Braided Updo: 7 Trendy Hairstyles to Try for Work

Looking for an updos with braids that's far from boring? Lighten up your work week with one of these updos.

It’s no secret that braided updos are having a major moment right now on the red carpet, the runways and amongst the street style set. However, many of these intricate and gorgeous styles fall either on the off-duty or on the formal end of the spectrum, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a braided updo that’s fun, yet office-friendly. Many of these styles can be worn throughout the week without having to restyle them every morning—perfect for when you’re running late! From crown braids to box-braid updos to braid buns, we’ve rounded up some stylish updo braids for you to try this week at work. And they’re all easy braided updos, too. 

Braided Updo: Best Updos for Work

braided updo blonde hair cornrows
Awesome cornrow styles to try if you’re looking for braided updo hairstyles. Photo credit:

1. Cornrow braid bun

These flat intertwined braids are chic and professional that look great when worked into a bun. No need to re-style your hair daily with this hairdo, and it’s so easy to care for on a day-to-day basis. This cornrow-braided bun can last you up to two weeks before having to create another ’do. This is perfect for afro-textured hair since the braids tend to stay in place longer with this texture, but this style can be done or worn on any hair type. If you’re seeking a style that you don’t have to worry about styling every day, this one’s for you.


braided updo loose crown braid
Crown braids is a chic and appropriate choice when it comes to updo braid styles in the workplace.

2. Crown braids

The crown braid updo is reminiscent of the chunky plait in milkmaid braids. This transitional hairstyle is appropriate for work, ideal for your lunch break workout or even for after-work cocktails. Crown braids are transitional and give a slight boho vibe—you’re literally conquering your day with just one hairstyle. We love this as the perfect style for the #girlboss on-the-go who wants to look put together and stylish at all times.

braided updo box braid twist
Try this box braids updo beautifully coiled into an intricate twist.

3. French roll inspired updo

This is a stylish updo that will have your co-workers asking who did your hair. Braids beautifully coiffed into a French roll look vintage, yet modern. This braided variation can be done on any hair type or texture that can be personalized with your own touch consisting of skinny to thick braids or cornrow to single-plait braids.

braided updo long braid swirl
Looking for updo braided hairstyles that go from day to night? This classy braided chignon is great for work or play.

4. Braided chignon

This style involves a slicked-back ponytail with an intricate plait with the ends tucked into a neat chignon. Opt for this style when it’s time to get down to business during an important presentation or for a professional working lunch. You’ll look classy and stylish and you won’t have to think about your hair or its upkeep all day long.  

braided updo box braids bun
Opt for cute braided updos and tie up box braids into a neat bun for work.

5. Box-braided bun

A set of single braids pulled up and styled into a bun is a nice and pretty option for work. This updo is rather easy to maintain throughout the week and you don’t have to do anything to maintain it at night. Bonus: You’ll be able to sleep in your bun! If you’re currently or aiming to transition back to natural hair and are at a loss for work-friendly protective hairstyle ideas, you should definitely check this one out. Whether you work in an office or a coffee shop, this style is ideal for you.


braided updo fishtail side bun

6. Tucked broken fishbone bun

If you’re looking to try something new and fresh, try out the broken fishbone. This simple, creative and modern updo may even score a compliment from your boss. This style is low-maintenance, can last about a week and works well on virtually all hair types, except on those with extremely curly hair.

braided updo French braid tuck
Looking to try one of the simplest options of updo braids? Try this French braided bun. Photo credit:

7. French-braid bun

This style, which consists of two French braids that leads down into a low ponytail, is a fun and modern look that’s also appropriate for the office. If you fancy a more corporate angle to your braided updo styles, tease your hair at the ends a bit before tucking or twirling them into a bun.

Which of these updo braids are you going to try for work?