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10 Ways to Wear the Cherry Cola Hair Color Trend in 2024

These sweet, sultry hues are fine like red wine.

TikTok’s cherry cola hair color trend may seem like just another beverage-inspired trend that won’t last longer than a season (think vanilla chai, pink champagne and pumpkin spice latte-inspired hair and make-up). But we’re a few months in now, and the cherry coke hair color trend is still going strong — spotted on popstars and fashion week attendees alike.

That’s probably because unlike most other fleeting hair trends, this one stands on firmer ground. It was hugely popular in the ’90s and ’00s, and as we embrace the all-things-Y2K, its resurgence was inevitable.

What we love most about a rich cherry-hued hair color is that it works all year round. In the winter, it’s reminiscent of the cozy berry and plum shades we naturally gravitate towards; in summer, it reminds us of icy cherry colas and popsicles on hot days.

What is cherry cola hair?

Think of cherry coke hair as a spectrum of shades: from luscious berry hues to deep burgundy, dark cherry reds and everything in between. Your cherry cola hair may veer towards shades of red, pink, purple, or even brown. The main criteria? It should evoke the effervescent pop of a cherry soda.

10 Ways to Wear the Cherry Cola Hair Color Trend

1. Sleek Cherry Cola Hair

Woman with cherry cola hair wearing sunglasses
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We love this reddish cherry tone on straight, long hair. Add a few face-framing layers to really make the hair color stand our.

2. Dark Cherry Red Hair on Curly Hair

Woman with cherry cola hair in sunglasses outdoors
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Have natural ringlets, curls or waves? Here’s some good news: the cherry coke shade will especially stand out on curly hair textures.

3. Brown Cherry Cola Hair

Woma n with long brown cherry cola hair
Photo by Photoeventshd/Shutterstock

Try this red-brown version of cherry cola if you’re looking for an understated way to sport this trend. Notice all the subtle highlights adding dimension to the hair.

4. Bright Cherry Coke Bob

Woman with bangs and a bob in a bright cherry cola color
Photo by Shutterstock

Really want to make a statement? Take a cue from this bright berry bob with a full fringe.

Tip: Run a smoothing product like the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Hair Serum through your lengths to make your cherry bob extra glossy.

5. Long Cherry Cola Hair Color Ponytail

long cherry cola hair color ponytail
Fiery, cherry red.

Who doesn’t envy a long, thick, and healthy-looking ponytail? Add a fiery dark red hue on top, and you’ve got yourself a look everyone is after. Recreate the brushed-out effect of this ponytail by adding a few waves with a hair wand and brushing them out immediately.

6. Cherry Cola Pageboy

cherry cola hair color pageboy
This look means business. Photo credit: Dvora

Want to update your short haircut with a fresh new color? Cherry cola hair color may be for you. You can opt for a super dark hue that almost looks black if you’re not up for a drastic change.

7. Cherry Coke Hair With Tinsel

Cherry cola hair with tinsel
Photo by Saira MacLeod/Shutterstock

Two trends meet in this look: cherry coke hair color and hair tinsel. It’s a great way to wear the trend for a festival or party. And tinsel is especially pretty on dark cherry red hair.

8. Cherry Cola Hair Color with Highlights

Back of a woman's head with cherry cola highlights in dark hair
Photo by Dimitra Merziemekidou/Shutterstock

Sure, blonde highlights are fun, but there’s nothing like switching it up and doing something unexpected. The subtle highlights that pop out of this dark mane add a fun element to this look.

9. Pink Cherry Cola Balayage

Back of a woman's head with cherry cola ombre hair color
Photo by Shutterstock

Striking reds and pinks will always be a surefire way to get you noticed. The proof? Exhibit A, this bold hue. As you can see, this also highlights how great curling your hair is for showing off the different tones in your mane!

No curling wand? No problem. Learn how to curl your hair using just your flat iron.

10. Black Cherry Coke Hair with Ombré

woman with long dark cherry ombre hair with her hands in her hair
If you’re on the fairer side, think about trying a complexion-warming ombre. Credit:

We tend to think of more red-based hygge hues being more of an autumn/winter look, but if you’re naturally very fair, they can have year-round benefits.

If you have cool undertones, warm, rich reds like this are an easy way to warm up your complexion and make you look more sunkissed. Credit: @andrae_devon_colorist

How to care for your freshly dyed cherry cola hair

After all that time (and money) spent on achieving the cherry coke hair color of your dreams, it’s time to figure out how to maintain your dyed hair correctly. Colored hair needs special care to avoid damage and dullness.


Must-have product: Using a color fade prevention wash and care duo, like the TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner, will ensure your hair is sufficiently cleansed and conditioned without stripping away the color.

In addition, you could also:

  • Wash your hair less often.
  • Use a nourishing hair mask once a week to keep your lengths moisturised, as colored hair tends to feel dry.
  • Reach for leave-in conditioners and treatments to load up on the moisture post-wash.
  • Always use a heat protectant before using any hot tools.
  • Wait six to eight weeks between hair dyeing appointments.

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