25 Best Short Haircuts for Oval Faces

A chopped 'do for any season!

Finding a haircut for your face shape might feel daunting but it’s actually much easier than you think. While on the hunt for the best short haircuts for oval faces, you’ve probably tried many styles that either accentuate or hide your cherub-like cheeks and wider chin. But the truth is, oval face shapes can pull off just about every kind of style.

Keep scrolling to get short style inspiration for oval face shapes.

Short Haircuts for Oval Faces

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite short haircuts for oval faces here to prove just that.

1. Lob Flip

short haircuts for oval faces
Go for a short cut with a flip for your summer look.

You may have tried the lob haircut, the bob haircut, or even the pixie cut. But have you flipped your look for some volume? When you get this classic cut, be sure to ask your hairstylist to upgrade it a bit with gentle and mild waves. This cool look will smoothen out your oval face as you showcase a hip and modern style.

2. Straight Bob

Short Haircuts for Oval Faces short bob
A great cut for straight hair is the bob. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Those with straight hair can wear a classic bob haircut with ease. Complete it with a set of bangs to let your cut define your natural features.

3. Shaved Edge

Short Haircuts for Oval Faces shaven hair
Rock a shaved look with your thin hair.

Another option is to take the length off your neck while simultaneously illuminating your full cheeks. A blunt cut like this is also a great way to make a statement with your cut.

4. Choppy Layers

Short Haircuts for Oval Faces choppy hair
Choppy locks are stunning on thin hair. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Short haircuts for oval faces with choppy layers also look good on your face shape! We love how this length adds dimension to your face while also creating a distinct style. Add some bangs to this look to add even more definition to your frame.

5. Pixie Cut

short hairstyles for square faces pixie cuts
Add a micro fringe to your pixie to rev up the look. Photo credit: Dvora

You can go high or mellow with your pixie as you showcase the roundness and definition in your oval face. Since oval face shapes can pull off just about any look, don’t be afraid to add bangs to your pixie cut.

6. Cropped Pixie

short haircuts for oval faces white cropped pixie
Flatter your angular face with a cropped pixie.

Keep your pixie closely cropped for a modern and edgy style that will quickly become a favorite. If you also want to drastically cut down on your styling time, this may be the cut for you!

7. Straight Bob

short haircuts for oval faces white blonde straight bob
Go short and edgy.

Wear your bob straight, short, and edgy. Prep your strands before you straighten them with Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray.

8. Rooted Undercut

short haircuts for oval faces white blonde rooted pixie undercut
Play with color and length.

Mix color and length with this rooted undercut. Draw attention to your unique and angular face shape with this bold and daring style.

9. Spiked

short haircuts for oval faces spiked red overgrown pixie
Use a little bit of product to give your hair this gravity-defying look.

Want to add a little y2k inspo to your pixie cut? Try a spiked, choppy style like this! Use a dime-sized amount of Suave Max Hold Sculpting Gel to create this spiked and gravity-defying look.

10. Spiked Up

short haircuts for oval faces spiked bleach blonde pixie
Brush your pixie up to elongate your face even further.

Brush your pixie up and away to elongate your face shape even further. This cut is also a great way to try out an ultra-short style while still looking professional and put together.

11. Choppy Bob

short haircuts for oval faces silver choppy short bob
Soft layers will add depth and dimension to your style.

Brush your choppy layers over to one side to add instant volume and dimension to your look. A deep side part like this can seriously transform your look instantly.

12. Wavy Pixie

short haircuts for oval faces silver blonde wavy pixie
The easiest ‘wash and go’ style of them all.

A style of this length can rarely be worn without lots of styling and a careful combination of hair products. This ‘wash and wear’ style is perfect for women with wavy hair.

13. Side Bangs

short haircuts for oval faces side swept bangs brunette pixie
Soften your features with a set of side bangs.

Soften your face with a pixie that incorporates a smooth set of side bangs. This style gives you a bit of length to play with while still having the easy styling benefits of a short haircut.

14. Messy Bob

short haircuts for oval faces light brown messy bob
One of our favorite ‘just came from the beach’ looks.

Use a few sprays of  Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray to give your hair that coveted ‘just came from the beach’ look.

15. Short Shag

short haircuts for oval faces highlighted red bowl cut
Lighten up a classic shag with some highlights.

Take it back to the 70s with an oval face-flattering shag haircut. To brighten up the look, consider adding scattered red highlights.

16. Daring Pixie

trending styles for oval faces pixie
Go for an edgy pixie cut for your oval face. Photo credit: Dvora

Go bold and try something a little different on your face. A pixie cut is a confident way to showcase your proportionate features and lets your style speak for itself.

17. Modern Lob

trending styles for oval faces lob
A chic lob looks amazing on oval faces. Photo credit: Dvora

Showcase your features with an above-the-shoulder lob. Enhance it with some curls or a new color that brings out your eyes.

18. Classic Bob

trending styles for oval faces bob cuts fringe
A classic bob is always in style for oval faces. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

You can’t go wrong with an effortless yet classic look. A bob haircut is a great way to define well-balanced features while also showcasing a contemporary, polished look.

19. Razor Cut with Blunt Bangs

trending styles for oval faces blunt bangs
Create a signature look for yourself with a blunt bob. Photo credit: Dvora

Have fun with length with this cut, where ends and bangs are razored for a modern and edgy look. Plus, blunt bangs make a statement in the best way possible!

20. Straight Bob

Hairstyles for Oval Faces: cool bob

Those will long hair can enhance it a bit by adding in some sexy waves. With the assistance of your handy dandy curling wand, you can look put together in minutes. Plus, those gorgeous waves cascading in front of your face are super chic and sophisticated.

Go for a pin-straight look with a classic bob. This all-over straightness will draw dramatic attention to your face, accentuating your defined chin and forehead.

21. Side Parted Bob

hairstyles for oval faces bob haircut

Another way to rock a bob is to create an edgy side part. Use a comb or brush to create a new part and sweep it to the side where you normally wear your hair. This style will put focus on your eyes and cheeks.

22. Pixie Cut

hairstyles for oval faces: the pixie

Nothing says daring like a pixie cut. This look defines your oval face as it accentuates your round jawline and forehead. Take this up a notch and enhance some of your lengths by pushing your spikes upward into a mini-mohawk. This look will elongate your neck and bring your balanced facial features front and center.

23. Long Pixie

hairstyles for oval faces long pixie
go for a slightly longer, more mature length.

For those who have more length, play with your texture by bringing your layers near your face. Strands around your features soften and bring balance to your face while making your features sharper and more distinctive.

24. Asymmetrical Cut

hairstyles for oval faces: asymmetrical cut
Get an asymmetrical crop to frame your oval face.

To create balance to your face, try out an asymmetrical cut. This short haircut for oval faces is one of the new classics and highlights your best features, while adding some volume and depth to your face.

25. Lob

hairstyles for oval faces: lob haircut

Another way to play with short haircuts for oval faces is to go for the trendy lob haircut. The dimensional texture will make your angles look softer and fuller.

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