6 Really Cool Fall Hats We Love

The hat game is strong this season.

Fall means a lot of exciting things to our team at All Things Hair. For one, we are loving all of the outdoor activities, like apple picking and spooky/fun Halloween events. This season also means cooler temps, which allows us to switch up our looks via some cool fall hats. Plus, wearing a hair accessory every now and again just makes it so much easier to get out of the house looking put together and trendy. No longer just about beanies (though we do love them), fall hats are incredibly versatile and have certainly become a major game-changer in the world of fashion and hair. Scroll on to see some fall hats that we think you’ll love sporting this season:

6 Fall Hats We Love

fall hats Baseball Hat
Backwards-style for more swag!

1. Baseball

You’ve got to love a classic fall hat that’s all about easy hairstyling. Whether you’re running errands, or, eek, have a bad hair day, you’ll do so looking casual-cool in a baseball hat. Backward or frontward-facing option is totally up to you. Want an even more trending version? Check out our spotlight on dad hats.

fall hats low bucket
A soft bucket hat forgives a multitude of hair sins, while also keeping your noggin warm.

2. Low Bucket Hat

This look is great for both rainy and sunny days of fall. Perfect for a low-key day or a weekend out with the girls, your hair will look fall-ready in this fashionable, versatile topper.

Fall Hats We Love winter beanie
A great way to infuse a pop of color into your look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Winter Beanie

Yes, the colder months are upon us, and you might find yourself breaking out your winter beanie a little earlier. We love this yellow version and how it pairs gorgeously with pink hair. Wearing a beanie can leave a bend in your hair afterward, so we suggest using a bit of dry shampoo, like Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo to refresh and re-volumize your strands.

Fall Hats We Love wide-brimmed
What’s more autumn-ready than a wide-brimmed topper?

4. Wide-Brimmed

Big-brimmed summer hat fans won’t have to give up their fave look come fall; the trick is finding it in a season-friendly texture and color, such as a darker felt, velvet or suede for more heft. Pair it with a healthy-looking head of hair that you can wear with loose waves, or straight for a gorgeous style that never goes out of season.

Fall Hats We Love beret
Get tres chic for the season with a cute French-inspired beret.

5. Beret

Show off your ode to French fashion and easy hairstyles with this cool beret, which was one of the biggest microtrends seen this year during Fashion Month. We love how this fall hat pairs with a modern lob while accentuating your haircut and chic style.

fall hats we love cowboy
Get on the hot Western trend that’s been making rounds this year.

6. Modern Cowboy

Not much of a country girl? That’s cool; you can still fake it by rocking this updated version of a 10-gallon hat renowned for its high brim. We love how this hat balances out long, straight hair.



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