Short Hair Braids: 8 Cute Styles for Your Hair Length, Plus a Handy Tutorial

Got short hair? We've got braids! Add all of these short hairstyles with braids combos to your hair style arsenal this season.


Looking for a way to mix up your short hair? We love the way stunning short hair braids can liven up your cropped locks without doing much work. Plus, who says you need more hair in order to create an eye-catching style? This is where braids come in to save the day: No matter the length of your hair, with a few under-over weaving motions you’ll be rocking an array of short hairstyles with braids. So keep reading to check out some of our favorite ways to rock braided hairstyles on short hair:

Short hair braids: chunky accent braid on short hair
Short hair braids: Embrace boho vibes with a loosely woven accent braid.

1. Loose Accent Braid

We’re suckers for braids for short hair that evoke some serious Bohemian vibes and this loosely woven braid will do just the trick. To bring this look to life add a texturizing product, like Bed Head by TIGI Joyride Texturizing Powder Balmto your damp hair. The product will start off as a balm and quickly turn into a powder as you massage it into your roots and down the length of your strands. Once your hair is prepped, simply loosely weave a braid and tug it apart for a thicker look. In order to keep up with carefree boho vibes either use a clear mini elastic and wrap a thin strand of hair to conceal it, or simply let your braid hang naturally.

short hair braids: headband braid on short hair
Short hair braids: A headband braid gives your short style a simple stylish update. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Braided Headband

We know we’re not the only ones who hate that mid-day headache that’s pretty much inevitable with a typical plastic or metal headband. And that’s exactly why we’re huge advocates of short hair braids like this braided headband. All you’ll need is a pack of bobby pins and a little hairspray—we recommend Dove Style+Extra Hold Hairspray to lock this style in place.

short hair braids: cool underneath braids
Short hair braids: Cool underneath braids you’ll want to show-off. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. Braided Messy Bun

Some days you just want to whip your short hair back into a messy bun and go on without a care in the world. We’re all about lazy day braided hairstyles for short hair but we’re specifically into styles that are easy to create with minimal additions. And what better way to make a messy bun more eye-catching than with a couple accent braids wrapped around the hair tie? Easy peasy.

short hair braids: cornrow style on natural hair
Sporty and chic braided style. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

4. Thick Braided Cornrows

Cornrows have a rich history in natural hair and are the perfect everyday look. To keep your rows extra nourished, be sure to use a hair oil, like Suave Professional Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil, which will provide your hair with extra moisture and shine.

how to get short hair braids with cute braided bangs
The original braided do.

5. Braided Bangs

Braided bangs are the ultimate in easy pretty braids for short hair. They are so great because your hair really only needs to be a few inches long to do it. Bonus: they are awesome for second or third-day hair. Just spritz TRESemmé Fresh Start Basic Care Dry Shampoo to help refresh your hair. Then, once your hair is prepped, follow our braided hair tutorial to help you to create braided bangs.

Twisted short hair braids
Do the twist (on your hair). Photo credit: Dvora

6. Twisted

This twisted braid means business. It’s got that extra polished look that regular braids can sometimes miss. We like French twisted braids for short hair because they look sweet but, mature at the same time. They are perfect! They do tend to be a little slippery though, especially with straight hair. To make sure your hair will stick in this perfectly twisted style all day, prep it with S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax. It’s got enough hold to make a difference without making your hair stiff.

Then, just like our first braid you’ll part your hair and choose a small section from the front. Then, instead of doing three strands, you’ll do two. Twist the strands, then add a small section of hair, and twist again. Keep on going till you reach your ears then secure with a bobby pin. Quickie style, big effect.

Messy short hair braids
Cute braided hairstyle trend we are all about.

7. Messy Braided Bangs

The one thing that can get tough with braiding styles for short hair, is that they are hard to shake up! What can you do that is dramatically different than a braid or a twist? Well, you can always mess it up. We’re totally into the messy hair don’t care look for 2018. It’s like model off duty hair, but with a little more effort. To get this look, follow our short hair braid tutorial.

Before you braid and call it a day, mess up the style a little bit! We like to tug a little bit on different strands to create an uneven effect. You could always start with extra textured hair by gently teasing the strands of the braid. Whichever technique you choose, rock it with style!

short hair braid: accent braid on blonde hair
Add a teeny-tiny accent braid to your short style. Photo credit:

8. Skinny Accent Braid

If you’re looking for cute braids for short hair, try out this totally sweet accent braid. And yes, you can get it to look this neat, too. This simple three-strand short hair braid creates a cute and subtle statement in your hair. Pro tip: After creating your accent braid, finish up with a hearty spray of TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairspray to set.

In the world of hair, the possibilities are endless. You can rock a new hair color for a few hours, sport a bob without making the actual cut (fake bob anyone?) or even get long hair overnight—with hair extensions of course! Another option is sporting some braids for short hair. Can this be done? Of course, it can! And get this: You don’t really need to add in any extra pieces of hair to help you out. Also, if you’re currently growing out your bangs and tired of sweeping them to the side, you may want to get in on this fun hairstyle trend as well, as this is a great transitional look for when you just don’t know what to do with your overgrown fringe.

Read on below for our a quick guide to achieving your own short hair braids:


Start with clean, dry hair.

Before starting your short hair braid, it’s best to work on dry hair that’s been thoroughly detangled. For a quick refresher in between washes, we like to use a dry shampoo, such as Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo.


Part your hair and braid.

Create a part where you want your braid to be (Ed’s note: No need to create a perfectly sharp part; you want things to look effortless.). In that case, if you don’t have a comb, opt for using your fingers. Once you’re done, begin French-braiding your fringe area all the way down to the ends.


Secure with a bobby pin.

Secure the ends of your braid onto your scalp with a pin. If you happen to end up with a braid that feels too neat (or stiff), open up the stitch by pancaking them, or gently tugging the chain links apart.


Finish with hairspray.

You can opt to add curls to the rest of your braids for short hair for a fun twist, or just leave hair straight. Finish off with a hairspray that seals in your style, like TRESemmé Climate Control Finishing Spray.


Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Wanna jazz up your look for a night out? Try adding in some fun hair accessories, like this embellished pin, to give your look some sparkle.