10 Stunning Dark Red Hair Colors to Try (Plus 5 New Ways to Wear the Shade!)

Allison Schmidt | 13 February 2019

In search of dark red hair color ideas ? Check out these dark red hues that will inspire your new-season vibe.

Are you thinking about going bolder with your hair color? Consider a fun, vibrant color like dark red hair. Going for dark red hair hues (as opposed to gingery pumpkin spice shades) makes this color a little more wearable on different skin tones. This shade flatters a variety of hair textures and complements every length, making it one of our all-time favorites.

Read on to learn about dark red hair color ideas and check out some of our favorite shades of dark red hair color to inspire you to rethink red:

10 Beyond Gorgeous Dark Red Hair Colors We Adore

dark red hair colors to try in 2017
Dark red hair tied up in a low ponytail; this is the trendiest look of the season.

1. Dark Red Hair: Light Burgundy Red

This bright burgundy shade was made to be swept up into a ponytail. It’s just dark enough to avoid a cherry red hue, but not so dark that it leans plummy. It’s a great option if you’re thinking about red hair color ideas. If you are going for a big color change like dark red hair color, make sure to use a shampoo primer. Nexxus Color Assure Pre Primer helps to sure that your bright red color lasts so much longer and doesn’t wash out with your shampoo.

dark red hair colors to try in 2017
It’s never a bad hair day with this color.

2. Dark Red Hair: Dark Auburn

Dark red color ideas work really well with brown hair. In fact, this dark red-brown hair shade is perfect if you have brown hair and want to kick things up by adding in some dark red tones. It’s also great for natural gingers who want to go a little darker, without leaving red altogether. This warm, orangey tone works best on women with warm to neutral skin tones.

dark red hair colors to try in 2017
The brightest of dark red hair colors.

3. Dark Red Hair: Primary Red

Who could say no to a color like this? This bright and bold primary red is absolutely everything. Dark red color ideas run the spectrum from primary red to deeper shades. For colors like this that require a lot of upkeep, you’ll definitely need some added moisture. We suggest looking into leave-in products that can provide your hair with additional conditioning and moisture, like Suave Professionals Honey Infusion 10-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner. Besides color protection, the handy product also helps to tame frizz and moisturize, among a handful of other helpful results.

dark red hair colors to try in 2017
Thinking of dark red-brown hair ideas? Let’s give a YES to this perfect red. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

4. Dark Red Hair: Deep Ginger

If you could list the perfect red hair color in the dictionary, this photo would pop up. This deep ginger shade has just enough orange to keep it looking real without looking too citrusy. The depth in this color makes it flattering on every skin tone. Add some bangs for a look that’s incredibly glam.

dark red hair colors: Burgundy Red
The darker the red, the better! Photo credit: Dvora

5. Dark Red Hair: Burgundy Red

Jewel-toned hair enthusiasts rejoice! This trend has lots of great dark red color ideas, including this perfect red tone. We’re particularly partial to this deep burgundy red shade that’s absolutely divine. If you’ve dyed your hair red before, you’ll know it washes out quickly! It can go from burgundy jewel-toned red to deep, dark brownish-red in a flash. Keep those strands vibrant by skipping an extra day between washing. You can opt for wearing a hat or simply refresh your hair by using Nexxus Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist, on second-day hair.

dark red hair colors to try in 2017
The darkest auburn shade.

6. Dark Red Hair: Burnt Umber

How magical is this dark burnt shade of red color? This dark brown take on red hair melds the best of both colors. This is a rich deep dark brown-red hair hue whose depth makes it an easy transition from brunette to red.

dark red hair colors to try in 2017
This gem-toned hair is precious. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

7. Dark Red Hair: Garnet Red

We’re totally in love with these mermaid hair vibes! Long, wavy garnet-red hair is an absolute dream. Get those beachy vibes by creating waves with the help of an extra large three-inch curling iron. When you’re done, spritz and scrunch in Bed Head By TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray for that extra-beachy effect.

dark red hair colors to try in 2017
The cherry on top!

8. Dark Red Hair: Cherry Red

Next up is this adorable cherry red. Woven together with deeper burgundy shades and lighter, almost pinkish highlights, this multi-tonal look is a work of art.  It’s the perfect combination of light and depth that can be worn all year long!

drake red hair: black cherry
Deep reddish-burgundy hues are great for the colder months.

9. Dark Red Hair: Black Cherry

Deep red hues are perfect if you’re planning to complement the cooler temps. Opt for a black cherry hair color for the fall and winter seasons. As you transition to the warmer months, you can add in a few highlights to brighten up the look.

dark red hair: deep scarlet
Not too orange, not too red.

10. Dark Red Hair: Deep Scarlet

Just like the darker version of ginger, this deep scarlet hue comes with a rich, orange undertone. Consider this color if you prefer a deep red color on the lighter end of the spectrum.

5 Ways to Wear Your Dark Red Hair

Dark Red Hair chignon
The perfect style for your next party.

1. Formal Chignon Updo

If you’re looking to let your red hair make a statement of its own, look no further than this super classic chignon. Whether you want to keep it smooth or add a little bit of texture with some loosely tucked waves, this look will give your red hair a gorgeous vintage vibe. To make sure that everything stays in its proper place be sure to pick up a can of flexible hold hairspray like Dove Style+Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray, to lock your look in place without the stiff feeling.

dark red hair crown braid
Braids are a quirky way to show off that color.

2. Crown Braid

Some days it’s all about getting your hair out of your face while still looking elegant. Enter the crown braid updo, our go-to look for formal occasions, work and everything in between. This go-to hairstyle can be mussed up a bit by having some loose tendrils fall in front of your face.

dark red hair braided updo
This easy braid is boho perfection.

3. Boho Braid

It’s no secret that boho hairstyles are having a serious moment. Characterized by their wavy wisps, perfectly undone braids, and flowing curls, boho hair is deserving of our undivided attention. To incorporate the laid back and undeniably gorgeous look into your hair routine, simply curl your long red hair with a curling wand and follow it up with a loose braid. If you want to really change it up, switch back and forth between a traditional and fishtail braid.

Dark Red Hair messy bun
Messy is sometimes best.

4. Messy Bun

Every once in a while you just need to tie your hair up and handle whatever life has to offer. Having one of those days? Simply whip your locks up into a coiled messy bun for an effortless look.

best dark red hair color complements volumized curls
Penny-coppers look lush with majorly bendy waves. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Loose Waves

To keep things super simple in a time crunch, reach for your curling wand and embrace your siren locks. Once you’ve finished curling your hair, flip your head over and shake them out for an #IWokeUpLikeThis vibe.