How to Get The Perfect Shade of Honey Hair Color

Go light and keep it sweet.

There’s something uplifting about lightening up and going blonde. Out of all the blonde hair shades, honey blonde hair color is at the top of our radar at the moment. We just love this warm hue when it’s mixed with gorgeous brown tones. Plus, it works on just about anyone with a warmer undertone. But, like any gorgeous new color, you’re going to have to figure out how to get the right sun-kissed honey blonde shade for you. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve taken some pointers from our colorist to provide you with some insider tips for going blonde. Read on to learn how you can get the most flattering honey blonde hue:

honey hair color trend
A gorgeous shade to try this season. Photo credit:

Adding color to your hair can change your image and make your complexion glow, not to mention add shine, texture, and thickness to your hair. One of our favorites is honey blonde. This is a darker shade of yellow blonde with brown undertones that also includes shades that range from light to dark. Typically, this hair color works well with warm skin tones. They highlight your natural undertone and even out the red pigments in your skin. Cool skin tones should avoid a hair color like this since it could clash with the cool in your skin and end up washing you out.

Eye Color and Honey Blonde Hair

Maybe your eyes are your favorite feature and you want to find a shade that complements and highlights their color:

Dark Eyes
If your eyes fall on the darker end of the brown spectrum, they could match well with a darker shade of honey blonde with deep golden brown hints. You can opt for a variation of copper tone lowlights or highlights to lighten things up a bit and highlight your dark eyes. On the other hand, for brown eyes that are lighter such as hazel, a medium honey blonde shade with caramel tones would accentuate your eye color.

Light Eyes
Since your eyes fall within a group of colors such as blue, green and gray, you want to accentuate your tone with a light shade like strawberry honey blonde or a darker shade like chestnut. Both will draw more attention to the flecks in your eyes and complement their color.

Mixed Eyes
This eye type has a mixture of shades like gray, green and blue. If you look closely you could probably see little flecks of this color range in your pupils. You can play with just about any shade of honey blonde color. Any choice you make may light up those pretty eyes!

1. Get a gloss.

Refresh your luscious honey blonde hair with a glossing treatment: Not only will it revitalize your color and counteract any brassiness or chlorine pigmentation, but it will also fill in porous strands for a smoother, shinier look.

honey hair color darker roots
A rootier effect warms you up for Fall.

2. Darken your roots.

Want to transition into a sultrier shade, but still want to feel, you know, blonde? Try getting darker roots. A deliberately rooty color has that lived-in feel, but with a polished, more expensive take—and doesn’t indicate that you were just sloppy about upkeep. Ask your stylist to smudge a warm brown that’s one to two shades darker than your honey blonde hair.

Ed’s note: Keep it above eye level so it doesn’t look like you just forgot about your ’do all season. A dry shampoo that smoothens, like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo, keeps your edgy new upgrade fresh all day.

honey hair color ombre hair
Soft dark blonde highlights makes a sombré more natural-looking. Photo credit:

3. Go the way of sombré.

Instead of an ombré, which can sometimes look too stripey and harsh, ask for a sombré instead. Subtler than an ombré, a sombré that blends a darker brown base with honey blonde highlights on the mid-lengths. It ends gracefully marries two color trends in one. Have your stylist do a balayage technique, where s/he paints on some quiet honey blonde hair highlights into your look without a telltale line. Maintain this sexy new hue by keeping your shade vibrant. Switching to a lower-sulfate wash and care system, like Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Shampoo and Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Conditioner, gently nourishes as it prolongs your color for up to eight weeks.

honey hair color strawberry tones
A slight hint of strawberry enlivens a warm blonde shade. Photo credit:

4. Ribbon in some red.

Tying in a few reddish highlights can actually warm up your features in a romantic, sun-kissed way. Shades such as light copper, rose gold and strawberry blonde actually complement honey blonde hair perfectly. And they can impart some luxurious dimension to your overall color.

honey hair color balayage
Go for the gold: A gold-tinged glaze is luxurious without being OTT. Photo credit:

5. A gold-tinged glaze is a gamechanger.

Similar to a gloss but shorter-lived, a glaze stays on hair for only one to two weeks. It’s a clever way to flirt with or ease into a warmer shade, particularly if you’re still on the fence about how it will look with your features. A gold-tinted glaze can infuse your existing honey blonde hair with a warmer, richer tone. Ask your stylist to focus on the sections near your hairline for a more flattering effect. Also, unlike a gloss, a glaze is both peroxide- and ammonia-free, meaning you can have it re-done as soon as you notice some fading.