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Octopus Buns: The Trend* You Didn’t Know You Had On Lock

Original, no, but cute? Very.

We’ve hit peak inclusivity in the hair world, people. As it turns out, the humble, messy bun that’s been our off-duty token hairstyle since the dawn of time is now a trend. Say goodbye to gym/tan/laundry/yoga/babysitting/bathtime/cramming for finals bun, and say hello to octopus buns, which are technically all just the same thing, but with a snazzier, more visual, more appealing moniker. Because it’s no longer the go-to look for gals who just can’t even; now, it’s cuter, more millennial, more… mermaid-adjacent.

Welcome to the rebrand of the year—and it being such an essential look for well, literally our everyday lives, we can’t even get mad about it.

Octopus Buns: Necessity vs. Fashion Statement

octopus buns on dark hair
The messy bun: rebranded and hipper than ever (yay!). Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

See, few things are as delightful and hair-flippy as realizing you were trending and didn’t even know it (high five, mud-brown lipstick from high school!). And octopus buns, bless their hearts, were our look before most of us even knew what a *look* was. So-called due to the spiky “tentacles” the ends of your hair form around your head after you tie your bun off, this look clearly leans toward the classic end of the spectrum, rather than a trend.

This casual updo is more a child of necessity, of simply wanting your hair out of the way while you go about doing your business. Those squiggly arms? Yeah, more the result of not really giving a hoot—or at least looking like you don’t, ’cause, you know, effortless beauty—rather than trying to stand out. (Ed’s note: If I really wanted a deliberate halo of mess around my forehead all day, I’d simply move to the equator. But that’s me.).

octopus buns backstage
The trend, as you all know, has been a backstage fixture in seasons past. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Before we lose ourselves hipsterizing the heck out of the messy bun, let’s see how this cephalopod-inspired ’do is really one for the books. One, it’s actually pretty cute, just like its namesake. Two, it takes three seconds, which, unlike our #clingy little mollusk friends, makes the hairstyle super low-maintenance. In fact, never in the history of All Things Hair have we found an easier or more foolproof look to create on the fly.

octopus buns tutorial
Lopsided octopus (quadropus?).

The Great Equalizer

Which brings us to our last and strongest point: This wear-anywhere look can also be worn by anyone. Many a hot dude has been seen with octopus buns, although they’d never admit it—until you tell them it’s basically their version of Old Reliable or the male topknot. See below:

octopus buns as a guy's top knot
The unlooped knot: Easy as 1, 2, 3. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

So here’s to you, octopus buns. Just like many things millennial, your name isn’t your fault. But we love and adore you just the same.

Do you want to make sure your octopus bun stays put? Mist it with a generous spritz of Suave Extreme Hold Aerosol Hairspray to ensure your style stays locked in.

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