Dove Purify & Strengthen Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to shield hair from daily damage and boost hair strength. Dove Purify & Strengthen works to replenish essential nutrients, leaving hair luminous and strong. Infused with essence of lotus, this range works to make hair resilient to damage, every day. Formulated with Micellar Technology, Dove Purify & Strengthen purifies hair and boosts hair’s resilience to daily damage for strong, shiny hair. • Formulated with Micellar Technology, which purifies hair by allowing the formula to attach to unwanted oil and environmental dirt particles and gently washes them away. • Boosts hair strength • Makes hair resilient to damage, every day • Purifies hair to provide clarity and shine • Replenishes essential nutrients • Removes damaging build up • Helps shield hair from environmental damage
Brand: DOVE
Manufacturer: UNILEVER