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NYFW Model Short Hair Trends We’re Digging from the Runway

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Looking to create fashionable short hairstyles? Try this short hair inspo straight from NYFW.

It’s around this time of year when we get start to get a little antsy about our hair. You know: the looking, the wanting, the dreaming about chopping it all off. But then you have to figure out what model short hair idea short haircut you would actually get, and really, how a short crop would work post-salon visit. Beyond the traditional pixie or classic bob, there are tons of other short hair trends out there that just might help you to figure out your new look. To get inspired, we’re sharing some of the latest short hair trends from New York Fashion Week that includes tons of variations on the short chop. Opting to model short hairstyle ideas like these during this time of year is the perfect way to welcome the new season.

NYFW Model: Short Hair Trends from the Runway

model short hair black pixie
15 brave points if you try out this short cut. Photo credit:

1. Mushroom Haircut

Let’s be perfectly honest here: you’ve got to be pretty brave to go for this cut. Not for the scissor shy, this chop is all about getting a really short chop around your hair as you focus on the length towards the front of your head that serves as quasi bangs. An edgy cut that looks awesome on long and round faces, we love how short hair fashion like this accentuates your natural texture, bringing the focus to your cheekbones.

model short hair red bob with bangs
Bob plus bangs make a happy hairstyle marriage. Photo credit:

2. Bob and Bangs

The bob and bang hairstyle combo is one of our favorite short haircut ideas that requires commitment to both lengths. A fun hairstyle for those with straight hair, this hairstyle is sure to give you a stylish edge while also giving you the option to easily transition your long bangs into a side-swept look or pulled-back as you see fit.

model short hair cropped pixie
Don’t be scared of the buzz, buzz sound. Photo credit:

3. Light Buzz

We are feeling this buzzed look with some baby hairs. While the traditional buzz cut focuses on little to no hair, this light buzz gives you the same vibe with a softer feel. Be sure to bring in pictures when you go for this look since ending up with a closely-shaven chop might not be what you’re aiming for.

model short hair choppy black bob
A slight wave really brings this hairstyle up a notch. Photo credit:

4. Choppy Bob

Gone are the days when a bob haircut has to be one length, especially since you can chop it. This layered/choppy look is an ode to your inner rock ‘n’ roll goddess that you can muss together by using some of the Suave Professionals Texurizing Sea Salt Spray. Eyeglass are totally optional.

model short hair choppy red hairstyle
Blunt bangs bring some major attention to your face. Photo credit:

5. Bowl Cut with Blunt Bangs

A version of the bob but way shorter, the bowl cut is all about a short, controlled look. This is typically seen above the ears or right below them where your hair defines your face. Pair this with some stylish blunt bangs and you have one of the hottest looks out there.

model short hair natural afro
A mini fro is one of our favorite looks from NYFW. Photo credit:

6. Mini Fro

Not as short as the classic teeny weeny ‘fro that we’ve seen of late, this mini ‘fro focuses on more volume and a length. Opt for an all-over defined look or a high top hairstyles for some major ’80s vibes.

model short hair bleach blonde pixie
This short hair trend is here to stay. Photo credit:

7. Structured Pixie

Of course we have to mention the pixie cut in a short hair trends piece, but this one is far different than the look you’re probably used to. This structured pixie is a sleek cut that focuses on shorter ends that fall above your ear. Use some gel to ensure that your hair stays put and frizz-free all day.

model short hair dirty blonde straight bob
An angular bob hairstyle that’s all about that part. Photo credit:

8. Middle-Parted Bob

We are seeings all sorts of middle-parted hairstyles at NYFW. This controlled hairstyle focuses on a straight (or straight-ish) part that you create with your fingers or a comb. Place your hair behind your ears and you’re good-to-go.

A bob with a whole lotta movement. Photo credit:

9. Fluffy Bob

Have curly hair and want to go short, no problem! 2017 is all about embracing your natural texture and going for a style that feels like you. Plus, who has the time to constantly blowout their wavy or curly hair?! After you get your chop, apply some mousse to your damp hair to help you to structure and define your curls. Allow it to air-dry and go!

model short hair curly top
Curls and short hair do work! Photo credit:

10. Curly Top

Curls and short hair do work and look quite fierce together, don’t cha think? This shorter chop focuses on volumious bangs that you can create with the help of some mousse, like the TRESemme Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse. Muss it up throughout your short curls and go about your day.

model short hair curly afro
Afro hairstyles we love with some length. Photo credit:

11. Afro

For a look with some length, try out the fuller afro. A version of the mini afro, this look is all about a concentrated length that goes around your entire head. Some hair oils, like Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment, will help to ensure that your afro stays shiny and manageable.

model short hair natural straight
Slicked-back and so chic. Photo credit:

12. Slicked-Back

If hair off, away and no where near your face is your MO, you’ve got to try out a short hair pixie with the slicked-back technique. To achieve this look, simply apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to your and then add in some gel to lightly slick it back. Short hair and no movement! We love it.

model short hair red blonde straight lob
You’ll give your ears some attention with this look. Photo credit:

13. Ear-Focused Lob

Like the bob, we’ve seen some variations of the lob make its way on the runway. This look is a bit different with the focus having your hair away from your face with a controlled middle-part. This is also a good transitional cut if you want to lose some length but not all of your hair.

model short hair blonde bob
If you have time in the AM, you can easily master this look. Photo credit:

14. Stylized Bob

If waking up a little early is no biggie, then styling your bob might be the perfect look for you. To score this look, wash and condition your hair and let your hair air-dry until it’s at least 90% dry. Then, apply some heat protectant to your hair and place a round brush underneath your bob (as opposed to on top of your hair for a flipped-out blowout). Apply the heat from your blowdryer to your hair, moving along with the round brush as you create that flipped-in look. Repeat this process until your hair is dry and styled. Lock in your hard work with some hairspray.

model short hair grunge style
The ’90s ain’t got nothing on this modern revival. Photo credit:

15. Side-Swooping Pixie

We’ve touted our love for the ’90s on more than one occasion. But we can’t be the only ones that have a soft spot for grunge, especially as seen from the grungy hairstyles from NYFW. For a new short crop, we are all about this side-swooping pixie that features two very different lengths. This contrasting hairstyle is all about an edgy shorter length that compliments an impressively longer side bang. Pair this look with a black eyeliner for good measure.

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14 February 2017