. Micro braids are fragile so it’s best to stick with loose updos like this one.

box braids updo ponytail
Pull your hair up for weekend fun.

23. Weekend Box Braid Ponytail

Need an easy-breezy look for the weekend? This chic mid ponytail is perfection!

Creative Updo Hairstyles for Box Braids

box braids updo: bow bun style on blonde box braids
Pretty, girly and super creative.

24. Bow Bun Box Braid

When it comes to styling your braids, feel free to let go and have fun for a change! This bow bun idea is super girly and cute.

box braids updo: neon braids
Add pops of color to add interest to your updo styles.

25. Neon Box Braids

A pop of color can do wonders! In this case, a pop of many colors turns a basic box braids updo into something more fun, interesting and unique.

Looking for more box braid ideas? Here’s how to wear big box braid styles.

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