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Long Bangs: Is this Hair Trend Right for You?

Discover if bangs are right for you.

We’ve been loving how long bangs has been taking over the hair world this year. From street style stars sporting the ever-trendy fringe to celebs adorning the red carpet with a side-swept fringe, it’s clear to understand why so many reluctant haircutters are opting for this face-framing chop. We love how long bangs are a great option if you want to try out something new. And even better – they are super low-commitment and one of the easiest trends to transition out of, if you ever want to grow out your bangs. But, like any hairstyle or trend, long bangs aren’t for everyone. Read on to learn more about long bangs to figure out if they could work for you.

Long Bangs: Are you Ready to Try This Trend?

Long Bangs: Are you Ready to Try This Trend?

1. Long bangs are work.

There’s no getting around this, bangs require work to maintain their effortlessly cool style. While they aren’t as much work as maintaining blunt bangs, you’ll still have to get your hair regularly trimmed (around every 3-4 weeks) in order to keep the style–not to mention ensure that they aren’t totally covering your face.

Long Bangs: Are you Ready to Try This Trend?

2. You can switch up your long bangs.

If versatility is your thing, then long bangs might be the perfect style for you. Not only can you move them to the side with some cleverly placed bobby pins, you can experiment with clips, headbands, bandanas and more.

3. They work great on straight or wavy hair types.

Bangs work on practicality every hair type but that have curly, wavy or natural-hair will have more styling to deal with for the day-to-day maintenance of this look. While this is totally manageable, make sure that you are that person that doesn’t mind heat styling their hair almost everyday.

long bangs: define your face

4. They can define your face.

If you’re feeling blah about your face, then bangs can help to revive some definition to your face.  They work great to define and highlight your facial features where the focus is all about your eyes and cheekbones. Start out a little above your eyebrows and see how you like a little more length as they grow.

5. They are easy to style.

While you’ll need some hair oil, like the Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil, to help make your hair shiny and a brush to rid your bangs of tangles and knots. If you’re bangs are on the wavy side, you want want to blow-dry them straight every now and again. Just make sure to use a heat protectant, like the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Spray, to guard your hair from breakage and frizz, leaving your bangs feeling smooth and moisturized.

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