Work Hair Ideas: Work From Home Edition

Keep your 'do on point (yes, even while in your PJs).

Working from home definitely brings on some casual work hair vibes. While being laid-back in your appearance is awesome at work, you’ll also have to think about how you’re going to style your hair. Most likely, you’re seeking a hairstyle that looks like you as well as one that you won’t have to fuss with. Read on to discover some work hairdos to switch up your routine as you work from home:

Work Hairdos: Styles for Your WFH Situation

1. Half-Up Look

work hairdos half up
Such a cute hairstyle for work.

While working, you may want to make sure that your hair is out of your way. One classic style that we adore is the half-up look that looks stunning on voluminous natural hair. If you’re finding that your hair is particularly dry before you go to work, apply Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox Conditioning Foam. This formula works to restore shine and softness to your without any residue.

2. Clean and Sleek Bob

work hairdos straight bob
Keep it simple and straight.

Those with a bob might want to leave their hair down when they work. That’s cool—just make sure you do it with clean and sleek-looking hair o keep it a professional work hairdo.

3. Sleek Ponytail

work hairdos sleek ponytail
Keep it sleek to look extra professional.

Thank goodness for a sleek style. It definitely translates into an appropriate look for work and makes you look extra sophisticated. Get your straightener out and run it through your strands to get the look on-point. Bonus points if you follow this tutorial.

4. Curly Natural

work hairdos curly natural
Keep it natural and fresh.

Another look to try for work is to leave your curls as is. The basics are to make sure that your hair is clean and combed as you rock this effortlessly and fierce hairstyle. For some styling help with any frizz or flyways use a spray like the Suave Frizz Reducing Refresher Spray whose formula works to protect your hair and make it stronger.

5. French Twist

work hairdos french twist
French twists are easy to create and a perfect work hairdo.

Those with long hair can benefit from containing their hair in an updo while working. Opt for a twisted hairstyle like the classic French twist (or an alternative) for an easy work hairstyle.

6. Low Bun

work hairdos low bun
A low bun screams sophistication and it’s so easy to create.

One of the best places to rock a sophisticated low bun is in work from home sitch. With all the time spent at home, you owe yourself to have a relaxed hairstyle that will still keep you feeling profesh.

7. Side Part

work hairdos side part
Switching your part is simple yet effective.

We love this as a way to showcase your big, curly hair when you’re working. Create a new side part as you let your curls be free. Lock in this cool style by using Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray. This formula will give you some serious shine as it keeps your look in place all day long.

8. The Dutch Braid

work hairdos dutch braid
Master the Dutch braid for an easy work hairdo.

We can’t forget the classic Dutch braid as a work hairdo! As the quintessential quick and easy hairstyle, you can opt to wear your braid to the side, or at the back for a style that you won’t have to think about all day.

9. Dutch Braid Pigtails

girl with long blonde hair and dutch pigtails
Make your regular pigtails stand out.

It can be so exciting to add a twist to a common hairstyle. Dress up your regular pigtails by adding dutch braids to them!

10. Wavy Bob

girl with brunette wavy bob
Go for an effortless look.

Sometimes an easy yet put-together look is the best for work from home days. Opt for an effortless style like this wavy bob and bangs combo.

11. Curtain Bangs With Curled Ends

girl with blonde hair and curtain bangs
Change up your look with curtain bangs.

Looking for a way to easily make your new curtain bangs style work appropriate, but also don’t want to spend tons of time getting ready? Loosely curling the ends of your hair will do the trick! This instantly upgrades your look and can be done in under 10 minutes.

12. Bandana Style

girl with blonde hair wearing a red bandana
Add a bandana to your style.

Greasy strands? No problem! Quickly cover up any greasy roots with a bandana. Not only is this an easy hair hack that’s perfect for Zoom calls, but it’s also very on-trend right now!

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