Create One of Our Favorite Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair in 5 East Steps

The perfect braid for short curly hair!

We are all about going for the chop and getting a short cut! If you live, love the short hairstyle life then we’ve got some major inspo for you. There are so many styles you can create with short, curly hair, whether it’s simply focusing on your texture or going for a more complex style. One of our current favorite hairstyles for short curly hair is the crown braid. This style is fun, flirty, and great for both daytime and nighttime.


Prep Hair

Prep your strands with a light hair oil that will tame flyaways and give you shine. Our current favorite is Love Beauty Planet Sandalwood & Grapeseed Natural Oils Infusion to achieve healthy looking hair.


Begin Braiding

Start at one side of your part and begin creating a Dutch braid. This braid is perfect when creating hairstyles for short curly hair because it adds volume to your style and helps manages those curls.


Make Your Braid Loose

Continue braiding down your hair even after you’ve finished creating the Dutch braid. Repeat on the other side. This style looks best when you pancake your braid for a loose and effortless effect.


Secure Your Braids

Finish the crown effect by pinning the ends of your braids up with bobby pins, This will give the effect that the braid goes all the way around your head and makes for a more sophisticated style. We love leaving baby hairs out for extra texture. You can tame them by using a little bit of Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick so they stay in a chic position.




You’ve just completed one of the cutest hairstyles for short curly hair! Finish with a spray of Suave Professionals Flexible Control Hairspray to give your style optimal hold throughout the day.

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