7 Trendy, Natural-Looking Hair Color Ideas for Extensions

Long hair is just minutes away. 

If long hair eludes you, then why not try your hand at extensions this year? They are the (relatively) easier option for adding in temporary length to your locks. If you’re going down this route, it’s important that your hair color ideas for extensions will blend well with your natural hair color. Trust us, nothing looks worse than extensions that are clearly not your natural hair!

Before you even start to look at hair color ideas for extensions, you’ll need to know what type of extensions you are going for. We have a whole guide to getting extensions that you can look through. Once that critical decision is made, then you can start looking at different colors. If your goal is to have your extensions look totally flawless, we suggest going a shade or two darker than your natural hair color.

If you want to go for a lighter shade we strongly suggest that you get an ombre or balayage treatment on your natural hair. This way, when your extensions are lighter than your natural hair, they will blend in nicely. Read on to see our top natural hair color ideas for extensions.

7 Hair Color Ideas for Extensions That Blend in Perfectly

hair color ideas for extensions ginger
The perfect dirty blonde to ginger ombré shade. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Light Ginger

If you want your extensions to add a little pizzazz to your dirty blonde hair color, try a light ginger shade. This is one of the cases where it is important to have an ombré on your natural hair. This way, when you put in the ginger extensions, it will blend seamlessly. If you are getting keratin extensions, your stylist can also dye your ombré and extensions to match perfectly.

hair color ideas for extensions beige blonde
Extensions are great not only for length, but for volume too.

2. Beige Blonde

We love this natural beige blonde shade! It’s so perfectly matched you almost can’t tell that the voluminous look is due to extensions. If you go for human hair extensions, remember you should still use a heat protectant when heat styling. Just mist with a bit of TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray with the rest of your hair. Let it all dry and get to curling, girl!

hair color ideas for extensions chocolate brown
The darker the hair, the easier to match extensions.

3. Chocolate Brown

Remember when we said to go for extensions in a shade or two darker than your natural hair? This is one of those times where it looks totally flawless. This is especially true if you will be wearing your extensions a lot during warmer, sunnier months: Hair tends to lighten in the sun, so if you don’t wear your extensions all the time, going for a darker shade will better match the bottom half of your hair (which doesn’t get as much sun).

hair color ideas for extensions ombre
When an ombré is totally critical!

4. Blonde Ombré

Did you know if you get clip-in extensions (so long as they are real hair) you can dye them? So cool, right? If you have a brown-to-blonde ombré, it is really the best way to perfectly match your ombré hair to your extensions.

hair color ideas for extensions asian hair.
You can get real hair extensions from all over the world. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Jet Black

For gals with naturally black hair, opt for jet black extensions. Make sure that the color of the extensions isn’t blue-based, which can look fake compared to your real hair. The darker and inkier the true black, the better.

hair color ideas for extensions box braids
Use dark extensions to fake super long hair.

6. Box Braid Extensions

Adding in extensions is the best way to make your favorite box braids thicker and longer. And, it also helps to protect the ends of your natural hair! When going for box braid extensions you can do a perfect color match like this model, or go for a bright shade. Just keep in mind, the greater the color difference between your hair and extensions, the more you will see where your natural hair stops and the extensions take over.

hair color ideas for extensions blonde
With extensions, you can grow your hair six inches in half an hour.

7. Sandy Blonde

Bleached blonde hair can be especially hard to grow long. Bleach can take a toll on the ends of your hair, causing breakage that prevents your hair from getting longer. For blondes, extensions are really the way to go to get the length you love. We won’t tell, promise!

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