Small Box Braids and Twists: 10 Head Turning Ways to Wear this Style

Miriam Herst | 24 October 2018

10 beautiful ways to wear tiny box braids.

Small box braids are one of the most versatile braided hairstyles out there. They look beautiful and intricate when worn down and can be easily manipulated into both complicated and more simple styles. Small box braids hairstyles are on-trend while still being one of the most classic and regal styles out there. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear small box braids, along with our top product recommendations for the best ways to style these looks:

10 Ways to Wear Small Box Braids and Twists

small box braids low ponytail
Pull your small box braids back into a low ponytail.

1. Low Ponytail

Pull your small long box braids back into a low and sexy ponytail. Pull it over your shoulder and let it cascade down to show off your braids.

small box braids high ponytail
Alternatively, you can wear your ponytail high and flirty. This is one of our favorite small box braids styles.

2. High Ponytail

You can also pull your braids up into a high and flirty ponytail. Level it in line with your cheekbones to draw the eye up and flatter your face.

small box braids high bun
Wrap your braids up into a beautiful bun.

3. Wrapped Bun

Wrap your braids around themselves and secure them up in a high bun. The layers of braids will create major volume for a finished look that’s both regal and modern at the same time. Finish off with a mist of Suave Professionals Natural Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray to hold the look in place.

small box braids hat
Add a trendy hat to finish off your look.

4. Accessorize

Accessorize your braids with a hat. The best accessories will bring attention to your unique style without stealing the show.

small box braids half up
Pull your hair back into a half-up style.

5. Half Up

Grab a hair tie and secure your hair in a half up style. Your hair will be out of the way and out of your eyes while still leaving some of your braids down around your face.

small box braids half bun
Or wrap to ip into a half bun.

6. Half Bun

Or get in on the half bun trend that came on the scene last season and isn’t going away anytime soon.

small box braids flipped over
Flip your braids over to one side to add some volume.

7. Flipped Over

Add some extra instant volume to your style by flipping your braids over to one side of your head.

small box braids down
Wear your braids down and loose and show them off.

8. Wear ‘Em Down

Show your braids off by wearing them down and loose.

small box braids brushed back
Keep your braids out of your face by brushing them back.

9. Brushed Back

Brush your braids back and away from your face to keep them out of the way and out of your eyes. small box braids bob

Frame your face by wearing your box braids bob down.

10. Frame Your Face

Let your bob braids be the perfect frame for your face.

Editor’s note: We would suggest taking care of and washing your braids every 2 to 3 weeks. Pay special attention to keeping your scalp clean and healthy by using Dove Purify & Strengthen Shampoo and Dove Purify & Strengthen Conditioner.


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