How to Create an Upside Down French Braid

We're (you guessed it!) flipping out over this easy upside down French braid updo.

upside down french braid updo


The upside down French braid is another trend we’ve been spotting around. This look, which features—yup, you guessed it—an upside down French braid ponytail that basically starts at your nape, is not as tricky as you’d think, even for us here in All Thumbs Camp.

Now, before you think that you literally should have eyes on the back of your head for this look, nah, don’t be a hero: You have to flip your head over to create an upside down French braid bun (if you’re a kid of the ’80s, then you remember this method well—especially when drying your hair!). The upside down French braid updo, once recreated, features a plait on the center of the back of your head that’s tied off at the top, with either a pony or a chignon. It’s a pretty-in-punk hairstyle that’s also been making its presence felt on the latest runways and designer showcases, and we’re not surprised—business up top, party in the back is finally a thing!

Scroll down to get the rest of the 411 on this edgy hairdo:

Tutorial: How to Do an Upside Down French Braid


Start on clean, freshly washed hair.

We love ourselves a freshly-showered canvas for braided hairstyles—the natural body that your locks get provides some traction and smoothness for the look. A nourishing system, like Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and Humectress Conditioner, gives the right amount of both slip and strength. Rinse well and power-dry with a blowdryer.

upside down french braid on clean hair

Apply a serum.

A serum helps smoothen any flyaways and halo frizz. We like the lightweight feel and non-greasy shine we get from TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum. Apply a drop to palms and spread evenly, concentrating the product on the lengths and ends.

upside down french braid on hair with serum

Flip your head over.

Now for the fun part! Flip your head over and detangle hair with your fingers. Pinch a section of hair near in the middle of your head, near your nape. Divide that section into three smaller sections and begin your French braid. To do so, cross the left section over the middle and then the right over the middle, incorporating fresh hair from the sides as you go “upwards.” Ed’s note: Take your time! It’s quite easy to get disoriented, so just weave as you would normally if you were upright.


upside down french braid plait

Create a pony at the top.

Secure your upside down French braid with a hair tie. Your braid should end at the very crown of your head once you’re right side up.

upside down french braid ponytail

Create your bun.

Coil your ponytail around its base to create your bun. Secure with bobby pins at the seam, or loop another hair tie around your chignon.

upside down french braid bun


Finish with a frizz-protecting hairspray to help smooth down any flyaways or baby hair, like TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4. You’re all set!

upside down french braid final

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