10 Easy Vintage Hairstyles That Take No Time At All

Create these timeless vintage styles in just a few minutes.

Easy vintage hairstyles are all about no-fuss and simple ways to make the most of your locks while embracing a charming, retro style. These versatile and durable hairstyles are great as-is and also work well on day two and day three hair…and then even more as you restyle again. (Scroll down to the end for the best vintage hairstyles for short hair…)

10 Easy Vintage Hairstyles

This collection of 10 easy vintage hairstyles are the perfect throwback if you’re looking for classic vintage styles and work well for 2023, too. See our favorites below:

1. Voluminous Easy Vintage Hairstyles

easy vintage hairstyles volume half up
Become the queen of volume with this easy trick.

The secret to achieving this level of volume (thereby making you the queen of volume in just minutes), is to tease, tease, tease. Use a regular comb to tease the front of your hairline and pull your strands back into this vintage-inspired half-up style.

2. Vintage Curls

easy vintage hairstyles vintage curls dark brown
Style your curls along your hairline for an extra vintage touch.

Style your curls the vintage way by wearing them low along your forehead. Use Dove Amplified Textures Shine & Moisture Finishing Gel to give your strands extra definition and hold the style in place.

3. 1940s-Inspired Curls

easy vintage hairstyles 1940

Sleep with large curlers in your hair to wake up with this kind of crazy and bold volume. Gently brush through your curls after removing the curlers for extra volume.

4. Wear it Long

easy vintage hairstyles long dirty blonde
Grow your hair and keep it healthy in the interim.

Back in the day, most women would pin their long strands up into one kind of intricate updo or another. Give a subtle nod to that vintage length by wearing your hair long and down.

5. Intricate and Easy Vintage Hairstyles

easy vintage hairstyles light brown long curls updo
This vintage hair updo only looks complicated.

Speaking of intricate updos, you can gather your long strands back into a braided updo for a major vintage statement. Spritz the finished style with Bed Head by TIGI Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray to keep the look in place.

6. Pinned Curls

easy vintage hairstyles light brown curls
Pinned curls are a no-brainer.

After you wash your hair and before you go to sleep, pin your curls up by wrapping two-inch strands around your fingers and pinning them into place. You’ll wake up to this classic pinned curl look.

7. Super Easy Vintage Hair

easy vintage hairstyles brushed curls brunette
It doesn’t get easier than this.

Have you heard of overnight curls? Sleep with your hair in chunky braids to wake up with the perfect easy vintage waves. Prep your hair with Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse for even extra definition.

8. The Simplest Updo

easy vintage hairstyles brunette updo
Simply gather your curls up and away from your face.

Pull your hair up into this easy and simple updo. Add an intricate clip for an extra vintage touch. Make sure to include some volume at the front of your style for a true vintage look.

9. 1950s-Inspired Updo

easy vintage hairstyles updo
Try a 1950’s inspired updo.

Sick of your basic ponytail and messy bun? Try a vintage-inspired updo. If you have bangs, curl them under, and then add a headscarf to create the full effect. Lock your bangs in place by using TRESemmé Compressed MicroMist Level 2 Hold Curl Hair Spray.

10. The Runaway Princess

easy vintage hairstyles blonde half up
This off-duty princess style is perfect for any occasion.

These undone waves that are twisted and pinned are the ideal laid-back vintage style if you’re looking for understated, easy vintage hairstyles. Simply twist two thick strands away from your face and use a clear hair tie to secure them together at the back of your head.

Best Vintage Hairstyles For Short Hair

Thinking of trying out vintage hairstyles? While you might assume it’s those with long hair that get to have all the fun, you’ll be happy to know that vintage short hairstyles do exist — and they’re just as inspiring!

To tempt you to channel your inner retro queen, we’ve found the best vintage hairstyles for short hair to help give you some ideas. So, what are you waiting for?

1. Pixie with a Hair Scarf

Woman with a platinum blonde pixie cut with a hair scarf
Credit: Rupert Laycock

So you’ve fallen in love with hair scarves? Well, lucky for you, they’ve got a starring role in a lot of vintage hairstyles for short hair. Even the shortest pixie cut can be spruced up with a patterned silk scarf, simply wrap it around and tie it into a bow and you’re good to go!

2. Pinned Back

Vintage short hair: Close up shot of a woman with short hair styled into half-up,, half-down hair with a duck blue jacket, pearls and a throw at Goodwood Festival
What’s not to love? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Turning your bob into a ’40s-ready style is super easy! All you have to do is fashion half of it into a loose swirl and pin it back like this. Swirl the top section before pinning it into place to recreate this style completely.

3. Quiff Updo with Bun

Vintage short hair: Close up shot of Stella Maxwell with short bronde hair styled into a quiff at the front and a bun updo at the back on the red carpet
This quiff meets bun hybrid is our fave. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a chic vintage short hairstyle that will allow you to wear your go-to bun, this quiff is seriously destined for you. With a tousled Elvis-inspired quiff at the front and a high bun at the back, you’ll be retro-ready for any occasion.

4. Flapper Bun

Vintage short hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark short hair styled into a low flapper style bun, with headband and peacock feather at Goodwood festival
Ready to meet Gatsby? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Styling her lob-length hair into a deep side parting and into a low flapper bun, this beauty gives her eye-catching ‘do the perfect retro edge with a peacock and headband accessory.

5. Victory Rolls with An Undercut

Vintage hairstyles for short hair: Close up shot of a woman with short purple hair styled into a victory rolled updo with a undercut
Who says you can’t be retro and edgy at the same time? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Rockabilly hairstyles, like these victory rolls with a shaved undercut design, are great for when you want a short edgy style full of retro flair. Whether you go this colorful with your look is all up to you!

Are you thinking about trying out any of these styles? Be sure to grab a picture and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS!

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