Best Bangs: 40 Fashionable Ideas for Every Style Personality

All the bang hairstyle inspiration you need! Scroll through to find your new look.

There comes a point when all of us toy with the idea of getting a fringe. The hard part is choosing the best bangs for your face and your lifestyle. The easy way to figure this out is to wig it, try clip-on bangs or even rock a faux fringe. If you’re just researching your new look, here are 40 of our most coveted bang hairstyles to get you started.

best bangs: asymmetrical haircut
Bangs on an asymmetrical hairstyle. Photo credit: Allyson Allapont.

1. Asymmetrical Bangs

This layered haircut gives the overall hairstyle a fashionable finish. When styling, curl your bangs with a curling iron and go for a shiny finish by using a hairspray like Dove Style+Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray.

best bangs: beehive hairstyle
Cute vintage style. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Vintage Beehive Bang Style

For a vintage spin on a bang hairstyle, give this beehive updo a try. Need help creating the updo? Use our beehive tutorial to get you started.

best bangs: black hair
Pretty black fringe. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

3. Jet Black Fringe

For a more casual bang hairstyle, stick to dark and simple hair colors like black or dark brown.

best bangs: blonde fringe
Gorgeous hints of black for contrast.

4. Hints of Black

When going for a bold color like blonde, opt for blending in hints of your natural hair color for a natural looking finish.

best bangs blue hair
Micro and pretty.

5. Blue Micro Bangs

If micro bangs alone aren’t enough for your edgy personality, opt for throwing in a standout color to up the ante.

best bangs: blunt haircut
Super clean bang hairstyle and cut.

6. Blunt Cut

Planning on jumping on the blunt haircut bandwagon? Throw in a blunt bang to match. Keep your look sleek with products, like a serum, that can help to tame frizz.

best bangs: sharp haircut
Sleek and sharply defined. Photo credit:

7. Sharp Bangs

If you’re looking for a cut to match your inverted triangle face shape, this is a great choice. The sharp bangs camouflage the width of your hairline and the length of your hair frames your narrow jawline.

Best bangs: round bowl cut.
Round and smooth look.

8. Bowl Cut

The key to nailing this cut is to make sure the length of your fringe matches the sides of your hair. This helps to create the cool rounded effect.

best bangs: brown hair
Warm and glossy hair color. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

9. Warm Brown Fringe

This shiny and warm brown tone is great for any season. Ask your stylist to help you choose the best shade that looks great against your skin tone.

best bangs: side brushed bangs on short hair
Light and airy bang hairstyle.

10. Airy Bangs

Swiftly brush your hair to the side to create this airy effect. Products that are lightweight are ideal for creating looks like this. The less oil, the better. Need help soaking up some excess oil, use a dry shampoo like Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo.

best bangs: center part fringe
Part hair down the center for a new look. Photo credit:

11. Middle-Parted Fringe

The best bangs allow you to create more than one look. If your bangs are long enough, you can part your hair down the center to create this curtain effect.

best bangs: clip on fringe
Fake it till you make it!

12. Faux Bangs

Not sure what style of bangs you want? Clip them on and experiment with different looks.

best bangs: long bang hairstyle
Eye grazing fringe. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

13. Extra Long Bangs

Want a dramatic look? Opt for this overgrown look. This long bang style draws attention to your eye area. Too long and you’ll hide them altogether.

best bangs: curly bangs natural hair
Bangs work for all hair types.

14. Best Bangs for Natural Hair

Who said bangs aren’t for curly girls? This side-swept look is chic and easy to recreate. All you need is a great gel that defines, holds and helps with shrinkage and you’re good to go.

best bangs for pixie haircuts
One of the best bangs for pixie haircuts.

15. Best Bangs for Edgy Pixie Haircuts

Recreate this look with the help of some styling wax. Use S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax after blow-drying your hair, then style as desired.

best bangs: combover on pixie haircut
Cut combover inspired look.

16. Combover Bangs

Tired of wearing your bangs in your face? Sweep them over with a bit of sculpting gel to create this combover-inspired style.

best bangs: green fringe
Green is the color of the year! Photo credit:

17. Green Bangs

In the mood to try the color of the year? Go for it. If you’re not ready to commit try a wig instead.

best bangs with hats
Put a lid on it!

18. Bangs with Hats

A simple hat accessory can change up the look of your bang hairstyle.

best bangs with headbands
Simple and cute accessory idea for bangs. Photo credit: Dvora

19. Headband with Bangs

Love this simple look for casual days. Want something fancier? Read how you can wear headbands on short hair.

best bangs with ponytails
Cute everyday hairstyle idea for bangs. Photo credit:

20. Best Bangs for Ponytail Styles

Ponytail hairstyles help to make your bangs the center of attention. Pull your hair up into this sleek look and pair it up with a bold earring to make a statement.

best bangs: gelled piecey bangs
Fun layered look.

21. Layered Bangs

Create this piecey effect with the help of gel. Learn how you can get the look with our layered bang tutorial.

best bangs: fringe and lob haircut
Update your lob with a fresh fringe. Photo credit: Dvora

22. Lob and Bangs

Need ideas for updating your lob haircut? Add a fringe and you’ve got a totally different look.

best bangs: long bangs hairstyle
Long fringe style. Photo credit:

23. Long Fringe

A long fringe can be used to help frame your face when wearing updo styles.

best bangs: magenta fringe
Pretty jewel tone bang hairstyle.

24. Magenta Bangs

Want a fun color for the warmer months? Check out our favorite spring hair color ideas, or try this fun magenta hue on your fringe.

best bangs: messy look
Best of both worlds with this look. Photo credit: Dvora

25. Mussed-Up Bangs

The best bangs for edgy looks are those that are styled with a mussed up effect.

best bangs: microbangs orange
Burnt orange micro fringe style. Photo credit:

26. Orange Bangs

This bold cut and color combo pack a whole lot of style. And we just love how the blonde eyebrow style draws attention to the fringe area.

best bangs: textured and piecey
Piecey effect creates texture. Photo credit Allyson Alapont

27. Textured Bangs

Create this effect with the help of a mattifying product. The more texture the better!

best bangs pigtails
Fun and easy hairstyle idea. Photo credit: Dvora

28. Bang with Pigtails

Looking for the best bangs styles for fun and youthful hairstyles? Channel your childhood days with an adult spin on pigtails, complete with a modern dip-dyed effect.

best bangs: hot pink fringe
Hot pink style.

29. Hot Pink Fringe

Millennial pink isn’t the only color to obsess over this season. Try this hot pink fringe idea instead, complete with an undercut.

best bangs platinum hair color
Rock this eye-catching white blonde style. Photo credit:

30. Platinum Blonde Fringe.

When adding a platinum blonde color to fine hairstyles, be sure the bangs and the rest of your hair have height. Try washing with a volumizing wash and care system.

best bangs mullet style
Blast from the past turned modern. Photo credit: Nick Urtega

31. Mullet-Inspired Bang Style

Love mullet hairstyles? Try out this bang version of the look.

best bangs for shag haircuts
Textured bang and shag style. Photo credit:

32. Best Bangs for Textured Shags

Shag styles are still holding on strong. Try the look on textured hair with a set of wavy bangs to match.

best bangs for curly pixies
Simple bang and curly crop style. Photo credit:

33. Best Bangs for Curly Pixies

The beauty of this hairstyle is the low maintenance routine. All you need is to wash, diffuse and go!

best bangs for creative updos
Side swept bangs. Photo credit:

34. Bangs for Updo Styles

The best bangs for long hair worn in creative updo hairstyles are those that help add style to your overall look. You don’t want your bangs to overpower your the rest of your hairstyle.

best bangs for square face shapes
Best bangs for square face shapes. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

35. Off-Center Bangs for Square Face Shapes

We love off-center part bangs for women with square face shapes. The part helps add softness to your hairline area.

best bangs for asymmetrical hairstyles
Two lengths in one!

36. Dual Length Bangs

This jagged effect is great for bangs on asymmetrical haircuts. To keep the look from looking dated, opt for a cleaner and polished finished. If you go for the teased hair effect, you’ll be channeling the ’80s.

best bangs for thick hair
Best bangs for thick hair: Plump fringe. Photo credit:

37. Thick Bangs

The fullness of thick hair textures helps create body within bangs. Be sure to use products that help enhance the thickness of your hair to maintain this full look.

best bangs uneven look
Make a style statement with this bang idea.

38. Stylishly Uneven

The best bangs for making a style statement are those you wouldn’t see everyone else wearing. Take this uneven idea for instance.

best bangs: unicorn hair color
Edgy unicorn style.

39. Unicorn Bangs

Why not join in on the unicorn trend via your bangs! Make your stand out with this edgy bang style.

best bangs: fluffy fringe
Light and fluffy fringe.

40. Fluffy Fringe

We love the look of this fluffy fringe style. Use a volumizing wash and care system to create lift, volume and movement.

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