The Butterfly Haircut is Already the Hottest Haircut of 2023

Zero in on this volume-inducing haircut.

The butterfly haircut is easily the earliest contender for the hottest haircut of 2023. This dynamic haircut beautifully blends long and short layers and balances a high-shine finish with a solid texture. If this haircut sounds like the best of all worlds, we couldn’t agree more. It’s challenging to find one haircut that does it all and allows you to experiment with a variety of textures and lengths at the same time. Keep reading to learn how to style this haircut.

The butterfly haircut is all about nailing that perfect blend of dynamic movement and subtle texture. The right styling products and techniques will make or break this style. Read on to learn more about which products and styling methods are essential to maintaining this look.

butterfly haircut face framing
These face-framing layers are universally flattering.

One thing you might notice about any images of the butterfly haircut is how ‘done’ this style looks in every single photograph. Before getting intimidated by a style that requires so much styling maintenance, consider these products and styling hacks to save you time and help you achieve those salon-quality results on the regular:

Say goodbye to frizz.

The butterfly haircut features signature layers that might be shorter than you’ve gone before. It’s essential to keep frizz at bay when styling a haircut with this many layers. Otherwise, the shorter layers will be likely to pop up, and you will quickly lose the shiny, swooped effect.

Lately, we keep coming back to Nexxus Ultralight Smooth Frizz Defy Cream Serum to keep frizz at bay. This creamy serum instantly adds shine and smoothness to our strands. And it doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing too!

Add mega-volume to your roots.

It can be really challenging to try and recreate the volume your stylist achieves when blowing out your hair after a haircut. A lot of that volume is due to expert blow-drying techniques, but there are also products that can give your roots a boost!

We have been turning to Suave Root Lifting Volume Boosting Spray over and over again. Spritz this boosting spray in your roots before you blow-dry for a magnificently voluminous finished look.

Add a dose of texture.

Finally, use a few veils of the mist of TRESemmé One Step Volume for Flat Hair to add some texture to your strands. This one-step styler is one of TRESemmé’s latest releases and it adds an instant dose of texture to your hair. This will balance that silkiness you achieved with the serum perfectly and create a finished look that’s full of movement.

Are you thinking about trying out this haircut? Be sure to take some pictures and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS! Also, for more hair inspiration, subscribe to our newsletter below!


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