Jellyfish Haircut

This Anime and K-Pop Inspired Jellyfish Haircut is the Coolest Hair Trend

This unique haircut is the definition of Gen Zs.

The Jellyfish haircut is a hairstyle that has recently emerged into the public eye and has become a trend among Gen Zs, and we’re not surprised. Since self-expression is the main topic of TikTok trends, diverse aesthetics emerge every day. The best thing about the social media platform is that universal, which makes hair trends accessible to everyone. One perfect example is this Asian-created and inspired jellyfish hair seen for the first time in K-Pop.

The increasing popularity of South Korean pop culture and fashion has allowed this style to cross over to the western market. Whether you want the same look as your favorite K-Pop idol or feel inspired to try something new this season, continue reading to find inspiration.

What’s the Jellyfish Haircut All About?

bleached mullet

The jellyfish haircut consists of short layers of hair on top and longer at the bottom. The idea is to recreate the shape of a jellyfish by cutting the hair in layers. Your hairstylist will cut several short layers from the crown to frame your face. The appeal of this haircut is that it is versatile and edgy. Think of it as a super layered mullet, but with sharp edges.

Cute Jellyfish Haircuts to Experiment with this Spring

1. Short Layered Jellyfish Haircut

Jellyfish Hair
Photo Credit: NDWS on Pinterest.

Jellyfish haircuts can take many forms, but the most common is in this shape with bangs and short layers. The layers are necessary to frame your face, so the more, the merrier. Jellyfish hair is also an excellent opportunity to play with different colors that resemble the ocean or coral reefs. A strong-hold hairspray is one product you need to style your new cut. We recommend TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray for hold and control without stiffness.

2. Jellyfish Cut with Hidden Highlights

Jellyfish Hair
Photo Credit: rip 😉 on Pinterest.

As we mentioned, the jellyfish hair is a different take on the mullet. This hairstyle has also increased in popularity due to television shows from the 80s, and 90s becoming mainstream again. But this new version of the jellyfish has longer bangs and shorter layers. However, what gives this one its unique character is that the layers are cut in a rounded matter to make a jellyfish form.

3. Ombre Style Jellyfish Hair

Jellyfish Hair
Photo Credit: @nitarolls.

In this version of the jellyfish cut, the layers are styled round to generate volume. Another characteristic of this version is that the hair at the back is cut in long layers. Among the jellyfish hairstyles featured on TikTok, many creators are deviating from ocean-related hair colors instead of experimenting with other colors like red, black, and brown. If you want to create and preserve volume, we recommend using a mousse. Try SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Smooth & Hold Multi-Styling Mousse for styling.

4. Bleached Asymmetrical Jellyfish Haircut Anime

Jellyfish Hair
Photo Credit: @perfsosa ʚ|ɞ on Pinterest.

For our anime fan friends, this version of the jellyfish is perfect. This style is cool, elegant, and unique. Unlike the other punk rock versions of the cut, this style differs in layering and color. The layers are cut in different directions and styled in opposite directions as well. A blonde or bleached hair color is a great way to make this look feel straight out of an anime.

Which one is your favorite jellyfish hairstyle?

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