15 Top Light Brown Ombre Styles to Try this Winter

We're seriously crushing on light brown ombre hair.

Ombré hair color, believe it or not, has only been around since 2012. Originally it was called “dip dye,” as the light brown ombré and dark brown ombré hair looked as if the hair was literally dipped in color at the ends.

Nowadays, the ombre hair color technique has become more refined and sophisticated. If you’re thinking about going lighter or trying out a different hue, you can use the ombre technique to give it a whirl. Have your colorist apply ombre heavily to your hair. That means starting the color higher up on the shaft as opposed towards the ends; the heavier the ombre is applied, the lighter, or darker, or redder your hair will look.

15 Light Brown Ombré Styles

Looking for some inspiration for your new look? Read on for some of our favorite ombre for brown hair ideas from light brown ombre ideas to darker shades:

1. Light Brown to Beachy Blonde Ombré

light brown ombre beachy blonde ombre
A heavy blonde ombre on light brown hair gives you a super blonde style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If you’ve been toying with the idea of going full-on blonde, but concerned about the commitment, road test the shade by finding a wig with heavy blonde hues down on light brown hair. This light brown ombre is your true shade by the crown then becomes very blonde.

2. Two-Tone Ombré

light brown ombre
The classic ombre style.

The two-tone ombre or dark brown ombré is a nod to the classic or original ombre style. Hair is treated with color starting at the cheekbone and gets lighter and brighter at the ends.

3. Brown to Caramel Ombré

light brown ombre caramel and blonde ombre
Pale caramel and light blonde hues make this a subtle ombre style.

This soft, light brown ombré style is achieved by combining pale caramel and light blonde shades. Instantly, your hair has that cool surfer chick vibe. Keep the vibe going with a dose of salt spray for that wind-tousled look. A spray or two of Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray, scrunch hair, and go.

4. Face-Framing Brown Ombré

light brown ombre face framing ombre
Warm tones highlight your complexion. Photo credit: Dvora

Perfect for bobs, lobs, and well, any length of hair, this dark brown ombré style has face-framing ombré highlights near the face. For the rest of the head, the ombre starts lower on the shaft.

5. Blonde on Blonde on Brown Ombre

light brown ombre blonde on blonde on brown ombre
Mix up two different shades of blonde and the effect is wow.

Curly hair and color-treated hair can become dry (or drier). To boost hair health, rotate TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Shampoo and Conditioner into your cleansing repertoire. The color-safe shampoo and conditioner boost moisture with the help of biotin into your hair.

6. Caramel Ombré

light brown ombre caramel ombre
Caramel strands highlight your style.

Dark hair can get a boost of color with subtle caramel shades. This take on light brown ombre hair color focuses on just the ends of the hair for a super subtle shift in color.

7. Brunette to Auburn Ombré

light brown ombre red brown ombre
Brighten up your style.

Punch up your hues with red-brown tones. Keep your brunette hue fresh and shiny. Add shine to your style with Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray.

8. Mid Shaft Ombré

light brown ombre mid shaft ombre

Try blonde tones only towards the end to create this ombre style. That mid-length transition color perfectly captures the light brown ombre trend. Plus, the transition from brown to blonde adds an overall warmth to your look.

9. Pale Pumpkin Ombré

Light brown ombre light pumpkin ombre
Warm and sassy. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Pale pumpkin shades create a light brown ombre look. Mix it with a bob with flipped ends for runway style. This also makes the perfetc hair color for fall!

10. Purple and Red Ombré

light brown ombre purple and brown ombre
Opposites attract. Photo credit: Hannah Edelman

Wake up dark hair with an ombré combination of non-complementary colors like purple and red. This unexpected combination makes a major statement and works for virtually every season!

11. Icy Cool Blue Ombré

light brown ombre icy blue ombre
Too cool for school.

Take dark brown ombré to another level with blue tones. This unexpected twist on the classic ombre look is eye-catching and flattering on a range of skin tones.

12. Blorange Ombré

light brown ombre blorange ombre
Fiery cool. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Be creative with ombré for dark brown hair with blorange hues. This fall-toned color is both super vibrant and unexpected!

13. Honey Blonde Ombré

light brown ombre honey brown ombre
Ombre shines a spotlight on you.

Try this honey blonde ombré style by mixing light brown ombre on brown hair. A color expert will be able to create this perfect blend with ease!

14. Light Brown Ombré

light brow ombre light brown ombre on brown hair
Brown on brown… yum! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

To wake up dark brown hair, add in a few light brown tones to update the look. This look is ideal for someone looking to add some easy dimension to their strands.

15. Blonde Light Brown Ombré

light brown ombre light brown ombre and light blonde ombre
Gives you that cool outdoor gal style.

Look outdoorsy with a light brown ombre that embraces blonde, honey blonde, and light brown shades. Prevent color from going off or turning brassy, use a purple shampoo like Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner.

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