20 Ways to Wear Flirty Swoop Bangs

Fun and flirty ways to wear that side-lying fringe.

You probably know that we love experimenting with our strands by now: Whether it’s opting for shorter lengths or going for bolder or lighter hair color, we’re always contemplating what our next look will be. And one look we love that really changes your face without doing that much is getting bangs! If you’ve been considering getting bangs as part of your hair transformation, then you’ll want to take a look at this collection of some awesome ways to wear swoop bangs. A fun and flirty alternative to your classic set of full or side bangs, swoop bangs are all about style that works to accentuate your face and illuminate your features.

20 Cool Ways to Wear Flirty Swoop Bangs

swoop bangs bleach blonde straight hair
Thinner bangs can often be easier to arrange.

1. Thin and Wispy

Thinner bangs can often be easier to manipulate and arrange as you’re working with less hair. Thin, wispy and piecey bangs are always a crowd-pleaser. In case you’re in need of some body though, a volumizing styling spray, like Nexxus Unbreakable Care Root Lift Thickening Spray, can work wonders on those roots.

swoop bangs deep light brown long curls
One of our favorite ‘I woke up like this’ styles.

2. Expertly Angled Bangs

Easy brushed-through ‘I woke up like this’ waves are only improved with expertly angled swoop bangs.

swoop bangs chestnut brown side-swept bangs
A choppier haircut makes a major statement.

3. Choppy Layers + Choppy Bangs

Make a statement with a choppy duo like the style featured in the photo above. Pair choppy layers with choppy bangs for a style that works on every hair length.

swoop bangs air dried dirty blonde
A great option for the warmer months.

4. Jump on the Air-Dry Train

Want to get in on the air-dry trend and worried about how that will affect your bangs? The photo above is proof that your bangs will love this routine as much as the rest of your hair does. A salt spray, like Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold & Frizz Control Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Hair Spray can help urge in more texture if needed.

swoop bangs bleach blonde hair choppy layers
Cut your bangs to they angle into the layers in the rest of your hair.

5. See the Experts

Book an appointment with an expert hairdresser to nail a style that helps your swoop bangs seamlessly transition into the rest of your hair.

swoop bangs angled side bangs dark brown hair
Cartoon-like swoop bangs are easier to achieve than you’d think.

6. Standalone Swoop Bangs

Our favorite cartoon icons rock the most flawless swoop bangs. A super straight angle will help you achieve that pin up-like swoop you’re after.

Swoop bangs city blonde side bangs long straight hair
A deep side part creates an effortless transition.

7. Nail the Transition

Worried about how your new bangs will transition into the rest of your hair? Opt for a deep side part for swoop bangs that will blend in seamlessly. A flexible-hold hair spray can also help keep flyaways at bay while you’re at it. We like the touchable control we get from TRESemmé TRES Two Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray Texture Hold Level 1.

swoop bangs full bangs long brunette curls
Sweep ’em to the side.

8. Side Swoop Bangs.

Sweep your swoop bangs to the side for a totally different look altogether.

swoop bangs long straight thick bleach blonde hair
Proof that this look works for thick-haired girls, too.

9. Swoop Bangs for Thick-Haired Girls

Ensure that your bangs will work well with your thicker strands by opting for a super layered thin set of swoop bangs.

swoop bangs low fancy sideswept bun
How to wear swoop bangs to a formal event.

10. Fancy Swoop Bangs? Check.

A low side bun is an instant way to jazz up any set of swoop bangs.

swoop bangs short bob brunette woman
Go a little shorter on the bangs this round.

11. Short Swoop Bangs

This look is almost a micro bang but not quite. A shorter set of swoop bangs is a great way to keep your bangs from weighing down your petite face.

swoop bangs red brown low bun
Streamline your swoop bangs with a clean and neat bun.

12. Office-Appropriate

A low neat chignon is the best way to keep your swoop bangs office appropriate.

messy swoop bangs and dark brown messy bun
This look is effortless and easy.

13. Messy Works, Too

Pair a messy bun with messy air-dried bangs for a no fuss look you’ll love all summer long.

swoop bangs medium length black waves
Comb your swoop bangs down for a different effect.

14. Comb Them Every Which Way

Comb your swoop bangs straight down for a set of full bangs for those days when you’re in the mood for something a little more classic.

swoop bangs low ponytail
Secure your ponytail a few inches off the nape of your neck.

15. Prim and Polished

A sleek low ponytail is an instant way to add some polish to any look.

Swoop bangs light blonde straight hair
Let your bangs speak for themselves.

16. Edgy Part

Opt for a messier zig-zag part and let your bangs stand out while they make their own statement in a mismatched part that doesn’t fall in line with the rest of your hair.

swoop bangs silky thick brown lob
Up the shine and silk factor.

17. Amp Up the Shine

Show off your swoop bangs with an extra dose of shine. Run the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum through your hair to add some gloss to your strands.

Swoop bangs straight hair ponytail
Section your swoop bangs into a side part and gather the rest into a ponytail.

18. Streamline the Swoop

Let your bangs do all the talking and gather the rest of your hair up into a sleek and streamlined ponytail.

Swoop bangs red light red bob
Show off your vibrant color with a cropped bob and a set of swoop bangs.

19. Swoop Bangs + A Layered Bob

This style uses layers and dimension to show off your vibrant color and a full set of swoop bangs.

swoop bangs relaxed hair wavy bob
Wear relaxed hair in soft waves with a matching easy swoop.

20. Swoop Bangs for Relaxed Hair

A set of swoop side bangs takes these relaxed waves to the next level.

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