Independence Day Hair: 9 Red White and Blue Hairstyles for 2020

Red, white, and blue sure look good on you!

The 4th of July is a day of family, fireworks, socially-distanced BBQs and inevitably some fun, wild fashion choices (think glitter and tie-dye). We love amping up our Independence Day fashion for a day of celebration and the fun photoshoot that will definitely take place for Instagram. We thought what better than to round up our favorite styles of red, white and blue hair for your viewing pleasure?

These styles are daring, dramatic and the perfect change of pace if you’ve been considering a style switch up. Here are some red white and blue hairstyle ideas to love:

9 Red White and Blue Hairstyles for 2020

1. Deep Red

red white and blue hair: Deep Red
This deep red is fiery and intense, we love!

This red shade is rich and highly wearable. The blue undertones take away any harshness and give the color a lot of depth.

2. Orange Red

red white and blue hair: Orange Red
A beautiful and wearable blend of orange and red!

An orange-red is a sweet combination that will look good in any kind of lighting. This color is bold so be prepared to turn heads everywhere you go!

3. Ombre Pink + Red

red white and blue hair: ombre pink + red
If you’re extra daring with color go for a pink to red ombre!

If you feel like just red simply isn’t enough, why not go for an ombre effect with a little bit of pink added to the mix? We love this color blend and all of the different shades incorporated!

4. Platinum White

red white and blue hair: platinum white
This is the perfect shade of wearable white!

Platinum hair is a process to achieve, but the end result is totally worth it. This bold pixie cut goes great with the color and also means less hair to dye and maintain. We highly recommend adding TRESemmé Pro Collection Purple Blonde Shampoo into your routine to keep your platinum blonde looking bright and fresh.

5. Silver

red white and blue hair: silver
If white is too drastic for you go for a silver hue.

If white is a little too intense for your palette, try a silver hue instead. We love this color, it’s silver with a darker base so it gives off a metallic vibe but is still wearable.

6. Bleached Blonde

red white and blue hair: bleached blonde
Take your blonde to the ultimate bleached shade–it’s the final stop before platinum and white!

Bleached blonde is a more youthful shade of white. This is the shade right before hitting white, it still looks blonde but gives off a bright shine.

7. Rich Blue

red white and blue hair: Rich Blue
The bluest of blues.

This shade really puts the ‘blue’ in red, white, and blue hair. It is rich and the exact hue we imagine when we think of the American flag. A color like this demands a shampoo that’ll maintain its vibrancy. Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect product to cleanse your dyed hair without stripping it of its true blue shade.

8. Mermaid Blue

red white and blue hair: mermaid blue
A magical blend of green, blue, and purple!

The mermaid trend is still going strong and this hair color is taking us under the sea. Add a few different shades of blue, green, and purple to create the ultimate mermaid hair dye cocktail.

9. Pale Red White and Blue Hair

red white and blue hair: pale blue
This pastel blue is too cool!

Pastel shades are the little sister of vibrant hair colors and we love them for their wearability and daintiness! This pale, red white and blue hair mix gives a hint of fun yet stays muted and relaxed.

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