10 Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Ideas

We're calling it: It's the new rose gold.

Who says you can’t wear pink hair all year round? Updated versions of summer’s fun candy-floss hues have been spotted around the city throughout the year, too: First there were deep honey blondes, followed by pumpkin spice hair. But our sweet tooth being what it was couldn’t let up. Our current fave has to be chocolate mauve hair, a rich, medium brown with pinkish undertones. Fans of the shade are calling it everything from “the perfect harmony of tone” to “incredible” on social media; we’re calling it the new rose gold and definitely the one hue to cop in case you’re in need of a seasonal upgrade from your ashy pinks.

We asked the genius behind this hot trend, colorist, balayage whisperer and owner of Brooklyn-based salon Brush In Hand Hannah Edelman, about how this mellow yet ultra-pretty look can work for you. She also weighed in on how best to maintain those pinks, since we know y’all just can’t get enough of #unicorn hair in your lives! Read on for tips from this balayage expert to learn more about the chocolate mauve hair trend:

chocolate mauve hair wavy bob
Subtle pink tones help enliven a medium brown shade. Photo credit: Hannah Edelman

Hannah’s tips:

1. Wash and condition with very cold water. Hot water is very stripping.

2. Use a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo. (Ed’s note: We like using a color-specific system such as TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and Color Revitalize Conditioner, which has Color-Lock Technology that helps retain color for up to 40 washes.)

3. Make friends with a dry shampoo and wash less often!

4. Use a pigmented conditioner to replenish your color. It will mitigate the fading process.

5. Try to use lower heat when styling. High heat can lighten your color.

6. Avoid putting large amounts of oil into your hair. Coconut oil is a popular treatment [lately], but it can slightly pull out semi-permanent hair color.

7. Use sunscreen in your hair [or products with SPF] if you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun. The sun can lift out color the same way old newspapers fade in the sun.

chocolate mauve hair dye
Hannah mixed and matched different pinks, purples and browns until she found her ideal mauve shade. Photo credit: Hannah Edelman

All Things Hair: How will chocolate mauve hair work for different skin tones?

Hannah Edelman: The warmth of the chocolate brown tones will work well with warm [undertones], and mauve is a cool-toned color that works well with cooler skin tones. If you have a neutral skin tone, you already know you can do anything. So it can be adjusted for any skin tone! Cool skin? Ask for an ashy brown. Warm skin? Stick with the chocolatey shades. Although, I believe in doing with makes you happy, regardless of what “goes with” your skin. Confidence goes with any complexion.

chocolate mauve: glossy waves
Perfectly polished.

1. Glossy Waves

If polished and defined waves are your thing, you can create this wavy style on your chocolate mauve hair with the help of a shine spray, like Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray.

chocolate mauve: bob
A look that never goes out of style.

2. Chocolate Mauve Bob

This hairstyle remains a classic. No matter what hair color you choose, the bob will add a classy touch.

chocolate mauve: bowl cut
This trendy cut looks good with chocolate mauve hair.

3. Bowl Cut

Needed proof that this hair color would work well on all women and different haircuts? Here’s all the proof you need.

chocolate mauve: curly hair
Curls have more fun.

4. Chocolate Mauve Curls

Whether super-defined or loose and frizzy, curly hair looks good with this pinkish-brown hair tone.

chocolate mauve: hair rings
Hair rings add an edgy touch.

5. Hair Rings

Take your look one step further by adding an edgy detail with accessories.

chocolate mauve: loose waves
Girl, look at that body!

6. Loose Body Waves

Have some peekaboo highlights? Try loose body waves to bring out your chocolate mauve tones.

chocolate mauve: half up
Perfect for any occasion.

7. Half-Up

Looking for a simple hairdo for your new hair color that works for any occasion? Try this half-updo style.

chocolate mauve: lived-in hair
The more lived-in, the better.

8. Lived-In Hair

We’re obsessed with the texture of this style. Adding more texture to your look creates a nice gritty effect to your hair color.

chocolate mauve: fro hawk
This fro hawk style puts your tinted ends on display.

9. Frohawk on Natural Curls

Use a mohawk-inspired style to highlight the pinkish tones on dark brown hair.

chocolate mauve: textured bob
We love a voluminous bob.

10. Textured Wedge Bob

This is a hairstyle that will definitely turn some heads.

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