6 Easy Weekend Hairstyles for Your Independence Day Vacay

From hotdog-ready ponies to haute-looking chignons, we've got your 4th of July weekend covered.

Happy Independence Day, ’Murica! July 4th weekend is around the corner, and while everyone’s busy cleaning their barbecue grills, booking last-minute, socially-distanced beach getaways or putting in extra hours at the gym for those star-spangled bikinis, we’re all about acing some easy weekend hairstyles that help us look extra fab amidst the backyard chaos.

Just because the mercury’s up, inhibitions are (sorta) down and everyone’s in full-on resocializing-safely mode doesn’t mean your ’do has to fall by the wayside. Nothing dampens a gal’s vibe more acutely than a bad hair day, especially during a prime Instagram-worthy long weekend! Read on for styles that pack a punch, but won’t keep you away too long from the festivities, whether it’s mimosas with your mamacitas or creating your own fireworks with your S.O.:

Easy Weekend Hairstyles

6 Easy Weekend Hairstyles

easy weekend hairstyles flirty half updo
Summer Fridays call for a hairstyle that’s not so serious, like a baby beehived half-updo.

Day 1: Summer Friday, Zoom cocktails
Look 1: Flirty half-updo

A half-day calls for a half-updo, amirite? A bumpy half-up hairdo is perfect for summer Fridays spent both at work and play. It’s the perfect look for keeping things polished for morning, and is also fun enough for early-afternoon sangria sessions with the girls via Zoom or for strolling through the park with your pooch.

easy weekend hairstyles side-swept ponytail
Wear the half-updo in a bun, and leave a few tendrils free to soften the look. Photo credit: Dvora

Day 1: Friday, curbside drinks
Look 2: Side-swept ponytail

Don’t even think about it—no, really, just sweep the rest of your hair up into a full ponytail, tuck some cute strands behind one ear to soften the look and you’re done. An updo during American summers, especially now that we’re doing a lot of curbside meetups, is a gravely underutilized tool; all that hair away from your face frees up space for that essential mask.

To freshen things up, mist hair with some dry shampoo beforehand to soak up any excess grease that may flatten out your crown. We love the light refresh we get from Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Dry Shampoo.

easy weekend hairstyles top knot
Get that one-two punch in with a hairstyle that gives you full range of motion. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Day 2: Saturday, morning virtual workout
Look 1: Top knot

Sneak in one last Skype kickboxing sesh with your trainer for good measure. Putting your hair in a no-nonsense top knot means you are ready to work it good, while you sweat off those extra calories from the week. In a pinch, a top knot or Bantu knots also unfurl into some natural-looking summer waves, making it a great “setting” hairstyle for anything you might have going in the evening.

easy weekend hairstyles side twists
Don’t stress about your parting; a diffused, uneven part-line adds to the hairstyle’s charm.

Day 2: Saturday, sunset outdoor eats
Look 2: Beachy pigtail twists

Hanging out under the orange sky with your best buds—and that soon-to-be-summer-fling—means you need one of those easy weekend hairstyles that looks fly, but effortlessly so. The lowlight conditions make it more convenient for a romantic, hair-down look, but keep things in beachy, relaxed territories with some middle-parted waves twisted off to each side. The fluffier/more imprecise your curls or waves are, the better; it makes for a softer, more carefree vibe.

easy weekend hairstyles curly ponytal
Wanna make it more on-trend? Brush out those curls for a bendy texture.

Day 2: Saturday, boardwalk dinner
Look 2: Curly ponytail

Lounging around, beachside, with your nearest and dearest evokes a cozy feeling. Part of the magic of those balmy summer evenings is the awesome wine and conversation, so a look that daintily highlights your features while still keeping things somewhat neat and ready for some deep, heart-to-heart talks might be up your alley.

Keep any unkemptness and windswept flyaways at bay with a slight spritzing of hairspray at the base. We like the light hold afforded by Dove Style+Care Compressed Flexible Hold Hairspray.

easy weekend hairstyles low bun
A precise middle part (teamed with a slightly messy base) revs up the chic factor of this look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Day 3: Sunday, brunch
Look 1: Low bun

What goes with a hangover, big sunglasses and yesterday’s bikini coverup? A low bun, of course. Worn slightly to one side, it gives off an offhand-chic vibe and puts the focus on that bright new mask-proof lipstick you wanted to show off to the girls. (Also, it’s done in 20 seconds, which might be 19 seconds more than you really want to spend on your hair with a splitting headache.)

easy weekend hairstyles
Jazz up that protective style by donning a half-updo.

Day 3: Sunday, barbecue + fireworks
Look 2: High half-ponytail

You’ve napped, showered and are ready for round two (or six…). A perky, shiny, possibly braided half-ponytail stays clearly out of hamburger and sparkler range and is a cute head-turner that goes perfectly with your BBQ-ready top. An updo like a high pony can also keep your dye job and/or natural texture safe from the assaults of chlorine and other pool chemicals. Strands that are securely tucked away are crucial when you decide to take a dip, not to mention keep your face free for that all-too-important 4th of July smooch!

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