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The Bronde Hair Color: Why It’s Flattering On All Skin Tones

Blonde and brunette swirl.

New season, new hair color trend. This spring has us all  heart-eye-emoji about the new bronde hair color. This not quite blonde, not quite brown shade is to die for. And the best part? It’s totally flattering on everyone. Whether you’re a natural blondie wanting to go a little darker, or have naturally dark hair and want a lift, the bronde hair color is here for you. Read on to learn all about bronde hair and how it can work for you!

Bronde Hair Color May Just Be The Most Flattering of All Time

flattering bronde hair color
Bronde hair can be warm toned, cool toned, or totally neutral. Photo credit:

1. So what is bronde hair color?

Basically, bronde hair color is a mix between blonde and brown. It isn’t just brown hair with blonde highlights, though. Bronde hair is more subtle and sophisticated. Instead of the skinny stripe highlights of the ’90s, think more like a well-blended dark blonde. Bronde hair tends not to be one shade all over, but a mix of highlights and lowlights to create a gorgeous multi-dimensional effect.

2. How can you achieve bronde hair?

For a more complicated dye job, we suggest going to your local colorist. Besides working with bleach being tricky at home, the blending is what really makes bronde hair shine. We suggest surfing for bronde hair inspo photos to show your colorist to ensure that you get the right shade.

3. Why bronde hair is so flattering.

So here’s the rub, bronde hair is so flattering because it’s totally customizable, while still being trendy. If you want ombre bronde hair, that’s a thing! If you want to go for an all over bronde look, that’s possible too. It also works because it’s not too light or too dark (#comfortzone). Last little tidbit that makes bronde hair super flattering is that you can easily change the tone to suit your skin tone.

bronde hair color trend for 2017
Warm up your bronde hair to suit warmer, deeper, skintones.

4. How to adapt bronde hair color for your skin tone.

The best thing about bronde hair is that you can easily warm it up or cool it down to suit your skintone. This is another reason we suggest you go see a professional hair colorist to dye your hair! They’ll be able to help you choose the tones that will make you shine. We suggest, when trying to warm up bronde hair, to adapt the brown tones to be warmer. This is so that your blonde doesn’t get too yellow or brassy. As for cooling things down, it’s easy to make both blonde and brown hair ashier to suit your skintone.

5. How to care for bronde hair.

Because bronde hair color is so multi-dimensional (and therefore a complicated dye job) we know you want to keep that color as pristine as possible. You’ll need a color-safe shampoo and conditioner combo that can hydrate your hair, while also helping to reduce heat damage from your post-shower styling. If day old hair is not your jam, take a look at our favorite dry shampoos for color-treated hair.

Besides your regular color-safe shampoo and conditioner, we also suggest adding in a purple shampoo once a week or so. The purple hue in the Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo and Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Reconstructor Conditioner help to keep brassiness at bay. Nothing about brassy hair fits with the bronde hair trend, trust us. And, lastly, if the dying and bleaching process has your ends extra thirsty, we suggest using a weekly hair mask like Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask.



Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo


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