Hair Tips When Sleeping: 5 Habits You Need For Better Hair in The Morning

Snooze your way to sexy hair.

As much as we love to style our hair (it’s kind of our thing), sleeping in also has its draws. For days that we just need that extra 20 minutes in bed, we like to a little prep the night before. You know those hair tips when sleeping that help you wake up with better-looking locks?

Say goodbye to bedhead and knotty strands! Read on to get our top hair tips when sleeping so you too can wake up with a great hair day.

Top 5 Hair Tips When Sleeping

Our top five hair tips when sleeping so you'll have gorgeous hair in the morning.
Place buns near your hairline for easy sleeping, and for pretty waves the next day.

1. Silk pillowcases really work.

Frizz be gone! If you wake up with rough-looking hair, it may be down to a rough pillowcase. As much as we love cotton sheets, it’s totally worth it to pick up a silk pillowcase. Cotton can rough up your hair and cause frizz because individual hairs can get caught on the fibers. Silk pillowcases solve this problem because it allows your hair to glide over the pillow as you sleep. No hairs getting tugged means less frizz in the morning.

2. Hydrate those ends.

If your hair is in serious need of some TLC, we recommend an overnight hair mask. An oil mask, to be specific. You can DIY it by using coconut oil, or use Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil. We love to douse our hair in oil before bed for the ultimate in mask soak-time. Who’s going to let oil sit in their hair for eight hours during the day? Not us! We prefer to apply before bed and wash it out in the morning.

3. Protect your style.

Keeping your style intact from one day to the next is key for reducing time during heat-styling. There are several ways you can protect your style, depending on what it is: For pixie cuts and curly hair, we recommend wrapping your hair in a silk scarf to keep your hair perfectly in place. If you’ve spent time curling your hair to perfection, keep those curls voluminous by setting them in pin-curls overnight. This will ensure your hair is ready for just a five-minute spruce in the morning, not a full styling routine.

4. Start tomorrow’s hairstyle… tonight.

If you’re working with freshly-washed hair, let your hair dry and set overnight. We love to do heatless styles like braided crimps and easy waves. To do so, starting on freshly washed hair, apply a little bit of Bed Head By TIGI Totally Baked Meringue Styling Prep. Using a prep product will help your hair hold in the style the next day. We also recommend letting your hair air-dry till it’s at least 60 percent dry before setting it into your heatless style. This makes sure that your hair will be totally dry by morning.

5. Add volume to day-old hair.

Do you avoid second-day hair because of the day-old hair limpness? We’ve got the trick for you! If your hair tends to go limp and lose volume, you need to sleep with your hair in a high bun. We’re talking all-the-way-up-by-your-forehead high. This keeps all of your roots lifted while you’re sleeping so they can stay lifted and bouncy the next day. When you’re doing this trick, make sure to use a scrunchie so you don’t get a mark from your regular hair tie. If that isn’t enough of a boost, go in and refresh those roots with Bed Head By TIGI Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo. You’ll get all the volume (and clean-looking roots) you need.

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