Why the Crochet Braids Technique is a Protective Hairstyle Favorite

Spoiler alert: The name actually refers to the crochet braiding method.

Have you ever wondered what crochet braids are? Well, allow us to explain! Crochet braids are simply a way to create a hairstyle using the crochet technique — yes the same procedure your Grandma uses to design your favorite holiday sweater. You’re probably wondering where the braid part comes in, right? Well, just like the traditional crochet method, there has to be something for the crochet needle to latch onto. In this case, it’s a cornrow braid.

Although, for many, the crochet braids style seems to be new. It’s far from that. The hairstyle has been around for years. However, as of late, a lot of women are opting for this style for protective styling. Why? Unlike many other protective hairstyles, creating crochet styles on your hair by yourself is fairly easy — that’s if you know how to cornrow braid. Ahead we’re providing you with a simple explanation of how the style is created and a breakdown of other hairstyles you can achieve with the crochet braiding technique.

Crochet Braids Technique Explained

To begin the crochet braiding process, your entire hair is cornrowed. Then using braiding hair of your choice (crochet braid with kanekalon hair or Marley braid hair is very popular), pieces of hair is latched into the cornrow braid and secured with a knot. This process is repeated on the rest of the head until none of the cornrow braids are visible.

Here’s an idea of the crochet braid final style using curly hair extensions. As you can see, at her hairline there are some parts visible. Those parts are from her cornrows that are hidden underneath her curly hair extensions.

crochet braids curly hairstyle
Hairstyle created using the crochet braids technique. Photo credit: Allyson Allapont

Now here’s where people get a little confused. There are various styles you can create with crochet braids depending on the type of extensions you buy. Do remember, though: crochet braiding is just the technique. You can buy extensions that are afro textured, curly, straight, twisted or even single braided and crochet it into your hair. Why don’t women just get box braids or twists instead of crocheting them in? Short answer: Crochet is quicker to install. Think about it, you buy a pack of hair that’s already twisted or braided and all you have to do is hook it in. Whereas with regular box braids or two-strand twist styles, you sit there for hours to get each square part of hair braided.

Popular style ideas for crochet braids:

  • Short curly bob
  • Box braids (using hair extensions that are already braided)
  • Havana twists (using hair extensions that are already twisted)
  • Coily, curling wand inspired curls (you can simply curl Marley hair with a curling wand or buy crochet braiding hair that’s already curly)
  • Crimps (using hair extensions that have a crimpy wave to it)
  • Kanekalon crochet braids using Marley hair

Now you have a basic idea of what crochet hair styles are. If you’re looking to try it out on your hair, take the time to read up on how you can care for the crochet braid style at home.

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