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11 Pastel Hair Colors You’ve Got to Try this Easter

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Serena Norr

Lighten up this Easter by rocking a new shade of pastel hair.

We are so excited for Easter! And while the kiddos are dyeing their eggs, you might be inspired to lighten up in a different way by switching up your hair color. Not only for Easter, pastel hair colors are a fun way to switch up your look by adding in a burst of color. It can also be a low-commitment option for spring where you opt for some colorful highlights or ombre tones for a subtle effect or something really bold where you go for an all-over color shade. But whatever you decide, we are totally into this look and just love how pastel is super feminine, airy and a trendy hair color option that can work on a variety of hair types and textures. Whether you want to try out a light green, purple or  pink, we’ve got options for you. Read on to discover 11 of of our favorite pastel hair colors ideas that might just inspire you to brighten up this year.

Lighten Up with these Pastel Hair Colors

pastel hair colors peach hair
Lighten up your space buns with some peach hues.

1. Peach Tones

Go pretty in peach this Easter with a color that will accentuate your style. We especially love this ‘pop’ of color on space buns that showcases your playful yet modern hairstyle.

pastel hair colors light green
A relaxing color to add to your hair.

2.  Sea Green

Evoke some serious sea vibes with this light green hue. A relaxing color, you can opt for an all over shade of green or some subtle highlights. We’ve seen many iterations of green hair making their way amongst the street style scene. From forest green to lime (and more!), one thing is for sure: green hair is going strong and reigning this spring. Opt for a color that blends with your natural tones to bring our your facial features and skin tone.

pastel hair colors: pink hair
A must-have hue to try out this Easter and spring. Photo credit:

3. Pink

Pink hair is one trend that’s not going away anytime soon. We love the pastel version with it’s focus on lighter shades of bubblegum pink and subtle rose gold hues. Rock this all over your hair, or opt for a subtle highlighting effect. Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with pink hair this Easter!

pastel hair colors: pink ombre
Rock the pink with this fun ombre look.

4. Pink Ombre

Or maybe you want to rock the pink without an all over color. In that case, go for an ombre that we adore with these lilac/gray tones.

pastel hair colors: rainbow hair
Try out all of the colors with this awesome trend. Photo credit: @notanothersalon on Instagram

5. Hidden Rainbow Hair Color

Can’t decide on what pastel hair color to try? You don’t have to with hidden rainbow hair. Opt for a few colors that go underneath your hair for a real surprise when you wear it in a half-up hairstyle.

pastel hair colors blue hair
Create a cool color on your hair by trying icy blue this spring. Photo credit: Dvora

6. Icy Blue

A take on the white/silver hair that we’ve been seeing, this icy blue is a striking color to try this spring. We love how it blends with blonde hair, bringing out the rich tones of your hair in an unexpected and super modern way.

pastel hair colors: orange tips
Subtle orange tips are a fierce look to try this summer.

7. Orange Tips

You don’t have to go for an all over look to experiment with color. Opt to color your tips or a few strands to play with a new shade. We love how orange hair looks fierce on platinum blonde hair, resulting in an unexpected pop of color.

pastel hair colors: rooty pink
Light pink meets roots is one of our favorite looks.

8. Rooty Color

Another way to have fun with multiple colors is to go for a strong color as you leave your roots as they are. This can be a color (like pink) that acclimates around your face that contrasts gorgeously with darker roots.

pastel hair colors with pink tips
You can have fun with color and a hairstyle with this color, braided combo. Photo credit: Dvora

9. Subtle Tips

We have also been loving seeing the pastel hair intermixed with some of our favorite hairstyles. This cool braided hairstyle lets you showcase your awesome style with the gorgeous combination of color that’s bound to turn heads.

pastel hair colors lilac hair
A cool tone of lilac to subtly enhance your hair.

10. Lilac

While the gray hair color trend is going strong, you might want something a little subtler for Easter and spring where we suggest this cool lilac. A gorgeous transitional shade for blondes, we love how this look frames your face as you try out a trendy hue.

pastel hair colors: purple and green
A stunning way to rock two colors.

11. Two-Toned Color

Go for the best of both worlds with your hair color by rocking two tones. You can either opt for two totally different tones or two contrasting tones–it’s up to you! This mix of blue, purple and green is definitely a fun way to rock the Easter egg look this season.

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Serena Norr
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14 April 2017