Work Hair Ideas: Coffee Shop Edition

Serena Norr | 06 July 2016

Try out one of these hairstyle ideas for work.

Working in a coffee shop definitely brings on some casual work hair vibes. But, as you know, this work environment also means that you deal with tons of people who are in dire need of croissants and copious amounts of caffeine that’ll have you on your feet and moving quickly. While being laid-back in your appearance is awesome at work, you’ll also have to think about how you’re going to style your hair. Most likely, you’re seeking a hairstyle that looks like you as well as one that you won’t have to fuss with during your shift. Read on to discover some work hair ideas for all of the hard-working baristas.

Work Hair Ideas

work hair ideas half up

1. Half Up Look

If you have natural hair you’ll want to make sure that it’s out of your way when you’re working. One classic style that we adore is the half-up look that looks stunning on volumious natural hair. Go the extra mile in the style department by creating a mini bouffant that you can hold in place with a large clip or our beloved bobby pins. If your finding that your hair is particularly dry before you go to work, apply some of the Nexxus Hydra-Light Step 3 Leave-In Conditioning Foam. This formula works to restore shine and softness to your without any residue.

work hair ideas sleek bob

2. Clean and Sleek Bob

Those with a bob might want to leave their hair down when they work. That’s cool – just make sure you go to work with clean and sleek-looking hair. For some styling help with any frizz or flyways use a serum like the Suave Professionals Biotin Anti-Breakage Serum whose formula works to protect your hair and make it stronger.

work hair ideas headband

3. Headband Pony Combo

Thank goodness for headbands. They are our savior in so many situations (gym hair, anyone?!) that definitely translates into an appropriate look for work. Go for your favorite fashionable band that you pair with a ponytail or bun to keep you on-point and not distracted as you whip up that latte.

work hair ideas natural afro

4. Natural Afro

Another look to try for work is to leave your afro as is. The basics are to make sure that your hair is clean and combed as you rock this effortlessly and fierce hairstyle.

work hair ideas messy bun

5. Twisted Updo

Those with long hair can benefit from containing their hair in an updo while at work. Opt for a twisted hairstyle like the classic French twist (or an alternative) for an easy and sweat-free work hairstyle.

work hair ideas pony

6.High Bun

One of the best places to rock a high and messy bun is at work. With the double latte making and bagel toasting, you owe yourself to have a relaxed hairstyle that will keep your hair off your neck.

work hair ideas side

7. Side Hairstyle

How cool is this update on the ponytail? A comb ode to the ’80s intermixed with a modern side style, we love this as a way to showcase your big, curly hair when you’re working. Use a big clip to hold it together as you let your curls be free. Lock in this cool style by using some Bed Head by Tigi Headrush Shine Hairspray. This formula will give you some serious shine as it keeps your look in place all day long.

work hair ideas ponytail

8. The Classic Ponytail

We can’t forget the classic ponytail when working in a coffee shop. As the quintessential quick and easy hairstyle, you can opt to wear your pony to side, up or low for a style that you won’t have to think about until you count your tips.

How do you wear your hair to work?

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