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How to Make the Best of a Birthday in Quarantine

Blowing kisses and air hugs to all the ladies celebrating their big days at home.

For 364 days you are patiently waiting to celebrate your one day of the year that belongs to you: your birthday. For most people, a birthday is a celebration filled with family, friends, getting dressed up, and having a party. All of that has changed for my fellow Aries and Taurus gals. We’re now all having a birthday in quarantine… which, for many, also means having one in isolation.

Having a birthday in quarantine can sound like a bummer. I had been patiently awaiting my big birthday plans with my friends for a few months, only to be told I had to stay inside and celebrate in quarantine. Although I was down about it at first, I am here to tell you that it was actually lots of fun! I put aside the negatives and made my own birthday plans, a day still filled with treating myself, eating good and spending time with my loved ones. Here are some of the things I did for my birthday in quarantine that you can do, too. From one quarantine birthday girl to another, happy birthday!

Ways to Treat Yourself While Celebrating Your Birthday in Quarantine

Prep the Night Before

If you want to look and feel great on your big day, my recommendation is to prep the day or night before. Plan to wash your hair the day or night before your birthday so that it’s extra smooth and shiny. I did a hair mask before hopping in the shower to really lock in moisture to prep for a great hair day. I highly recommend using Dove Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Mask for a soft finish on your strands that helps tame any damaged hair you may have.

birthday in quarantine loose waves
Create a simple yet glam look, feel your best on your birthday!

Go Glam

If you’re the kinda gal who likes to dress to the nines on your birthday, a birthday in quarantine shouldn’t stop you. Do your makeup, wear something cute and create a fun hairstyle to complete your look. I went for a naturally wavy look by air-drying and then adding some Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Salt Spritz Texture Spray to add more texture and movement. If you really want to step up your look, give it a proper blow-dry and maybe a loose curl!

Treat Yourself

Today is your day, so you should still try to do things that make you happy! Just because you’re celebrating your birthday in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. If it’s nice out, go for a walk with your family. If you’re quarantining alone, play a podcast or your favorite music to give your stroll and upbeat stride. Do NOT forget to celebrate with a sweet treat. Try baking yourself a cake or ordering a favorite dessert for delivery. This is your special day and even if not everyone is surrounding you physically, you can still do activities that make you happy.

Video Chat with Friends and Family

While it may not be the birthday party you imagined, a Zoom call with your family and friends is actually very fun. I had a few calls throughout the day with different friend groups. It was so nice to see my loved ones’ faces and catch up. Find a time that works for everyone and throw a virtual party. There are even apps that allow you to play games with your friends while chatting!

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