8 Engagement Party Hair Ideas You’ve Got to Try

Pretty styles for brides (or bridesmaids) to be. 

Can you believe that it’s the end of the year, which also happens to be the prime time for end-of-year proposals! After the tears and the I dos, you’ll want to hunt for the best engagement party hair ideas. Not only should engagement party hair ideas be fun, they should be easy to do at home and look good in any environment. For some instant inspo, we’ve rounded up eight gorgeous engagement party hair ideas that rock on a variety of hair types. Read on and get inspired:

Engagement Party Hair Ideas: 8 Elegant Looks

1. Loose, Full Waves

Engagement Party Hair Ideas loose waves
Go for some romantic waves for this special time in your life. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

These gorgeous big waves can be worn to any engagement party, low-key or super formal. The key to bombshell waves? Using a large barrel curling iron turned horizontally. Instead of getting tight ringlets, you’ll get looser waves. For even looser waves, let your hair cool down and for curlier waves, cool them in velcro rollers.

2. Mini Bouffant Half-Updo

Engagement Party Hair Ideas mini bouffant
A mini bouffant is a super cute option to try for your engagement. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

This mini bouffant is so much fun, especially with the addition of a crisp, white bow! It adds some playfulness to this vintage style without looking childish. Check out our half-up bouffant tutorial so that you can learn how to recreate this look yourself. Just arm yourself with the Bed Head By TIGI Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray to help lock in this style.

3. Pin Straight Hair

Engagement Party Hair Ideas pin straight hair
Sleek hair will have you looking on-point for your engagement. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Pin straight hair is one of those engagement party hair ideas that never goes out of fashion. Perfectly straight hair looks gorgeous on every face shape and hair length. Read up on how to flat iron your hair like a professional  so you get the best results on the day of the party.

4. Romantic, Loose Braid

Engagement Party Hair Ideas loose braid
Embrace the elegance of a loose braid for your engagement hair look.

Going to an engagement party at a fun and funky location? Try this relaxed braid. Start by misting your hair some of the Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. It’ll help to give your hair some added texture and body. Then. braid your hair down in a simple three-strand braid. Pull on the sections to loosen the look and you’re ready to go!


5. Fun Braided Half-Updo

Engagement Party Hair Ideas half-updo
Upgrade your standard half-up with this chic look.

If a long mermaid braid isn’t your type of engagement party hair ideas, try this fun braided half-updo. Grab a bunch of tiny hair ties and a good comb before you get started, you’ll need them! Once you’ve gathered your hair supplies, follow our hair tutorial to recreate this funky braided half-updo.

6. Gorgeous Curls

Engagement Party Hair Ideas curls
Rock your curls on your engagement with this hairstyle idea. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

We love the look of tight curls! You can create this look two different ways. For a heat-free option, follow this tutorial for creating curls with flexi-rods. If you need quicker curls, you’ll need to use a narrow curling iron. Curl your hair in small sections and cool pinned in pin curls for the ultimate in springy curls.

7. Loose Bun

Engagement Party Hair Ideas loose bun
A loose bun is a super elegant option for your engagement.

This style is great for getting ready in a real hurry but still looking chic. It’s also great for second day hair. Just use some of the Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo to revive your hair and refresh your roots. Then, brush your hair backwards and wrap it into a loose messy bun. To complete the look, pull out some sections of your hair.

8. Sleek and Simple Ponytail

Engagement Party Hair Ideas ponytail
A ponytail is a simple yet chic option option for your engagement.

For an even simpler style that looks totally chic, try out a simple ponytail. Start by straightening your hair so you’ll have straight, shiny, frizz-free hair to work with. Then, brush your hair back and tie it into a ponytail. If you get flyaways, try using a boar bristle brush! They tend to catch all the little hairs and help to give your hair a smooth finish.

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