best shade of blonde hair for you

Quiz: The Best Shade of Blonde Hair for You

It's actually skin deep.

Since we all love a fun hair quiz on a Monday: Do you know which shade of blonde hair looks best on you? Different undertones mean that some hues definitely look better on us than others. That baby blonde that looks absolutely stunning on your latest #wcw might make you look completely washed out. Or, conversely, your sultry, signature honey balayage can look like the kiss of death on your bestie as well.

If you haven’t already, give a glance at our comprehensive blonde bible to find the shade of blonde that resonates with you the most. Otherwise, scroll down for your quick cheat sheet to getting the right hue for your skin tone, because Mother Nature’s palette is the most foolproof after all!

Best Shade of Blonde Hair For Different Skin Tones

shade of blonde hair cool tones
Cool undertones look best in ashy blondes. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography


Cool undertones, regardless of whether you have a fair, medium or dark complexion, are skin tones that have more pink in them. People who sunburn easily, look better in crisp white tops, have bluish veins, and as well as natural redheads, usually fall under this category.

The shade of blonde hair that flatters cool undertones has a lot of ash in it. The greenish tones of ash shades such as baby blonde, true ash, flaxen, beige, khaki and bronde can help balance out the redness in your complexion, giving your countenance an even-toned, delicate, sophisticated glow.

shades of blonde hair peach platinum
Peachy undertones? Try platinum—it works! Photo credit: Dvora


Neutral undertones are, you guessed it, neither cool nor warm. A relatively new category, neutral undertones came from more and more people having a peachier tint to their skin—in particular, they’re flattered by both gold and silver jewelry, can either tan or burn in equal measure and have veins that are bluish green. Their white of choice: a pretty ivory.

Neutrals can play with whichever shade of blonde hair they want, as they manage to pull of the tones of their favorite hue with little risk of looking washed out. A good rule of thumb is to choose warmer tones, like beach blonde, honey and champagne in the summer, and cooler blondes, such as nude blonde, ash blonde or even platinum for the winter.

shade of blonde hair yellow warm
Bright, sunny blondes flatter warm undertones. Photo credit: Dvora


Warm undertones have a lot of yellow and olive in their skin—a lot of Asians and Latinas fall under this category. They can tan easily, usually have darker eyes and look great with gold jewelry and bronzy makeup. Cream and off-whites go with their complexion marvelously, and they have greenish veins.

The ideal shade of blonde for warm-toned women is one with some orangey or reddish tones, as this counteracts the olive in their skin. Dark honey blonde, sunny blonde, caramel and strawberry blonde look divine against warm undertones and can also set off a tan perfectly. These shades can also bring out the lighter flecks in dark eyes, making them great options for highlights around the hairline or fringe area.

Still stumped? Take a quick quiz below and choose which shade of blonde hair speaks to you the most!

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