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Fun Holiday Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

5 holiday hairstyles: one for every face shape.

Every girl has her go-to favorites when it comes to her beauty routine. From a must-have mascara to a signature shade of nail polish for each season, there are some favorites we just can’t get enough of. Hairstyles are no different and especially when it comes to holiday hairstyles, we’re sure that you already have some ideas in mind. The challenge comes when you think about trying a style that’s different and exciting that still fits into your comfort zone. Our advice? Keep your face shape in mind when looking for inspiration and even a new hairstyle with feel like an old favorite. Keep reading to check out our guide on how to find fun holiday hairstyles for basically every face shape.

Fun Holiday Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

holiday hairstyles for oval faces
Drawing the eye up to the top of this style only accentuates an oval shaped face.

1. Oval Faces

Girls with oval face shapes are generally blessed to have pretty decent symmetry. Think: model material. Accentuate those features over the holidays and let them take center stage by piling your hair up on the top of your head. Not only does this create a natural visual line from your cheekbones to your updo, thereby creating the impression of even higher cheekbones, but it also shows off the rest of your best facial features. If your hair is naturally curly, like the girl in the photo above, add a few pumps of the Dove Style + Care Volume Amplifier Mousse to your hair to really amp up your curls.

holiday hairstyles for square faces
One of the classiest looks we’ve seen so far this holiday season.

2. Square

Calling all the ladies with a square face shape! Go for something classic and regal to soften up your features. Twisting two sections of hair away from your face will add a round element to your otherwise angular facial structure and will help you strike that perfect in-between balance. This half-up style is the perfect backdrop that can easily be complimented with some sparkly earrings. Holiday party ready? We think so.

holiday hairstyles heart faces
Soft and easy while still incorporating flattering angles. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. Heart

A heart shape can sometimes present a challenge when you’re trying to find hairstyle that flatters both the round and angular parts of your face. In this case, a soft updo paired with a side bang is the best of both worlds. Having most of your hair up and away from your face with only a few tendrils loose is the key for softening an angular chin. Meanwhile, an expertly layered side bang will be the ideal balance to rounder cheeks.

holiday hairstyles
All about that volume.

4. Round Faces

We have two words for you: layers and curls. The best way to flatter a round face is to add some strategic dimension to your hair. When you create brushed-through curls in layered hair, you’re adding flattering visual interest in every direction. Building volume at the roots and throughout the rest of your hair adds a touch of glam for whatever is on your holiday agenda. Make sure to set your curls with a few sprays of the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Hairspray so that your hair stays put all night long.

holiday hairstyles
This one is a classic for a reason. Photo credit:

5. Long Faces

Starting with a center part and pulling the top section of your hair back will create a flattering visual line halfway through your long face. A half-up style is a holiday classic and it works for a daytime party and can easily be glammed up for a nighttime event. A few spritzes of the Catwalk by TIGI Camera Ready Shine Spray to add a touch of sheen to an otherwise simple style.

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