20 Unique Ways to Wear Individual Braids

Welcome to a complete gallery of single braids pictures, featuring a myriad of unique ways to wear braids.

Thinking about trying individual braids or looking for new ways to style your usual look? We’ve created a collection of 20 unique ways to wear individual braids and we know you’re going to love them. Single braids are one of our favorite styles and we can’t get enough of these intricate looks. Individual braids are a great protective style and while they take little time to create, the results can last for hours. Thinking about giving these single braid styles a shot? Read on for major hairstyles for single braid inspiration:

1. Wrapped Bun

individual braids wrapped bun
Wrap your braids up into a beautiful bun that makes a statement.

Gather all of your braids into a ponytail, and then coil them into an oversized wrap bun for a bold, elegant look you’ll go back to again and again.

2. Wear a Head Scarf

individual braids turban
Add an intricately designed scarf to your look.

Wear your favorite scarf wrapped around your head and let your braids peek out underneath. This is one of our top go-to hairstyles for individual braids, as the intricate scarf draws even more attention to your gorgeous strands.

3. Pull ‘Em Back

individual braids small braids half back
Pull a few braids back into a soft and romantic style.

Secure just a few braids back into a soft and romantic half-up style.

4. Side Part

individual braids side part
Wear your braids in a deep side part.

A great way to soften up single braids hairstyles is by wearing them in a side part.

5. Pulled Over

individual braids pulled over to the side
Flip your braids over to one side.

Add some volume to your look by flipping your braids over to one side.

6. Brighten Up

individual braids pulled back highlights
Brighten up with some strategic highlights.

Highlights are not off-limits for individual braid styles, and a light color like this will instantly brighten up your entire look.

7. Center Part

individual braids pulled back center part
A center part is a little more defining.

Move towards more definition by wearing your braids in a center part. No matter how you choose to finish the style, a center part can always be counted on to add a touch of boldness to the look.

8. Professional Ponytail

individual braids professional ponytail
A professional ponytail is an always-dependable go-to.

One of our favorite go-to styles we like to recommend for women who are looking for something on the professional side is a simple ponytail. We love how the braids give an otherwise understated style an upgrade.

9. Part-Up

individual braids part up long hair
Add some height with a part-up.

Elongate your face and add some height to your look by wearing a part up that has some volume incorporated.

10. Mid-Level Ponytail

individual braids mid level ponytail
There’s something undeniably chic about a mid-level ponytail.

Try a simple yet impactful chic and easy ponytail.

11. Messy Bun

individual braids low messy bun
Learn how to make a messy bun work with braids.

Gather your braids into a low messy bun for an exercise class or a run on the beach.

12. Low Bun

individual braids low bun
A low volumized bun is bold and beautiful.

Tying your hair into a low bun is the easiest route to a soft and romantic look.

13. Light Highlights

individual braids highlighted
Brighten up your look.

Highlighted box braids are even bolder, and we love this warm caramel brown color that flatters everyone.

14. High Ponytail

individual braids high ponytail
Kick it up a notch with a high ponytail.

Wear your braids nice and high in a swishy and flirty ponytail.

15. Half-Up

individual braids half up professional
Find a way to keep your hair off your face while still showing off your braids.

Keep your hair off your face while still showing off your braids in this feminine and professional look.

16. The Half Bun

individual braids half bun
Pair your braids with the trendy half bun.

Pair your beautiful braids with a half bun for the ultimate trendy look.

17. Keep It Casual

individual braids flipped over
Wear your braids long and casual.

Keep it casual by wearing your braids long, down and loose.

18. Bronze Highlights

individual braids bronze highlights
Brighter is sometimes better.

Try a bronze color to complement your skin tone and brighten up your look.

19. Braided Bob

individual braids bob
Wear your braids nice and short.

Style your braids short for a sweet and flirty look.

20. Wear a Beanie

individual braids beanie blue strands
When in doubt, add a beanie.

Wear a beanie on top of your braids for a cute, outside-friendly look.

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If you want to take the moisturizing a step further, use Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask after you wash your braids for even more benefits.

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