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So Hot This Season: Intense Red Hair Color

This shade's got us on high alert.

First it was mermaid hair, which led us to strands the color of the sunset. Then cotton-candy hair became a thing, and nowadays, bright red hair color that matches autumn foliage—yeah, we’re nothing if not a really inspired bunch, aren’t we? Fiery reds, auburns and coppers, a.k.a. the best and brightest shades of fall—have been blinking on our radars this month, just in time for pumpkin spice season. And what better way to welcome ourselves into the first official week of the season with a hue that warms us up for the nippy months ahead?

Scroll down for a few of our favorite bright red hair color inspirations to get you on-trend for Fall/Winter. Who knows, this year might be the year you finally take the plunge:

5 Bright Red Hair Color Inspirations for Fall

red hair color copper curls
Vibrant copper hair is the quintessential red of the season.

1. Copper

A bright, audacious, penny-hued mane is an example of red hair color that is both classic and edgy. This daring shade can be your natural ginger on steroids (via some strategic—and dare we say, quite awesome!—highlights), or completely bottle-borne, in which case, will also come with quite the upkeep. A shiny, vibrant orange red can lose its luster rather quickly, so make sure to inject a color-safe system, such as Dove Color Care Shampoo and Dove Color Care Conditioner, into your regular regimen to help extend your hue. Note: As far as russets go, copper is pretty democratic: Ladies with both cool and warm undertones are flattered by this neutral red hair color.

red hair color blue red
So bomb: Play up your texture with a truly traffic-stopping shade. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

2. Fire-Engine Red

A striking, unapologetically synthetic red the color of crayons never fails to makes a statement. This shade of red hair color, which pops best on warmer-undertoned ladies, is a bit less yellow than copper and therefore effectively balances out any ashiness or sallowness in your complexion. It’s a fun, funky shade that’s intensely deliberate and a favorite among creatives, trendsetters and those unafraid to push the envelope. And why would they be? A fire-engine red is, quite literally, traffic-stopping hair—so make sure it stays that way with a color-protecting treatment, such as Nexxus New York Salon Care Color Assure Pre-Wash Primer, sprayed on before shampooing.

red hair color pink red
Transition your pink into the colder months by rounding it out with a reddish base.

3. Fuchsia

Still not over your summer pink? No reason you have to say boy, bye to your #unicorn locks just yet. Simply venture into the deeper side of the pool, similarly to how blondes flirt with bronde shades or grown-in roots, with some reddish undertones. Ask your stylist to either give you some darker pink lowlights, or go for an allover wash of fuchsia or magenta in a single-process sitting for a look that’s one part pretty, one part punk. To style, play on the gauche vibe of this shade of red hair color with some texture, as imparted with a color-safe dry shampoo such as Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo. Bonus: Dark pink gives a nice, flirty glow to all undertones, so feel free to explore your inner rockstar.

red hair color burgundy
A dark russet shade, the new classic. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Burgundy

Want to warm up your complexion without trying too hard? Experiment with some deep burgundy hues. This red hair color gives dimension to most all skin tones across the board due to a universally flattering mix of scarlet and mahogany tones. To wear burgundy in its best expression, opt for a single-process hair color with some balayage highlights, which can help break up the monotony and keep the color from looking blocky. An at-home gloss treatment, like Nexxus New York Salon Care Color Assure Glossing Tonic helps prolong the integrity of your shade and give it a luxurious shine.

red hair color blue red
Play up those cool tones with a sultry, red-violet color.

5. Blue Red Hair

Not for shy violets, that’s for sure: A blue-red hue, or even its more literal cousin, scarlet with violet highlights, is a shade reserved for those who dare to think out of the box of traditional red hair color. This look, although quite daring, is actually another graceful way to transition those alternative shades you rocked the past summer into something more somber and subdued for fall. A red with a definitively cool undertone, such as scarlet, makes this a hue that cooler-complexioned ladies can get away with. To maintain the peek-a-boo, slightly subtle effect of your highlights, keep them skinny and well-dispersed, or even try your hand at an ombré.

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