26 of the Prettiest Bun Hairstyles

Discover the perfect hair bun for you!

Having long hair is awesome but we get that it can sometimes be challenging to style on the daily. And plus, sometimes it’s just nice to tuck your hair away into a fun bun hairstyles as you go about your day. To help you out, we’re sharing some of the prettiest and cute bun hairstyles that we have been loving, including those bun classics we have all come to know and love and some new hair-up contenders (hey, rose bun and octopus bun!). Read on to check out this collection of really cute hair buns.

The Cutest Hair Buns We Ever Did See

braided bun hairstyles
This gorgeous style is much easier than it looks. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Braided Bun Updo

One of the best things about bun updos, is that they are masters at hiding oily hair. If you’re do for a shampoo but don’t have the time, pop in a little dry shampoo like the Suave Moroccan Infusion Weightless Dry Shampoo to refresh your roots, and wear your favorite easy buns. Then, take a section of hair from right above your ear, and braid it down. With the rest of your hair pull it into a quickie messy bun. Use the braid to wrap around the bun for even more texture and style.

bun hairstyles space buns
Natural gals rejoice! Photo credit: Dvora

2. Naturally Curly Space Buns

Wearing space buns in curly hair is so great because the curls add texture and style into plain old buns! This is also a great style to wear when you’re doing a leave in hair oil treatment. Just split your hair all the way down the center, and create two symmetrical buns right on top of your head.

half-up bun hairstyles
Quick and easy but high fashion. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. Half-Up Braided Bun

For an easy bun hairstyles, try this braided half-up option. It gives your standard bun a little more oomph. Create this style by sectioning off the top of your hair and doing a simple three-strand braid all the way down. Then, wind the braid around to create a bun! Pin in place and you are ready to rock. You can apply a little bit of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil throughout the length of your hair you leave down. It will add moisture and shine for happy curly hair.

parted twist bun hairstyles
Twists to finish the look. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

4. Low Messy Bun

A low bun can be interesting on it’s own, but adding in twists makes the style that much more chic. Start by rolling the sides of your hair in towards the center of your head. It’s similar to how you would start off a croissant bun. But, before you roll up all of your hair, take the length in the center and create a messy bun at the nape of your neck. The longer and messier the better!

bun hairstyles mini mohawk
You can go for half up, or a total mini bun mohawk.

5. Mini Bun Mohawk

Mohawks aren’t just for dudes! We love this funky mini bun mohawk look. All you need to do is separate the top half of your hair. Then, section the top half of your hair into four horizontal sections. Starting at the front and working your way back create a bun with each section. You can use a boar bristle brush to create a smooth finish to the sides of your hair.

half-up cornrow updo hairstyles
A set of baby Dutch braids or cornrows adds edge to this half-bun.

6. Cornrow Bun

Not only is a half-bun/cornrow hybrid one of the baddest combos of the year, it also works wonders in keeping winter flyaways at bay. This look, which features a few Dutch braids, or cornrows, woven from the hairline towards the crown, looks awesome on clean scalps and hair that’s shoulder-length or longer. It’s fashion-forward on poker-straight hair, while it gets a softer, unicorn-like vibe on wavy textures.

box bun hairstyles
Box braided half-buns are always a classic.

7. Box Braids

Women with protective hairstyles, such as Senegalese twists or even box braids, can switch things up with a half-updo. It switches up your look (not to mention leaves the front and sides of your face free for the day) while still retaining that cool, ’90s vibe that box braids evoke. Coil your bun around itself gently as to not disturb your twists or create fuzz on your braids, and keep a dry shampoo handy so you can refresh you scalp on no-wash days too.

bun hairstyles with bangs
Full bangs and red lips give this a retro-glam feel.

8. Full Bangs

Half-bun hairstyles that are paired with soft, full bangs often take on an indie-girl vibe, which we’re so totally on board with. The bun itself is usually left loosely coiled (as shown), and is held together on the underside with a few strategically placed bobby pins instead of a hair tie. The result is a softer, slightly more vintagey take on a regular half-updo, and is a great look for those into dark lips and winged eyeliner for the winter.

bun hairstyles ombre
An ombré gives a color element to hair that’s split top to bottom. Photo credit: Kristen Soileau

9. Ombré Waves

Trust us: A shot of summer into look can actually help shake you out of those winter blues. If you’re still rocking an ombré or sombré, wearing your hair in waves with a mini-top knot gives a sexy, earthy touch to your end-of-year looks without looking like you put too much effort in. Tip: The drier air these days might give you a problem with static, so make sure to prep hair with a leave-in conditioner or hair oil before curling.

lilac bun hairstyles
Slightly rooty pastel hues get some street-smarts when done up in a bun.

10. Rooty Lilac

Light-colored hair with a bit of a grown-in root (around one inch) basically screams for half-bun hairstyles, since the chignon bisects the regrowth and makes it an allover part of the look. Best for low-contrast hair colors (blondes to pinks and purples, medium browns to blues and teals), the hairstyle is definitely one for those with pretty-in-punk leanings and pairs nicely with your best athleisure suits.

low messy bun hairstyles
Easy, breezy ways to style your hair.

11. Low Bun

Looking for simple bun hairstyles for your wavy or curly hair? We got you covered with this simple yet fun low bun. You can keep it focused on the back or bring the focus to either side.

bantu knot bun hairstyles
A modern way to rock hair buns.

12. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots, or the similar-looking space buns, feature a series of knobs coiled on the head. It’s a look that translates well into a half-up version, and those with thicker or coarser hair can opt for more knobs while retaining some fullness below the partline. To achieve, section hair in a grid (or split your top hair in half, however way you want it) and twist each section into a rope, and coil it around itself to form a bun. Secure at the base with pins or a hair tie.

pretzel bun hairstyles
An intricate bun that you can wear all day look with out having to fuss with your hair.

13. Pretzel Bun

Use our easy pretzel bun tutorial to create this style or simply pull your hair up into ponytail, braid the ends and wrap it into a bun. These bun styles are perfect for work, hanging with your friends or for attending an elegant family dinner. Bonus: once you create it, you won’t have to deal with your hair all day long!

twisted bun hairstyles
Easy Bun Hairstyles: Twisted updo with bangs. Photo credit: Dvora

14. Twist Bang and Bun Updo

This hairstyle is so fun and stylish. If you have curly or natural hair with bangs and want something that has a cool twist to it try this hairstyle.  Gather the back section of your hair up into a tight bun and secure your hairpins. Twist yoru bangs and pin them back to prevent your little one from giving your fringe it a tug.

easy messy bun hairstyles
Loose and low bun. Photo credit: Allyson Allapont

15. The Low Undone Bun

This low bun hairstyle is perfect for moms who have medium-to-long layered hair. Layers often make updo hairstyles tricky to achieve, but this low bun is ideal. Simply gather your hair back into a low, loose ponytail and loop your ends through your hair tie.

bun hairstyles ballet bun
A chic yet relaxed look for formal occasions.

16. Braided Ballet Bun

Have a special event to attend? Then this look is for you! We have how it’s complemented with bun hair and braided style that gets your hair off your neck, looking stylized and chic.

bun hairstyles with accessories
Enhance your bun with some floral accessories.

17. Easy Hair Buns with Accessories

Upgrade your hair bun game with some stylish accessories. We love the boho-inspired look of adoring real flowers and leaves in your hair that looks super laid-back for summer events.

middle braid bun hairstyles
Get in on the octopus bun trend with this fun look. Photo credit: Dvora

18. Middle Braid Octopus Bun

Now is your time to get in on the octopus bun hair trend! Try out this look and pair it with a middle braid to channel some fun and funky hair vibes.

messy braid bun hairstyles
Messy bun meets braid for a gorgeous combo

19. Messy Bun + Bun

A cute combo that we can’t get enough of! We just love the pairing of the classic bun that’s upgraded with a chic side braid.

half-up space bun hairstyles
Go for the half-up space buns look. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

20. Half-Up Space Buns

If going for the full space buns look isn’t your thing, why not try out the half-up version. Created the same way (via two mini buns), you then simply style the bottom part of your hair as you normally do.

bun hairstyles pigtails
A modern way to rock pigtails. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

21. Puff Pigtails

Have fun with your natural hair by rocking these puffy pigtails. We love this look as a fun way to play with your style and accentuate your hair at the same time.

rose bun hairstyles
Elegance thy name is this bun. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

22. Rose Bun

A style that might take more time to credit but is certainly worth it is this elegant rose bun. We adore how chic and composed it looks on all hair types with its swooped and circular composition. Check out how to master this style in our rose bun hair tutorial. Be sure to have some of the TRESemmé TRES Two Extra-Hold Hairspray on-hand to lock in this gorgeous style.

loose tendrils bun hairstyles
Up and ready to rock. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

23. Messy with Tendrils

Another take on the octopus bun trend is this bun on top of head complete with loose tendrils. You can opt to curl your entire head or just a few face-framing pieces of hair.

bun hairstyles tight bun
Your hair will stay in place all day with this style.

24. Coiled Bun

A classic style, this bun is all about its smooth sides that complemented by a coiled bun. A great style for summer (or really any season), this is one of our favorite quick and easy styles to wear that looks way more complicated than it actually is!

half-up bun hairstyles
A cool way to try out two styles.

25. Half-Up Top Knot

Another way to rock the top knot hairstyle without going for the full hair-up look is with this half-up style. We love how it works to get your hair off your forehead, while still accentuating your natural texture. Oh, and it’s so easy to create!

twisted bun hairstyles
Go for the classic bun hairstyle with a twist.

26. Top Knot, Loose Pieces

We love this look for those days when you just can’t deal with your hair. Simply gather all of your hair into a loose top knot, leaving out some wayward strands for a cool-composed bun.

Looking for more modern buns hairstyles? Check out this awesome collection of braided updos

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