Mermaid Hair Trend: 5 Looks to Inspire

All Things Hair | 21 August 2016

Make a splash by getting in on the mermaid hair trend.

Think about it: Mermaids really have it going on. They’re at the beach all day long, they’re forever enjoying the salty ocean air, they get to swim with dolphins and, to top it off, they have killer hair. If you’re like us, you’re a firm believer that: 1) mermaids do in fact exist, and 2) we want to do everything we can to embrace their flawless beauty—especially that gorgeous mermaid hair trend. Since we (unfortunately) can’t sprout any real fishtails overnight, that just means we’ll have to go from head to toe and start with siren-like locks.

Read on for a lowdown of five of our favorite mermaid hair trend-inspired looks to get in on that ocean vibe no matter where you are. As for the tail, well, there’s always the braid.

5 Ways to Get on the Mermaid Hair Trend

Mermaid Hair hair cool twisted hair
A side braid is the quintessential mermaid hair style. Photo credit:

1. Messy rope braid

Rope braids are one of the easiest hairstyles to mold into place, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less fabulous. All you have to do is split your hair into two even sections as you twist each side in the same direction. Once you’ve twisted your individual sections, simply twist them together in the opposite direction and secure with a hair tie.


Mermaid Hair trend Fishtail Crown
Upgrade your fishtail braid game by affixing it on your crown.

2. Half-up halo braid

Mermaids have important things to keep an eye on when shimmying through the deep blue sea, so it’s no wonder why a hairstyle that keeps your face free of flyways is a must. Half-up halo braids are perfect for not only adding serious style to your hair, but also keeping your locks flowing behind you without distraction. To keep flyways and frizz in check, use some of the Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil that works to add moisture and shine to your new ‘do.


mermaid hair trend fishtail dreadlocks
Create a fishtail on dreadlocks for a cool textural update.

3. Fishtail dreadlocks

Although you may not have a scaled tail, you can embrace the idea with a flowing dreadlocked fishtail braid. Piece by piece, your dreadlocks will weave together to form a perfect mermaid tail.


Mermaid Hair trend Braid

4. The ultimate mer-braid

Channel ocean vibes with this flowing semi-French mermaid braid. Whether you stop in the middle or go all the way to the ends, you’ll be donning a look that is sure to turn heads in true siren fashion. Need a couple pointers on how to bring this look to life? Check out our full tutorial on how to do a mermaid braid!


Mermaid Hair trend red hair

5. Vibrant colors

When in doubt, go with a classic—we’re talking about that quintessential ’80s mermaid vibe via bright hair dye. You’ve got braids and crowns aplenty, twists and hair ties galore; so when you want even more out of your mermaid tresses, go ahead and add the hue of your choice. Whether you opt for a candy floss color or a deep red hair color, you’re bound to make a splash. And since mermaid hair isn’t just for summer, use some of the Bed Head by TIGI Color Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo and the Bed Head by TIGI Color Goddess Oil Infused Conditioner to keep your tresses in tip-top mer-babe shape all year long.

Looking for more inspiration on the mermaid hair trend? Read How to Wear Blue Ombre Hair Like a Grown Up.


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