Marley Braid Hair: A Quick Explanation On What It Is, Isn’t, and How to Style It

Alyssa François | 16 May 2017

What you need to know about Marley braid hair. 

We know that the world of protective hairstyles can become quite confusing, we’re taken the time out to break it down. First, we talked about crochet braids — what it is and how you should take care of it. Now, we’re diving into Marley braid hair which people oft confuse as being an actual hairstyle.

Marley braid hair itself is simply a type of hair that is used to create popular styles like Marley Twists. It is not an actual style. The hair is composed of a synthetic fiber called kanekalon. The reason women with coarser hair types go for this type of synthetic hair to create the most sought after hairstyles is simply because it blends nicely with their natural hair texture. On the other hand, women who don’t have a coarse natural hair texture, simply love it because of the thick and full look it creates. Read on as we dive a little deeper explaining the variations available to you and styling options.

Marley Braid Hair Explained and Popular Hairstyle Ideas

Types of Marley Braid Hair

There are many variations of Marley braid hair from extensions to even wigs. The hair is offered in different lengths, colors (like blonde, ombre marley hair and more), and even various curl patterns. When it comes to caring for Marley hair, the hair can be washed and reused, but be sure to check the package or ask the salesperson assisting you if you’re purchasing from a store. On average a pack of hair would cost about $6. When it comes to styling your hair with Marley braid hair, one pack of hair probably won’t be enough to create the style. For a full look, consider buying about three packs of hair.

Styles Created with Marley Braid Hair

While variations of Marley twists hair looks are one of the most popular hairstyles to create with Marley hair, there are many other stylish protective style options.

marley braid hair crochet style
Crochet style using Marley hair. Photo credit: Allyson Allapont

1. Marley Hair for Crochet Styles

You can use Marley hair to create crochet hairstyles like this hairstyle. Crochet hairstyles are created simply by latching hair extensions onto a cornrow braid. If you’d like, you can leave the hair as is and create an afro style, or you can set the hair with rollers to for a curly look.

marley braid hair with box braids
Marley hair mimics the look of yarn braids. Photo credit: Allyson Allapont

2. Marley Braids

This is simply braids created using Marley hair. The style has a similar look and texture like yarn braids. Some braid options that you can do with Marley braid hair are box braids, cornrow braids, and ponytail braid hairstyles.

marley braid hair tree braid technique
Micro box braids tree braid style.

3. Tree Braid Style Using Marley Hair

When it comes to styling with Marley hair, you can try your hand at many different styles and techniques. Take the tree braid style, for instance, you can cornrow your hair and add in pieces of Marley hair to create this look.


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