19 Best Cherry Cola Hair Color Ideas for 2020

These sweet, sultry hues are fine like red wine.

We’re not really sure why we all seem to have a desire to dye our hair like our favourite drinks, but who cares. We’ve already seen cream soda, pink champagne and let’s not forget pumpkin spice latte, but now there’s a brand new refreshment-inspired shade serving up inspiration: cherry cola hair color.

The soda-inspired shade (which sounds like something straight out of a Lana Del Rey song) is a dark brunette shade with a blend of red. Yet how reddish you make your tint is up to you; you can either go super subtle or bright red.

Don’t believe us? These looks below will help prove our point:

1. Cherry Cola Asymmetrical Bob

cherry cola hair color asymmetrical bob
The asymmetrical shape everyone loves.

The rich cherry cola hue of this hairstyle is so vibrant. Use a hair color care system like SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner to help your color last as long as possible.

2. Cherry Cola Highlights

cherry cola hair color highlights bob haircut
A hint of red.

Sure, blonde highlights are fun but there’s nothing like switching it up and doing something unexpected. The subtle highlights that pop out of this dark bob adds a fun element to this look.

3. Long Cherry Cola Hair Color Ponytail

long cherry cola hair color ponytail
Fiery, cherry red.

Who doesn’t envy a long, thick and healthy looking ponytail? Add a fiery dark red hue on top and you’ve got yourself a look everyone is after. Recreate the brushed out effect of this ponytail by adding a few waves with a hair wand and brushing them out immediately.

4. Cherry Cola Pageboy

cherry cola hair color pageboy
This look means business. Photo credit: Dvora

Want to update your short hair cut with a fresh new color? Cherry cola hair color may be for you. You can opt for a super dark hue that almost looks black if you’re not up for a drastic change.

5. Cherry Cola Roots

cherry cola hair color roots: wavy hair
A pop of color at your crown.

You don’t have to settle for a look everyone is doing. Think out of the box. You can place a pop of cherry cola hair color at the roots of your hair for a unique take on the look.

6. Tousled Cherry Cola Hair

cherry cola tousled hair
Awaken your look with a few curls.

Give your cherry cola hair color body and movement with the tousled effect. Add a few curls at the ends and finger comb to loosen. Set hair with a flexible hold hairspray like Dove Style+Strength Flexible Hold Hairspray.

7. Cherry Cola Hair with Waves

red and purple hair curly
Give your curls a fun color combo.
3. Red and Purple Curls
Add a hint of purple to your red hair color to create a burgundy looking hue.

Wake up the look of your cherry cola hair cola with a fun set of waves. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you can use a gel, like Dove Amplified Textures Shine & Moisture Finishing Gel on clean, damp hair to create your look. If you don’t have wavy hair, there’s nothing a flat iron can’t help you with. Read this tutorial to learn how to make waves with a flat iron.

8. Long Cherry Cola Hair

cherry cola hair long hair
Can’t resist long hair!

Long hair won’t ever go out of style. If you ever find yourself bored with your hair length, all you have to do it switch up the look. Try this dark cherry hair color for a change.

9. Straight Dark Cherry Hair

straight cherry cola hair color
Straight and sleek.

No need to fuss about finding a ton of ways to style your cherry cola hair. You can stick to the basics with a sleek straight hairstyle. Use The Good Stuff Color Protect Milk to help keep frizz at bay while maintaining a vibrant color.

10. Dark Cherry Cola Hair Color

deep cherry color hair color
Cherry cola is the new black.

This hair color is so dark it could almost pass for black. If this is the kind of look your going for, ask your style for a dark cherry hue. The hint of red will reveal itself when the light hits your hair.

11. Mahogany Tint

side view of a woman with super long straight mahogany hair with a reddish tint
When the sunlight hits, this hue burns a fiery red. Credit: Instagram.com/memphisbalayageartist

The best part about getting a cherry cola hair color is that while it would be easy to mistake for a regular rich chestnut in normal lighting, when the sunlight hits it, it literally glows! Credit: @memphisbalayageartist

12. Rich Cherry Chocolate

back view of a woman with long glossy cherry cola hair colour
Blending a chocolate base with a cherry tint makes for a unique but still really wearable look. Credit: Instagram.com/molliezeehair

This Instagrammer has blended her chocolate brown hair with a cherry tint for a look with plenty of healthy-looking gloss and shine. Credit: @molliezeehair

13. Vibrant Balayage

back view of a woman in a khaki jacket with vibrant curly cherry ombre hair
If you like bold brights, this color is made for you. Credit: Instagram.com/tasonlee

Striking reds will always be a surefire way to get you noticed. The proof? Exhibit A, this bold true cherry hue. As you can see, this also highlights how great curling your hair is for showing off the different tones in your mane! Credit: @tasonlee

No curling wand? No problem. Learn how to curl your hair using just your flat iron.

Must-have product: The way you care for red hair will be key to how long your color lasts.

Using a color fade prevention wash and care duo, like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo and Conditioner, will make sure your hair is sufficiently cleansed and conditioned without stripping away the color.

14. Bold Cherry

back view of a woman with vibrant long curly cherry hair running her hands through her hair
Give Poison Ivy a run for her money with this head-turning hue. Credit: Instagram.com/nottooshabby.270

Always fantasised about siren red strands? Throw caution to the wind and take the plunge with a bold and beautiful cherry hue all of your own. Credit: @nottooshabby.270

15. Ombre Tips

back view of a woman with long curly dark brown to cherry ombre hair styled in a half up half down braid
Make sure to make the most of your dip-dye with a braid that shows it off. Credit: Instagram.com/rosegoldebeauty

Not sure you’re ready to totally commit? Red is high maintenance, so it’s understandable. Keep your options open and steal style tips from this brunette with her wavy cherry cola ombre – it’s basically 2 looks for the price of one! Credit: @rosegoldebeauty

16. Face-Framing Accents

side profile of a woman with dark curled shoulder length hair with cherry cola face-framing balayage
Face-framing highlights have an instant feature flattering effect. Credit: Instagram.com/lisa.loves.hair

Highlights around the eyes and jaw really help to frame the face, so they’re a great way to draw attention to your favourite features. They’re also the easiest way to give the illusion of a total hair overhaul without having to spend as much time in the salon chair. Credit: @lisa.loves.hair

17. Warm Ombre

woman with long dark cherry ombre hair with her hands in her hair
If you’re on the fairer side, think about trying a complexion-warming ombre. Credit: Instagram.com/andrae_devon_colorist

We tend to think of more red-based hygge hues being more of an autumn/winter look, but if you’re naturally very fair they can have year-round benefits.

If you have cool undertones, warm, rich reds like this are an easy way to warm up your complexion and make you look more sunkissed. Credit: @andrae_devon_colorist

18. Soft Ash Red

back view of a tattoed woman with medium length wavy ash cherry hair
Reds don’t always have to be so in your face. Credit: Instagram.com/sharondhalpin

We usually think of ashy colors as being just for blondes but ash red hair is a total gamechanger.

Great if you’re wanting something a bit more parred back and office-appropriate, the ashiness softens the harshness of the red and means fading won’t be nearly as obvious as on brighter hues. Credit: @sharondhalpin

19. 2-Tone Tips

shot from behind of a woman with her hands in her long straight two tone cherry cola hair
This is a great one to try if you’ve already got red hair and want to spruce it up. Credit: Instagram.com/alexandersgrandsalon

Celebrities like Bella Thorne are always trying out two-tone hair colors, so why not give your mane an A-list finish with two contrasting shades of red? That way, you’ll still be able to add dimension to your red instead of sticking to one allover block color. Credit: @alexandersgrandsalon

Must have product: The Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox 5-in-1 Invisible Hair Oil is a great one not just for redheads, but anyone with colored hair. It’s both a styling oil and a finishing product, smoothing frizz and adding shine while also protecting your color.

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