Tutorial: How to Master a Crown Braid in 8 Easy Steps

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crown braid hair tutorial

Ready to challenge yourself to a new hairstyle this week? If you’re ready for a new work-from-home style, this clever version of crown braids has to be the most foolproof yet. Featuring little more than a regular three-strand plait pinned across the head, it’s a fun hack for those who want to learn how to create a complicated braid but need a little more practice. It’s a quick little upgrade that can be done so quickly, it’s perfect for right before those video-chat meetings or an impromptu selfie session.

How to Create a Crown Braid


Unlike the French or halo braid iteration of crown braids—which has a built-in plait that’s woven from ear to ear—this easy braided crown hairstyle is done on a ponytail, which, who knew, actually shaves off precious minutes from the entire braiding process. Read on for a step-by-step guide to mastering crown hair:


Start with Freshly Washed Hair

Give your braid some traction by creating it on washed hair, which can have a bit more grip. We like the natural-looking body and bounce we get from Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Body Shampoo and Conditioner, then rough-dry with a towel. 


crown braid tutorial: clean hair

Flip and Gather

Brush your hair thoroughly to detangle. Then, flip your hair over and gather into a semi-loose ponytail near your fringe area.

blonde woman creating high ponytail

Tie It Off

Secure your ponytail with a neutral- or hair-colored elastic.

crown braid tutorial: tie hair

Braid Your Pony

Begin a regular three-strand braid on the entire length of your ponytail. This is the base of your crown braids look.

crown braid tutorial: braiding

Tie It Off

Secure the ends with another hair elastic. Tip: You can leave the ends not fully looped through for a nubby look, which can be easier to tuck in.

crown braid tutorial blonde elastic

Pancake and Pin

You’re getting closer to mastering crown braid hairstyles! Next, carefully bring the braid across your forehead towards your far ear. The top of the braid can get a bit lumpy at this step, so create a bit of slack and even out the plaits, tugging wherever necessary to readjust. Secure behind your ear with pins.

crown braid tutorial: add pins

Finish with Hairspray

Keep the crown braids look polished by controlling any halo frizz and flyways with some hairspray. We like the fine mist yet firm hold we get from TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray.

crown braid tutorial: hairspray


Refine your crown braids by tucking in any errant strands with pins, if necessary. Voilà, you’ve mastered the cornw braids style!

crown braid hairstyle: final look

That’s all there is to the crown braids style! Try out this look if you find yourself a little bored and in need of any activity or new challenge! Switching up your hair is a great activity, it gives you need style options and there are endless looks to try out from the comfort of your own home. Happy styling!

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