9 Chic Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Celebrate your big day in a big way with your natural hair.

Contrary to popular belief, we feel that wedding prep should (and can) be seamless. When looking for wedding hairstyles for natural hair the excitement, anticipation, and your nerves may have you spinning your wheels, don’t let it get the best of you when it comes to narrowing down your venue, catering, outfit, hair and makeup options. We’d love to help with all, but we think it’s best to stick to our day jobs and assist in the hair department.

Many bride-to-be’s with natural hair tend to get their curls wrapped in a bunch while deciding on a hairstyle (and we don’t mean a bun). The great debate always seems to be: Do I wear it straight? Do I embrace my texture? Answer: Wear whatever hairstyle that makes you feel the best version of you on your big day. Whether you have 18 months to go or your wedding is tomorrow, we’ve rounded up 9 stunning (and easy) wedding hairstyles for natural hair to help you master the art of choosing a look that’s totally you on your big day.

Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Hair: 9 Stunning Looks

natural hair wedding long wavy curls wedding hairstyles for natural hair
Choose from beach wave inspired wedding hairstyles for natural hair for your big day!

1. Long Sultry Waves 

All of your guests want to see the gorgeous bride in all her glory. Let your tendrils down and pull your hair out of your face. Create a loose wave with some Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Spritz underneath each section of hair and scrunch the ends upwards while the hair is still damp. Once done, allow hair to dry on its own forming a natural looking wave.

Adorn your beautiful curls with a fancy tiara.

2. Curly Bun Updo

We love the look of an updo. To create this look, smooth your hair back and pile curls into a classy curly bun. Accessorize the look with a fancy headband accessory and you’re good to go.

wedding hairstyles for natural hair tiara
Create a fancy look with box braids by adding a tiara headpiece.

3. Box Braids

Want to wear box braids on your wedding day? Here’s proof that you can wear any hairstyle! Gather your box braids back into one, and create a French braid. To add a fancy touch add a tiara on top.

wedding hairstyles for natural hair wash and go curls
Gorgeous wash and go curls are calling your name for your wedding.

4. Sophisticated Wash and Go

Looking for a hairstyle that will complement your sweetheart neckline dress? Opt for letting your curls free. Smooth a defining cream or hair gel like the Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel into your hair. This will provide you with great hold as it works to tame any frizz.

wedding hairstyles for natural hair textured fro
A gorgeous afro to adorn at your wedding. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Textured natural ‘fro

There’s nothing better than finding a way to take the edge off the day of your wedding. Especially if you’re being pressured to keep things traditional when you really don’t want to! Your wedding is about you and your lucky partner! Don’t want to wear white? Cool! Want to be free with your hair? Even better!  In that case, why not opt for a carefree afro. Pick out your hair with a comb or afro pick to help create shape. This hairstyle is also great for the new natural stuck in the teeny weeny afro phase.


6. Straight updo hairstyle

After searching for endless wedding hairstyles for natural hair options, maybe you’ve decided on a straight hair option. If you’re a natural looking for an updo to do on your straight hair, opt for a style that’s polished. Part hair down the side and smooth  it back into a classy chignon.

natural hair wedding poof updo
Great option for an outdoor wedding on a hot summer day.

7. Fancy Natural Puff

Opt for keeping things simple with a fancy puff. For your wedding, give your puff hairstyle a fancy twist with a floral hair accessory. We love this style for an outdoor wedding, as this style works well with the weather conditions. If it’s super hot, no need to worry about shrinkage, sweaty curls or frizz. Hooray!

wedding hairstyles for natural hair updo
We love big buns for weddings, and we can’t lie!

8. Big Bun Hairstyle

You can’t ever go wrong with a bun no matter the occasion. For your wedding, though, try out a more extravagant look. Smooth your hair into a top knot and secure with hairpins. To create the big effect, take the tail of a comb, insert into the bun and push the interior of the bun outward.

natural hairstyles wedding hair curly afro
A spiral curly afro will look so glam for your wedding. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

9. Curly ‘Fro

Go big with a curly afro on your big day. If you have stubborn ends that need a little help curling, opt for a rod set. Wrap sections of hair onto perm rods, sit underneath a hooded dryer or air-dry. Release all of your curls once dry and separate to create volume.

Which of these wedding hairstyles for natural hair are you excited to try?

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